Challenges Facing Sugar Industry

  • Challenge

    Learning a language that is not your native one is a challenge. This challenge is doubled when you are learning it from a adviser who is also a non-native speaker of the language that you are trying to learn.The afore cited challenge comes from the fact that both the teacher and the student think in their native language, then mentally make translations of their thoughts and try to communicate to each other in a language which is alien to them. That language is English in this particular

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  • Sugar Plantation

    RATIONALE MY reason for doing this topic is to find out about the sugar plantation and how it started, and how it got known around the world and understands how a sugar plantation works, and how sugarcane was converted to MASCAVODO SUGAR. INTRODUCTION THIS S.B.A is based on activities that took place on an 18th century sugar-cane plantation in the West Indies it was structured the jobs. THE various jobs

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  • Challenge

    Challenge in applying for job for fresh undergraduates Challenges in applying for job for fresh undergraduates it is a very big problem nowadays. First challenge, that undergraduates don’t have enough work experience. Usually companies want to employ person who have work experience in this sphere; usually in Kazakhstan it is a 3 years. But how undergraduate have experience if he studied, not work. It is a challenge which very hard for the undergraduates. But some undergraduates solve this

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  • Eating Sugar

    The unknown is often one of the fears that inhabit the humans' minds. This "unknown" could vary from different subjects: food, people, trips. Fear of the unknown is one of the themes in the story "Eating Sugar". In the short story "Eating Sugar" we follow a family of three who's stuck in a forest in Thailand. The three characters are respectively the family father Alex, the mother Eileen and their daughter who works as an English teacher in Thailand, Suzanne. The parents are on a vacation

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  • Sugar Baby

    Essay Sugar Baby Imagine a little baby sitting in his back seat chair away home from his grandmother. His grandmother had gave him a chocolate finger for the trip home but just when they had left the “evil” father took it away from him and the trip was transformed from happy to noisy frustration. Is it OK to hold an innocent baby hostage in the name of generation gap and gender struggle? ”Sugar Baby” is a short Scottish story written by Fiona Gibson in 2000. The story exposes some

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  • Introduction to Sugar Industry

    be around 3 mn tn, according to ISMA(Indian Sugar Mills Association).[5] Profits of Indian sugar industry will continue to decelerate due to high cane costs, the lack of ability of the companies to pass on the burden to customers due to strict government policies, lower global sugar prices that result in lower exports.[6] Profits of the industry in 2010 and 2011 stood at Rs.-42,941.7 mn and Rs. -15,416.9 mn respectively.[7] The research on this industry is conducted to see the effect of the

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  • Customer Facing

    and the impact this can have on Indonesia. Strong balance sheets for the government and the private sector, as well as low dependence on external demand, combined with timely policy responses, have supported the economy this far through the global financial crisis. In contrast to several countries now facing difficulties, Indonesia’s fiscal balance has space to respond to a crisis and is better placed than most emerging and advanced economies. Indonesia’s public debt is under 30% of GDP, and the

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  • Sugar Industry

    molasses. It is used in C boiling. C-double cured sugar is melted and melt is used in A boiling. Final molasses is weighed and stored in steel tanks. It is then sold in the market or sent to distillery for fermentation & distillation and then production of Rectified Spirit and ENA, ethanol. 1.6 The sugar industry is the only industry blessed with captive regenerative cellulosive matter to meet its own energy for processing sugar cane to produce sugar. The optimal use of energy is the

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  • Alan Sugar

    Name: Alan Sugar Born: 24/03/1947 (Age: 66) From: Hackney, London Famous for: He's the man who loves to say "You're Fired!" on his hit television show, The Apprentice. Relationship status: Sir Al is married to his wife Ann. Twelve years younger than his three older siblings, Alan Sugar was the child of low-income, working-class Jews and raised in Upper Clapton Road - England. By the age of 12, he was rising at 6am every day to boil beetroots for a local ‘greengrocer’. Four years later

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  • Is Managing Role Ambiguity the Number One Challenge Facing Employers in the Silicon Age?

    Generation Change: Is Managing Role Ambiguity The Number One Challenge Facing Employers in the Silicon Age? Generation Change: Is Managing Role Ambiguity The Number One Challenge Facing Employers in the Silicon Age? Are you struggling to keep your workforce motivated and harmonious in the face of constant change? Is your team struggling to deal with the ambiguity created by a fast-evolving market place? You aren’t alone, and a solution may be closer to home for your workforce than

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  • Eating Sugar

    Eating sugar - Essay The unknown and the insecure are in many ways one of the biggest fear factors to human beings. It is the fear of not knowing what’s next and how to handle it. The fear of not knowing how to react and the fear of not knowing how to protect yourself and your nearest in a threatening situation. In the short story Eating Sugar, facing your fears is the theme. In addition the story also deals with the differences between how the young and the old handle unknown places and

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  • Challenges Facing Service Delivery in Hotel Industry in Kenya

    service delivery. 1.4 Objective of the study 1.4.1General Objective The purpose of this study is to establish challenges facing services delivery in the hotel industry in Kenya with reference to (Serena Hotel) 1.4.2 Specific objective i. To determine the effect of the staff training on service delivery in Hotel industry ii. To establish the effect of competition in service delivery in the Hotel industry iii. To find out the effect of the government policy in the Hotel industry iv. To

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  • Alan Sugar

    Alan Sugar- The Essex boy that showed ‘em all who’s boss. When Alan Sugar was 12 years old, he woke up one Monday morning thinking that he was going to be his own boss and setup his own business in the middle of what they called a recession. His father hadn’t got much money as he worked in a garment factory and decided to create Alan’s own school uniform. Alan’s dad barely could afford £13 and the Sugar family lived in a very rough area. By Alan’s

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  • Eating Sugar

    Eating sugar In the short story, ”Eating Sugar” by Catherine Merriman, we are introduced to the theme of Xenophobia; the irrational fear of places or people that seem foreign to oneself. This is done as an indirect criticism of the prejudiced tendency of modern society, as people often seem to frown upon those who appear unfamiliar, and look at them as primitive and hostile. We are, through a third-person, non-omniscient narrator presented to a family of three, the father Alex and the mother

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  • Impact of Government Allocation on the Sugar Industry

    down to 6% by March 2011. But even in that prediction he inserted the likelihood of an “upward bias”. Moreover, CEO of CMIE(the Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy) is of the opinion that we are going to see a period of high growth and high inflation. So we see that the sugar industry, too, will be facing the brunt of inflation and its resultant pressures. We see that the prices of key commodities have sky rocketed world wide in the last twelve months as economic recovery has gathered pace

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  • Sugar Preservation

    CONTAMINATION, PRESERVATION AND SPOILAGE OF SUGAR AND SUGAR PRODUCTS CONTAMINATION * The raw juice expressed from sugarcane may become high in microbial content unless processing is prompt. * The relevant microorganisms are those from the sugarcane and the soil contamination it and therefore comprise slime producers such as species of Leuconostoc and Bacillus representatives of the genera Micrococcus, Flavobacterium, Pseudomonas; a variety of yeast, chiefly in genera Saccharomyces

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  • Sugar Effects

    Authors: Tandel, Kirtida R.1 Source: Journal of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics; Oct2011, Vol. 2 Issue 4, p236-243, 8p, 2 Charts Document Type: Article Subject Terms: *NONNUTRITIVE sweeteners *ASPARTAME *SUGAR substitutes *DEGENERATION (Pathology) *FOOD additives *CARCINOGENICITY RISK factors Author-Supplied Keywords: Artifi cial sweetener aspartame sugar substitute Abstract: Sugar is an inseparable part of the food we consume. But too much

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  • Eating Sugar

    Essay: Eating Sugar In today’s society it is not unusual that prejudice and anxiety inhibit us from trying to relate to the different cultures around the world. This narrow-mindedness is created by a tiny knowledge of circumstances. We are simply informed of all the misery, corruption and extremism outside our nation, with only all the appalling facts mentioned in the media world – the distance between nationalities is increased all the time, which makes it hard for people with different

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  • Sugar Rush

    item; they are obtainable by nearly anyone, despite varying incomes, again keeping the target market large. Product quality is critical in the food industry. For that reason, Sugar Rush will ensure product quality through the use of fresh ingredients, sale of only fresh sweet products, and a focus on cleanliness. Innovations are also a goal of the company. One way which this will be accomplished is through creating new sweet products each month and offering them for a limited time. This will

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  • Eating Sugar

    Eating Sugar It has always been easy to judge other people before you know them – much easier than it is to open up to a complete stranger. Every day we judge other people by the way they look, and especially people with different backgrounds than ourselves. But isn’t it wrong to make first-hand impressions before you know the person? It might turn out that it is a nice person with a great personality hidden under a different appearance. The short story Eating Sugar, written by Catherine

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  • Sugar Revolution

    The Plantation Sugar – The New Age The sole cash crop that crushed the exportation of cotton and tobacco and reigned in the Caribbean for the next two hundred (200) years was sugar. Dutch colonists in Brazil were the 1st to grow sugar extensively. They then taught the English, in Barbados, ways of cultivation and manufacture in 1644 and soon “sugar was king”. By 1650, Barbados was the primary sugar-producer and was known as “the brightest jewel in the crown of King Charles II”. Other

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  • Challenges Facing the Music Industry

    Challenges facing the Music Industry As Albert Moran puts it, “film is an economic commodity as well as a cultural good” (Albert Moran, 1996) and therefore, the struggle to dominate the market for films and music has continued for such a long time. These cultural products because of the industrial processes they follow of production, distribution and consumption fall into the category of an industry and are immensely affected by the forces of the market. Distribution is the key factor in

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  • Eating Sugar

    Eating Sugar A. Hosts and tourists often have a certain distrust of each other. This is because the two parties often don’t actually spend time together. The relationship between the two is often brief and instead of looking at each encounter with a native or a tourist individually, it is very easy to sum it up as an “encounter with the other”. We all tend to create “others”, when we meet walls of difference, built by race, culture, and language. This view on tourism by William Cannon

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  • Sugar Reflection

    Malcolm Warner Human Nutrition 3534 Reflection on Sugar 2-17-2014 After watching the assigned videos about sugar I was surprised at the effects that sugar has on the human body and the amount of sugar in many of our processed foods. Many Americans do not pay attention to the serving sizes on the nutrition labels which leads to consuming a massive amount of sugar per day. The facts provided in the documentaries can help people have a better understanding of their sugar consumption and

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  • Sugar

    during negotiation. This business plan assumes that the business will receive a 10 year loan with a 9% fixed interest rate. 1.3 Mission Statement The T-Shirt Company’s mission is to provide high quality t-shirt printing services to individuals and businesses while concurrently developing a line of proprietary t-shirts for distribution to the general public. 1.4 Mangement Team The Company was founded by John Doe. Mr. Doe has more than 10 years of experience in the apparel industry

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  • Challenges Facing Banking Industry in Kenya

    also wish to thank my supervisor Mr. Geoffrey Kinyua for his valuable patience and assistance in accomplishing this project I would also wish to thank the technical staff of K.C B jogoo road branch for their help and cooperation iii ABSTRACT With reference to K.C.B this research is carried out to investigate the challenges facing the banking industry in Kenya. The specific objectives are; to

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  • Eating Sugar

    EATING SUGAR Meetings between cultures can be a demanding task for both. Tourists and natives. A culture can be described as learned human behavior patterns and differ between cultures. Those who have the resources (often money) can experience new cultures, but for many it can be a difficult step exploring the unknown. Furthermore communication can play an important role in recognizing and accepting new cultures, as well as socializing. Panic can develop against the unknown and this can form

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  • Eating Sugar

    Eating sugar Try to imagine how you will react if a stranger starts talking to you at the supermarket. He could maybe ask you about something personal, like about your school or what you do for a living? In western we don´t usually go talking to a random person we don´t know, we stay to those people we know because we maybe are afraid. But what if he or she is a very nice person there just wants to have a nice conversation? He or she have maybe just moved to the town and tries to get some

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  • Sugar Cane

    Sugar Cane Today, sugar cane has many industrial uses and is one of the most widely used and cheapest domestic products Sugarcane is a tropical, perennial grass that forms lateral shoots at the base to produce multiple stems, typically three to four meters high and about five centimeters in diameter. Sugar cane probably originated in the island of New Guinea. Its cultivation spread along human migration routes to South-East Asia, India and to Fiji and

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  • The Music Industry: Facing New Challenges?

    Perception be substantially different from objective reality. It need not be, but there is often A process by which disagreement. For example, it's possible that all employees in firm may view it individuals organize and as a great place to work—favorable working conditions, interesting job assign- interpret their sensory mints, good pay, an understanding and responsible management—but, as most impressions in order to give of us know, it's very unusual to find such agreement. meaning to their

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  • Sugar

    . At 5:30 am the slaves would be sent to the fields with their breakfast. A register would be called and if a slave was absent he would be beaten. Their breakfast at 8:00, consisted of Boiled Yam, Eddoes and Okra which were all seasoned with Salt and Pepper. Work on the sugar Plantation now started, this is where the majority of the Slaves worked. It continued till 12:00 and was a very tiring time. The sugar cane can range from a height of 4 feet to 12 feet or more. Knives were used to cut

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  • Eating Sugar

    Engelsk – Essay Task A The text Eating Sugar is a shortstory written by Catherine Merriman. The story takes place in a forest in Thailand during the Song Khran, which is the Thai New Year holiday and it takes place in April. The story is about an English family of three: Alex, the father, Eileen, the mother and Suzanne, the daughter. Alex and his wife Eileen had travelled to Thailand to visit their daughter Suzanne, who is an English teacher. They went inside a forest to look for a market

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  • Sugar

    The script – Video presentation “Commodities: A sweet deal” 1. Slide: Welcome to my video presentation. I’m here today to talk about “What factors really determine the price of sugar in the USA?” based on the Financial Times article “Commodities: A sweet deal”. I divided the presentation in 3 parts. Firstly, I give a short introduction. Secondly, I speak about the determining factors and lastly I give a short summarise about the topic. [Click] 2. Slide: Ok, let’s start with the frame

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  • Scenerio Analysis of Sugar Industry in India

    Word Count: 997 Government wants to end sales quota in sugar industry CHENNAI: Food and agriculture minister Sharad Pawar said on Friday he favoured ending the government's role in fixing sales quota in sugar industry, adding that the government would consider withdrawing controls on the sector after assessing the likely sugar production in 2010-11 crop year. The minister said a decision on decontrolling the sugar industry could be taken if there is good production in the next crop year

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  • Sweet Deals: the Phillipine Sugar Industry

    Gerald Y. Cruz 2003-30983 BA Political Science Econ 141 Prof. Mesina 23 March 2011 Sweet Deals: The Philippine Sugar Industry History From the 19th century until 1970s, sugar has been one of the most important agricultural products in the Philippines. Philippines have been one of top exporter of sugar in the world and the sugar has been one of the pillar of the agricultural Philippine Economy. Jose Maria Zabaleta in his paper discusses the Philippines’ comparative advantage in

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  • Eating Sugar

    Eating Sugar - by Catherine Merriman (2001) Catherine Merriman has written the story Eating Sugar, which is about the couple Eileen and Alex and their twenty-one-year old daughter, Suzanne. Suzanne works as an English teacher in Thailand, and now her parents have come to visit her and join her in her week off work. It is obvious though, that none of the parents are very happy about Thailand. It says so in line 21, where Alex describes the vacation as ‘forced on them’. The three of them are on

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  • Sugar

    Sugar I. Introduction A. Rat addicted to cocaine given two plates, one cocaine one sugar a. Rat disregards the plate of cocaine and feasts on the sugar B. What is and what makes sugar so addicting? C. Why is sugar almost unavoidable? II. What is sugar? A. Sugar is a general term used to describe a class of molecules called carbohydrates. Sugars are considered simple carbohydrates which are found in fruits and vegetables also. 1. Sugar has a very vital role in providing fuel for our

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  • Sugar Bowl

    Sugar Bowl Memo Shelby Givens faced many trials and tribulations throughout the transformation of her grandfather’s Westlake Lanes into Sugar Bowl. All three phases, from preparing for the transformation to operations, produced challenges that Givens would have to overcome. In Phase I, Givens prepared for the bowling alley’s renovation. Westlake Lanes was to close down current operations for approximately nine months. The design challenge of Sugar Bowl would be to create the environment for

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  • Westfield Sugar

    WESTFIELD SUGAR COMPANY Westfield sugar is a British based company with headquarters in London UK. Its products include sugar, bottled water and soft drinks. It’s the second largest producer of white sugar in the region with a capacity of 500 tons a day. It has a total population of six thousand employees of which two-thirds are employed on a 3year renewable contract and the other third are permanent employees. The company was mainly established to provide employment opportunity for the

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  • Eating Sugar

    ”Eating Sugar” Since the dawn of civilization, people from different nations and cultures have crossed each other’s borders, both physically and mentally. Throughout history this has resulted in more or less dramatic events, stretching from the Spanish General Cortez’ annihilation of the Inca-empire in South America, to the joyful re-union of East and West Berlin in Germany. Today, the possibilities of exploring different cultures are limitless – with a sufficient amount of money and a

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  • Facing Death

    FACING DEATH In defining death, according to Douglas Harper, (2010), Death is the act of dying; the end of life; the total and permanent cessation of all vital functions of an organism. Another definition of death by Feldman (2014) death is the point at which life ceases. Due to the advancement of medicine over the years death have been defined in many ways, depending on the last state of the one who experienced death. Some medical experts definition of death relies on the lack of brain

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  • Sugar Sources

    Ludwig, David S. "Are Artificial Sweeteners A Good Alternative To Sugar?." Harvard Health Letter 37.2 (2011): 1. Academic Search Premier. Web. 5 Nov. 2013 Humphries, P., E. Pretorius, and H. Naudé. "Direct And Indirect Cellular Effects Of Aspartame On The Brain." European Journal Of Clinical Nutrition 62.4 (2008): 451-462. Academic Search Premier. Web. 5 Nov. 2013. Roy, Anitha, et al. "Edible Fruits - Nature's Gift For Diabetic Patients - A Comprehensive Review." International Journal Of

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  • Sony Challenge

    on their children’s gaming because they are worried about gaming addiction, which can further bump up sales on PS4 consoles and games. The project will cost approximately $890,000 and with our target of selling 500,000 units and introducing further challenges in the future based on initial success; the cost for this project is easily justified. This project has the potential to give Sony an edge over its competitors as well. With such a bundle and promise of rewards gained (and especially

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  • Sugar

    systems to identify and reach target groups eg ACORN, MOSAIC; reasons for choice of target group (accessibility, current and future prospects of group as customers, profitability; ability to service customer group, fit with organisation’s mission) Identifying customers in business to business markets: decision making unit (DMU) Market segmentation: bases for segmentation of business markets (size, region, value, public/private/ voluntary sector, product, industry); benefits for different members

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  • Challenge

    Life is full of challenges, I try to overcome them with a positive approach because you have to tackle your challenges to achieve success. When I was in high school at 11th grade, I was selected to represent my school in a debate competition. The chairman gave the topic of the debate to my co-debater two weeks prior to the debate. The date for the debate was not announce and I was waiting for the topic from the chairman but he forgot to give me the topic. So the announcement was made a day

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  • The Current Situation Facing the British Steel Industry

    The Current Situation Facing the British Steel Industry Andreea-Adina Criclevit 03.04.2016 This report aims to critically analyse and evaluate the current situation facing the British Steel Industry using contemporary information and a combination of theories such as ‘The International Product Life Cycle’ and ‘Porter’s Diamond of National Advantage’. Background: Steel is a vital material in the process of economic expansion and it has been very important for the society, considering that

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  • Sugar Love

    commissioned by a caliph. Marveled at, prayed in, devoured by the poor. The Arabs perfected sugar refinement and turned it into an industry. The work was brutally difficult. The heat of the fields, the flash of the scythes, the smoke of the boiling rooms, the crush of the mills. By 1500, with the demand for sugar surging, the work was considered suitable only for the lowest of laborers. Many of the field hands were prisoners of war, eastern Europeans captured when Muslim and Christian armies clashed

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  • Sugar

    . In the same century, Columbus sailed to the Americas, the "New World". It is recorded that in 1493 he took sugar cane plants to grow in the Caribbean. The climate there was so advantageous for the growth of the cane that an industry was quickly established. By 1750 there were 120 sugar refineries operating in Britain. Their combined output was only 30,000 tons per annum. At this stage sugar was still a luxury and vast profits were made to the extent that sugar was called "white gold

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  • Sugar Addiction

    Dopaminergic Pathways’ Role in Addiction: Sugar and Drugs of Abuse Researchers are hesitant to claim sugar to be addictive, however, many studies have been performed showing how sugar has the ability to produce addictive symptoms similar to those of addictive drugs (1). The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (2004) does not define addiction, but rather, has criteria for substance dependence. The first two criteria relate to the “physiological dependence” of drugs

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  • Starbucks Challenge

    knowledge and know-how; and assembly-line processes -- cadenced by injunctions such as "next in line" and "proceed to the exit" -- replaced the humanity of neighborly relationships. In hindsight, it now appears that those are instances of throwing the baby out with the bath water. A poor quality of service has indeed often become the price to be paid when an industry over-consolidates. We all have witnessed unpleasant situations from the check-out employees chatting with their colleagues or

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