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    Elektronik Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi ISSN:1304-0278 Güz-2007 C.6 S.22 (247-258) BAŞARILI ŞLETMELER N SOSYAL SORUMLULUK KAVRAMINA BAKIŞ AÇISI VIEWING SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS AT THE CONCEPT OF SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Dr. Abdurrahim EMHAN ÖZET Günümüzde işletmelerin öneminin giderek artması ve toplum içinde vazgeçilmez bir kurum haline gelmeleri sebebiyle bir takım sorumluluklar üstlenmesi gerekir. Çünkü işletmelerin toplumun diğer sosyal, siyasi, bilimsel ve

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    Analysis Report Case Study Number 1 The NY Fashion Company Prepared for Prepared by John July 2006 Table of Contents Summary of Case Study: 3 Item a: Maximize total contribution margins given the constraints 3 Item b: Sensitivity analysis of solution given 10,000 yards additional acetate. 6 Item c: Income statement 7 Item d: Unit profit using the volume-based costing method. 10 Item e: Unit profit using the activity based costing method. 11 Item f: Financial

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    threats – competition; Only Network dedicated to fashion 24 hours a day, 7 days per week Position as a basic channel – most of the customers received it automatically when they signed up for basic cable service; Full penetration of available cable households | Lack of demographic research;Lack of trust within the team - why “break something that isn`t broken”; | Strategy for presentation CEO: “As I said at our first meeting, our company needs to strengthen our competitive position. It is

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    Created by: Marina Kim DESIGNER STUDY GUIDE * Haute couture “the finest needlework” * Paris became the center of haute couture because France has been the leading manufacturer of beautiful fabrics, including silks, taffetas, velvets, and brocade * Chambre Syndicale de la Couture de Paris was established in 1868. This was a professional body that was composed of haute couture houses and other firms that had made-to-measure dressmaking business in the Paris area. This union

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    The Fashion Channel - Preparation for Class Discussion As preparation for discussing this case in class, students should be ready to respond to the following: 1. How would you interpret the consumer and market data if you were Dana Wheeler? 2. What is the expected outcome of each of the targeting scenarios? (Complete both the Ad Revenue and Financial calculators to fully understand the financial impact of the scenarios.) 3. Develop a factual analysis of the segmentation

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    Fashion and Clothes Most people like to think they are individualists and simply wear whatever they like. Few people will admit to being slaves to fashion. However, we are not just talking of the expensive clothes of the Paris and Milan fashion houses, which not many people can afford anyway. We are talking of fashions and trends in everyday clothes. We say that we wear jeans and sweaters because they are cheap and practical, but isn’t it true that jeans and sweaters tend to be the same as

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    Question #2 What would you recommend to The Fashion Channel?  The Fashion Channel has enjoyed great success with programming targeting everyone from the Fashionista who lives for high fashion, to the busy mom in search of the best deals with which to dress her family, to the bachelor who just needs something to wear. However, competition from other networks including CNN and Lifetime dictates that The Fashion Channel consider segmenting their viewers and determine which markets would be

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      finished  product  and  then  packaged  them  for  shipment.  The  production  division  generated  $125  million  in  revenue  and  $7.5  million  in  operating  profit  a  year.1    Seventy‐five  percent  of  its  sales  were  internal,  to  New  Heritage’s retail division; 25% of its revenues were generated from private‐label goods manufactured  for  other  firms.        The  dolls  ranged  from  relatively  inexpensive  baby  dolls    ($15  to  $30  retail  price  range)  to  fashion  dolls

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    the other two segments at least 15 million dollars to implement. Since the most profitable segment (18-34 aged women) will be present in all the above mentioned segments, TFC's marketing initiatives would cater to 100% of the population of the said category. But the primary problem in Broad-based segmentation is the CPM is still lower than the current CPM. Ad-sales was forecasting a 10% drop in CPM to $1.80$ if the current audience mix stays the same. Also, because The fashion Channel would not

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    the open economy that we are living in. During 2011 and 2012 St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx has been able to build a new state of the art Pharmacy, renovate the Wound Care Center, open a new Sleep Study Center and 11-beds Hospice Unit, and last but not least, build a brand new state of the art 605 spaces Parking Garage. My organization (St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx) was able to create hundreds of temporary jobs during the construction period and more than 20 permanent jobs after the

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    | 1. What is the cause of the problems described in the case? How serious are these problems? The cause of Problem in Nordstrom is misaligned Compensation system. The Compensation is not vertically aligned with the Strategy of the company. Nordstrom depended on its sales employee for customer care and selling the products. However, the compensation structure was not adequately aligned to reward those behaviours which forced employees to work off-hours without getting Compensated

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    Clothing and fashion A. Fashion is the way of dressing that is popular at certain time. It is the main concern of all people who whant to be in. Fashion changes very fast and sometimes it is difficullt to say what is trendy and what is out of fashion. The way we dress is connected with the weather. In summer we prefer light and airy materials, such as cotton or silk. We also wear shor-sleeved or sleeveless shirts, loose blouses, skirts gathered at the waist, shorts, bermudas, sandals or flip

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    The Fashion Channel After reviewing firm and market data pertinent to the Fashion Channel, Dana Wheeler compiled four distinct market segments that the channel appealed to. These were fashionistas 15%, planners + shoppers 35%, situationalists 30%, and basics 20%. These are also listed in decreasing order of involvement in fashion. Currently the marketing strategy of TFC involved almost no segmentation and used the original plan that brought TFC much success by appealing to the largest and

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    , "costume," has become so linked in the public eye with the term "fashion" that the more general term "costume" has in popular use mostly been relegated to special senses like fancy dress or masquerade wear, while the term "fashion" means clothing generally, and the study of it. For a broad cross-cultural look at clothing and its place in society, refer to the entries for clothing, costume, and fabrics. Although fashion can be geared towards being feminine or masculine, some fashion trends are

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    Fashion is a thing that involves what we wear, the vehicles we ride, how we enrich and various other styles that use fashion. At the present time fashion is a trend of rapidly evolving society. This is because, with the fashion they feel themselves more confident and fashion is also able to change the identity of each person. Fashion is so important for us because it show the truly attitudes of person. Enriching an extreme fashion and beauty-conscious from the comfort can cause health

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    Case Report-1: The Fashion Channel 1) What is expected outcome of each of the targeting scenarios? (complete both the Ad Revenue and Financial calculators to fully understand the financial impact of the scenarios) Ad Revenue Calculator |   |   |   |   | |   | Current | 2007 Base | Scenario 1 | Scenario 2 | Scenario 3 | TV HH | 110.000.000 | 110.000.000 | 110.000.000 | 110.000.000 | 110.000.000 | Average Rating | 1,0% | 1,0% | 1,2% | 0,8% | 1,2% | Average Viewers (Thousand

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    Segmentation Tool-1 (Exhibits 4, 5) HBSP Confidential Page 1 of 2 Fashion Channel (4) & (5) Exhibits Harvard Business School Publishing Brief Case 2075 Case Software Copyright © 2007 Harvard Business School Publishing. This case, though based on real events, is fictionalized, and any resemblance to actual persons or entities is coincidental. There may be occasional references to actual companies in the narration. To order copies or request permission to reproduce materials, call 1-800

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    . Another interesting finding of this study is that people generally love shopping for new clothes but don’t tend to take fashion TV shows into account when deciding what to buy; people tend to just do it for special occasions. Even though TFC is considered the most prestigious and best-established fashion channel in the USA, it has the lowest preference rating among viewers.   2. What is the expected outcome of each of the targeting scenarios? Attempt to complete a financial impact of the

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    competing content. TFC earned average ratings of 1.0 while CNN enjoyed 4.0 ratings and Lifetime with 3.0. The highest average household rating for CNN’s fashion programming was 4.4, while Lifetime reached 3.3 and TFC had just 1.0. TFC realized that the competitors were taking most of the market. Dana studied the case and found out that the channel has not segmented the market.   3. Customer Analysis The younger market that are interested in fashion rely on television information and shows

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    Memo To: Professor Montgomery From: Laura Graham Date: 9/16/12 Re: The Fashion Channel Problem/Opportunity Identification The Fashion Channel (TFC), is a successful fashion network that wants to strengthen its competitive position and increase revenue. Recently, competing networks have stolen key viewers; however, marketing initiatives can attract viewers and advertisers. ------------------------------------------------- Situation Analysis TFC wishes to strengthen its

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    has been relegated to special senses like fancy dress or masquerade wear, while "fashion" means clothing more generally and the study of it. Although aspects of fashion can be feminine or masculine, some trends are androgynous (Bruzzi 2012), (Cumming 2004) The fashion industry is a product of the modern age. Prior to the mid-19th century, most clothing was custom made. It was handmade for individuals, either as home production or on order from dressmakers and tailors. By the beginning of the

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    STARBUCKS QUESTIONS   For Question 3, provide financial calculations to support your recommendation.  I recognize that it is early days in the program so do your best to consider the numbers. 1)  At the time of the case, why had Starbucks been so successful?   Reasons; 1. With the public offering, raising $25 million. The proceeds allowed Starbucks to open more stores across the nation. 2. From a retail perspective, a successful branding strategy by creating an “experience

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    Marena Rodriguez Wednesday 1pm Class October 15, 2013 Week 3 Fashion Article Summary – Burberry/Apple Apple has done it again. Not only have they recently released the much anticipated, fashion forward, iPhone 5c and 5s, but also they have managed to recruit Burberrys own CEO Angela Ahrendts. The worlds of high fashion and technology have officially collided. This is quite an accomplishment not just for apple, but for the fashion industry as well. Having someone as powerful and

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  • Fashion Channel Marketing Segmentation

    The Fashion Channel Case Write Up Summary Beginning in the year 2006, the fashion channel has suffered from fierce competition from other channels, which are non-dedicated fashion networks. Both the viewership and the revenue increase were dropped down sharply. Actions need to be taken immediately to drive the company back on track. There were at least two impediments lying ahead, like the TFC did not know well in viewer’s interest, awareness, perceived value, it may cause the loss of the

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  • Natureview Case Channel Management

    Natureview case Natureview is in front of a key decision. Let’s make a pro’s/con’s analysis of the three proposed options: Option 1: Introducing 8oz. product line in two sjpermarket regions: PRO - taking advantage of a trend - first-mover advantage - strong revenue potential - growing market for organic products esteemed 20% growth - new type of customer CON - explotion of costs, distribution, administrative, marketing - slotting expenses - insufficient ressources

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    Jagdeesh Narayanan Fashion Channel Case Study Submitted On: - November 27th 2013 Memorandum To: Jared Thomas, CEO, The Fashion Channel From: Dana Wheeler, Vice-President Marketing Subject – Proposed recommendations for marketing and advertising plans Date: - November 27th 2013 This memo contains the analysis, recommendations and justifications to help The Fashion Channel to select the appropriate segment for targeting. Recommendation:- The Fashion channel should formulate their new

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    contract establishes a long-term relationship in which the supplier promises to resupply the buyer as needed at agreed-upon prices over a specified period. Because the seller holds the stock, blanket contracts are sometimes called stockless purchase plans. Product value analysis is an approach to cost reduction in which components are carefully studied to determine if they can be redesigned or standardized or made by cheaper methods of production. Organizational buying is the decisionmaking

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    flexibility in operations and information flow. Investing in a cutting edge technology though may be capital intensive initially; it will ultimately improve efficiencies across board and provide new learning opportunities for the entire workforce. Introduction Zara is a division of the Inditex group, a multinational clothing retailer and manufacturer with headquarters in La Coruna, Spain. Inditex operates in a `fast fashion` industry and in an environment where consumer demand was

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    advanced payment on improving cash flow In case of less number of payments (two or three payments) along the contract period, this will lead to increase the overdraft as shown in Figure 9.9. From the previous study, the factors that affect the project finance (cash flow) should be considered when calculating the cash flow: The project bar chart (project schedule). Activities’ direct and indirect cost. 191 Dr. Emad Elbeltagi Construction Management - Contractor method of paying his/her

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    changed the face of fashion. Initially suspicious about the trend, the fashion houses are nowadays fully committed to the digital world, constantly reinventing themselves and telling more and more upscale stories. Vogue and W Magazine,creating the legendary website- virtual bible of the fashion sphere- have convinced the high-end brands to be present on the Internet to the detriment of their survival. According to a recent study, the shoppers are “accustomed to having new styles in the

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    Situational and SWOT Analysis The Fashion Channel is a network dedicated to fashion twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Since it was founded in 1996, it has successfully achieved profit growth above the industry average rate and steady revenue. TFC reaches more than 80 million households in the United States, and targets a wide variety of demographics, specifically, viewers between the ages of 35 and 54. Impressed by The Fashion Channels’ success, other markets such as CNN and

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    Objective Field study for “Channel Management in Unorganized and Modern Trade” Purpose A complete study to understand channel management principles/dynamics in FMCG or Durables in traditional channel and Modern Trade in Orissa region w.r.t. to Bhubaneswar and peripheral markets Which company to study? Study the brands sold in the given region(s)/ market for any of the chosen companies in Appendix 1 What to study at retailer level? Which of the brands sold by the company

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    portfolio of work and related experience. Adults may prepare for degree-level study by taking a full or part-time Access course. Training Training is usually on the job, working alongside and learning skills from more senior designers. As competition is extremely strong, most employers expect new recruits to have learned basic skills at college. New fashion designers need to be prepared to work in junior positions, developing other people's designs, as colourists or in pattern-cutting, in order

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    , the reasons why London deserve to be the fashion capital, the background story of LFW and the positive impacts it has made. Finally, it will present case study of the differences in fashion industry between the UK and Japan. 1.0 Fashion Capital - London 1.1 Background Information A fashion capital is a city which has international fashion trends influences and is a centre for fashion industry, including designs, fashion events such as fashion shows, and products

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    THE FASHION CHANNEL CASE STUDY: In reference to the case study, Dana Wheeler can invest in one of the following 3 scenarios to generate better output for ‘The Fashion Channel’ (TFC): Scenario1: Broad appeal to a cross segment of Fashionistas, Planner & Shoppers and Situationalists Advantages: Investing in marketing and advertisement campaign for new target segment, will lead to increase in the rating from 1.0 to 1.2 and also increase in average viewers. Disadvantages: Since

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    ( Sales of its Macintosh computers also surged, and Apple reported the sale of 750 000 units during the quarter. The Total Cost of Ownership Debate Rages on The Controversial Gartner Report Gartner Inc is a leading research provider, offering analysis of the global IT industry. In 2002, it released a study comparing the TCO for Melbourne University’s Mac environment with its pc environment. The study concluded that Macs were 36% cheaper to run than pc’s. The report

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    Fashion Channel Case Study MKT 247 Pengxi Lv 10/26/2014 1.SWOT analysis: Strengths: 1. Fashion channel is the only network dedicated solely to fashion, with up-to-date and entertaining features and information broadcast 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 2. Fashion channel also is one of the most widely available niche networks, reaching almost 80 million U.S. households that subscribed to cable and satellite television. 3. Fashion channel has a large loyal audience base with

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  • Case Study: H&M in Fast Fashion: Continued Success.

    Title: Case Study: H&M in Fast Fashion: Continued Success. Word count:2638 Abstract This report contains the analysis of value and culture of reputable apparel retailer H&M, as well as three analysis method, which is PETEL, Porter’s five forces, and VRIO framework, to analyse the external influence factors, competitors, and competitive advantages of H&M. Three new potential strategies are tested by using the model of Johnson and Scholes, and one proper strategy

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    be the very best, and most efficient way to perform a certain task. Frederick Winslow Taylor believed that his system would reduce management and worker strife. Another great influence to Industrial/ Organizational psychology would be a husband and wife team by the names of Frank and Lillian Gilbreth who were from the engineering field, and studied efficient ways of performing task. Frank and Lillian Gilbreth most promising contribution was the time and motion study. Time and motion study

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    Javier Angulo February 16, 2015 MAR6816 Executive Summary Montreaux Chocolate USA ------------------------------------------------- Montreaux is an overall distinguished brand of chocolates that’s been successful in putting its name up in the Swiss market. Recently it has been attempting to enter the USA chocolate market. To achieve this objective, its partnership with Apollo Food’s operation section CFG (Consumer Food Groups) to fit the results of this European mark in the US

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    Discuss the Psychology of Fashion with a special focus on its Dynamics. Ever wondered why it is so important for the most of us to have a closet full of clothes? Or why when you meet someone, your mind develops a perceived personality of the person based on how he looks and then our behavior towards them changes accordingly? A study conducted by Karen Pine in 2011 revealed that minor clothing manipulations gave rise to significantly different first impressions of the man. The study by

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    Case Study # 1 FM 212-Section #: Case Studies in Fashion Marketing Spring 2015 Monica Allen 03/16/15 Professor Kohan Case Study: A Step 1: The Growth of Fast fashion has resulted in large amounts of disposable clothing, which is environmentally unsustainable especially with continuation. Step 2: * Fast fashion retailers are a Major part of the current fashion chain. * The world’s supply of women’s clothing is at least 7 times that of men’s. * The price of disposable

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    Harvard case 3 The Fashion Channel Tim Cornish 21337523 Harvard case 3 The Fashion Channel Tim Cornish 21337523 The University of Western Australia MKTG5561 The University of Western Australia MKTG5561 Harvard Case 3 The Fashion Channel It is clear Dana Wheeler must take action otherwise The Fashion Channel (TFC) risks losing a large portion of the market share to competitors. The two main competitors being Lifetime and CNN. Currently TFC is mass marketing, which in the

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    SITUATION ANALYSIS Market Analysis: Fashion-based programming was a growing market as television viewers thirsted for constant updates on constantly changing fashion trends. The Fashion Channel (TFC), created in 1996, was the first channel with the sole purpose of bringing 24/7 fashion information and updates to viewers. There are four main segments of consumers in the fashion-programming market: fashionistas, planners and shoppers, situationalists, and basics. Fashionistas have been

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    marketed as a more durable product than those of the competition. 2. Risk Reduction- Firms may use surveys, focus groups and other data-gathering tools to try and gauge the reaction and purchase habits of buyers to their differentiated product. This becomes a risk for example in the case of fat-free foods where customers show interest but do not actually

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    Case Study Analysis – The Fashion Channel | Group Number 10Somya Goyal DM16147Anmol Caul DM16109Ravi Agarwal DM16135Vidhit Bhatia DM16159Shorya Umang Jain DM16143Mitali Malpani DM16125 | Case Study Analysis – The Fashion Channel | Group Number 10Somya Goyal DM16147Anmol Caul DM16109Ravi Agarwal

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    The fashion industry is increasingly becoming a lucrative industry. In Africa alone it is expected to generate about $15bn in the next 4 years (Aderibigbe, 2014). The fashion industry’s value chain includes activities such as obtaining primary raw materials, producing secondary inputs for designers and apparel producers who have the task of satisfying the final consumer. The benefits that are derived from the fashion industry go as far in the chain as to people involved in agriculture

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    Fashion TV Case Strength The Fashion Channel was the first and only cable TV network that presented fashion around the clock. This goes well with the concept of fashion because fashion seemingly changes every hour. No matter what the schedule, the loyal fashion experts are in your living room any time and any day. No need to wait for a certain time, no need to record or TiVo because you’re at work or have other plans. They are at your side. Another strength which can result in a

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    1. How would you interpret the consumer and market data if you were Dana Wheeler? Dana Wheeler, the senior vice president for the Fashion Channel (TFC), faces the marketing challenges. She was chosen to develop the new strategy and identify customer needs that TFC wants to target. TFC is a very stable company in growth and revenue; it focuses specifically on fashion and has a few competitors such as CNN and Lifetime, which are threatening the market share. 2. What is the expected

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    Title - Olympic Athletes Extend their Time in the Spotlight By - Marjorie Lewis Fashion Icons Olympians are starting to attend fashion shows and getting involved with the fashion world the fame differences between olympians and celebraties Tim Morehouse’s buisness saviness and his ambition to promote himself If other olympains take Morehouse’s advice and follow in his steps they have a strong chance of becoming as famous as he is Many Olympians have been spotted at many of New York

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