Court Observation

  • Court Case

    McCulloch vs. Maryland [1819] is a landmark Supreme Court case because of its impact on the future court cases, passing of laws, and social conscience. The case is one of the most influential cases in Supreme Court history. Chief Justice John Marshall established the doctrine of National Supremacy. National government is supreme over state governments. McCulloch vs. Maryland created the doctrine of “Implied Powers” that has become the cornerstone of American constitutional law. “This decision

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  • Court Process

    Before there were juvenile courts children would get punished by their fathers. There were very few children that would get processed through the courts. Now these days when a juvenile gets arrested by law enforcement he or she will determine where the juvenile needs to go depending on what kind of crime has been committed. Juvenile court has partial jurisdiction which means that they can only hear certain cases (Meyer & Grant, 2003). Normally the jurisdictions are outlined by age and what

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  • Game Observation

    Game Observation After watching the game on Sunday, there are some key elements that stick out to me not only from a fan standpoint but also from a coaching standpoint. Every coach over the last 10 super bowls is obviously successful but there have been 2 coaches that have won multiple super bowls and 3 coaches who have appeared in multiple super bowls; these men are Bill Belichick (3-5), Tom Coughlin (2-0), Mike Tomlin (1-1). These men are some of the most successful coaches in the NFL and

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  • Court Structure

    Structure of the Court When looking at state and federal law, one will find many similarities but many differences as well. There are three main components to courts and the foundation of them, these would be: law making ability, structure and cases heard. There are just enough differences so that figuring out which is which can be confusing. Let’s look at who supersedes who. When a law is passed if it be in federal courts or state courts it pretty much goes the same way, either the House of

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  • Adult Observation

    After an individual goes through all the changes of growing up they start to reach middle adulthood. In middle adulthood humans continue to make changes. However, these changes are different from any of the changes that an individual has been through before. Through observation, a lot can be earned about an individual on many different levels. The observer is able to analyze the individual on a biological, cognitive, and psychosocial point of views. This observation took place at the

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  • Peds Observation

    steps at once • Can ride a tricycle around the playground with speed and dexterity • Can use a hammer to pound nails Observation The child that I chose to observe was a 5-year-old girl named Amanda. Amanda is energetic, confident, and very curious. She is not shy at all. She will come right up to you and ask you your name and what your business is. She also has a big bright smile and a love for dressing up. She also enjoys writing and drawing. Nutrition

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  • Kgh Observation

    observations? The time and day that I chose to conduct my observation had a number of effects on the results. First, there were likely more hospital visits occurring on Saturday than there would have been if I had conducted my observation on a weekday when most people are at school or work. Second, I can imagine that the lobby was less busy in the afternoon than at noon, yet busier than it would be if I had conducted the observation early in the morning or late at night. Third, I did not see anyone

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  • Observation

    The name of the store that I chose to observe is Marshalls. They specialize in bringing brand named clothing for discounted prices to your entire family. The Marshalls store I chose to observe was the one located at 7506 W. Broad Street, Merchants Walk in Richmond, VA. When I went in to do my observation, I did it first as a shopper but as I walked around, I eventually turned into a customer. Before I went in, I knew that I wanted to buy something but I did not know if I was going to find

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  • Court Rooms

    The Court Participants Tyler Burns CJA/224 August 8, 2011 Chris Bragg When courtroom participants are thought of it’s generally the Judge, jurors, defense attorney, and the prosecutor. What about the other important participants? Such as, courtroom administration, the courtroom deputy, court clerk, court reporters and witness. Every one of these participants plays a key role in the criminal justice system. The Judge runs in an election and will be voted to be appointed. Once in the

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  • Observation

    Bsma Tolfree Unit 1 Individual Project Scientific Method May 1, 2011 OBSERVATION: During the winter, you spread salt daily on your driveway to melt the snow. In the springtime, when the lawn begins to grow, you notice that there is no grass growing for about three inches from the driveway. Furthermore, the grass seems to be growing more slowly up to about one foot from the driveway. QUESTION: I wonder if the grass growth is inhibited by salt? INTRODUCTION: Salt is a chemical

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  • Court Case

    Amy Nguyen June 10, 2012 Court Case Brief Donald R and Joyce D. Schroerlucke, v. United States, 2011 WL 4440599 (Fed.Cl.), cert. Granted, No. 09-772T (9/21/2011) Facts Plaintiffs, Donald and Joyce Schroerlucke, filed a complaint in the United States Court of Federal Claims alleging they were due a tax refund for unreimbursed losses for the 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2002 tax years. Plaintiffs are husband and wife who filed joint federal income tax returns during all years relevant to

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  • Observation

    Observation The student is considered a novice as an observer of children. The student observes children to gain practice and understanding in child development. Students have an obligation to protect children and respect school personnel. Observers are usually visitors in the classroom. The observer must keep in mind that they are a disruption to the regular processes in the classroom and they should respect the classroom teacher’s direction. The protection of the child’s rights

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  • Observation

    Name: Unknown Sex: Female Age: 10 yrs. Academically Proficient Teacher Observation: Student is a 10 year old female who comes to school regularly and is academically on grade level. However, she occasionally comes to school smelling of urine, exhausted and is socially withdrawn from most of her peers. She spends most of her free time reading books in the book corner. Student seldom talks about home and refuses to explain her body odor. Student has expressed concern in regards to

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  • Court Observation

    . Examinations are scheduled as follows: Examination No. 1 February 25, 2013 Examination No. 2 April 8, 2013 Final Examination May 13, 2013 (10:15am –11:30am) Writing Assignment: You are to submit a paper based on your observation of a court proceeding. The paper must be a minimum of four pages in length. Papers that are not typewritten, double spaced and stapled

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  • Classroom Observation

    The approach I took here was to observe children as they progressed through a particular school system. Looking for some correlation or trends and some educational building as it relates to transitioning from grade to grade. In this observation I observed a teacher I already had contact with. She taught my daughter in first grade, and then later on she left teaching for administration position and has returned this year as a kindergarten teacher. I think this speaks about her passion for being

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  • Observation

    Every day, people all over the world travel to different places out side of his or her home. He or she will encounter many different types of people and different experiences. When this happens, the opportunity becomes available to observe his or her surroundings. I wanted to do the observation experiment at a place I find to be very interesting, it was a Tattoo Shop. This was a place that I felt was on the same standers as a mall and it was also a place that I visited and thought that it would

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  • Court

    The case being presented today was State of New Jersey v. David Connor. This case is being presented in the Superior Courts of New Jersey at 50 West Market Street floor 10 Room 1004, Newark, NJ. The observation took place July 1, 2008 from 9AM until 3:30PM. The charges against the defendant David Connor are first-degree murder, second-degree aggravated assault, second-degree disturbing/moving human body, third degree unlawful possession of a weapon, and third degree possession of a weapon

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  • Court

    mike People around the world as we know have been attending court everyday for different reasons. Those reasons can be for traffic violations, civil law suits, or unlawful criminal acts that are committed. These acts are all handled and disputed in a court of law. The courts are empowered to make fair and blending decisions upon the facts that are provided through out the court hearings. As we know there are two types of courts such as civil court and criminal court and it is very

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  • Court

    . Furthermore, Stewart has been married on two times and is currently divorced. Stewart has three children, ages 12, 15, and 17, but does not have custody of them for the past seven months because of a family court order. IV. Federal Sentencing Guidelines Overall Fairness Defendant #1: Judge, I believe the sentence of Manny Ramirez serves the interest of justice because it is enough time being in jail to pay the consequences for his actions. Ramirez was given multiple chances of shortened

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  • Observation

    Attorney Benjamin Walton Jordan Vanmeter (co-councel): Patrick Gibbs and Omallys tavern. Benjamin Walton will argue issue of actual knowledge of visible intoxication of Indiana dreamshop act. Co-councel will argue issue of proximate causation. Evidence is insufficient that john daniels observed any visible intoxication. Asks court to award defendants summary judgement for 2 reasons. First Hard was not engaging in any activities that would show intoxication. Drinking a lot of drinks over a

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  • Observation

    Group Observation On Wednesday, September 25, I did an observation at Mastery Charter Smedley Elementary School. During my time there I would be observe a group of four students name Mike, Chris, Leslie and Tiffany. What I would be looking for throughout my observation is appearance, verbal behavior and interaction, physical behavior and gestures and who stand out the most. Mike – Observation Mike is an African-American, boy around the age of nine or ten dark brown skin with curly

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  • Observation Paper

    Name: Maybelyn S. Mendoza Professor: Edwin Maestro Year/section: ABMC CAS 301 We as a group made an observation into different places where they we live in that each of us belonged .So, I was appointed to the place I am an integrate at Bantayog St., Concepcion 1, Marikina City for the surveillance we needed toward the compilation of our grade to Development of Communication. For almost three(3) years of my residency in Marikina I thought that it

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  • Court Visit

    the type of punishment that limits the person’s mobility to prevent others and society from his or her negative activities. Reflections with compare and contrast after Visiting Visiting the Criminal court, enable us to enhance our knowledge about the proceeding that is the part and parcel of administration of the justice. In that connection, the book “criminal justice today” by Frank Schmallegar provided the necessary information. The observation was based on the ongoing court

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  • Observation

    suffering from a mental disease that that made him or her incapable of controlling his or her actions, despite being able to distinguish right and wrong at the time that the act was committed. For both pleas, sanity is determined by the judge or jury in a separate preceding in some states. In other states, the defense is either accepted or rejected in the verdict of the judge or jury. Even if either one of these defenses lead to a verdict of guilty, the sentencing court may consider it a mitigating factor.

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  • Court History

    Court history and purpose David Anderson CJA/224 March 21, 2013 Symone Walker Court history and purpose The United States justice system is based on the beliefs that with the correct facts of a specified criminal or civil situation justice will prevail. This paper will discuss the purpose of court, the dual court system, and its role in criminal justice. If the individuals act as adversaries not agreeing on the facts of each other, a neutral person or persons known as judges and or

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  • Children Observation

    How to Write a Child's Observation Report By Lynn Rademacher, eHow Contributor *   *   * Share   *   * Print this article Observing children at play helps educators to structure the classroom. Child observation reports are created for a variety of reasons. College students who are childhood development majors will complete several observations as part of their coursework. Therapists use observation reports to determine the appropriate type of treatment for children

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  • Court Observation

    pose a threat to national sovereignty or the principles of federalism. In my opinion, I believe the Supreme Court should honor the notion of stare decisis and uphold Missouri v. Holland. At first, I laughed when I read that Bond argues she used the chemicals for a “peaceful purpose.” But looking at the lower court’s opinion, her argument does not seem to be substantive, but rather procedural. From a substantive stand point, there is no logical way that Bond can argue she attempted to use the

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  • Family Court

    Memorandum From: Law Student To: Supervising Attorney, Family Court Legal Program Re: Possible Motion to Dismiss the Family Offense Petition filed by our client’s ex-husband [ISSUE] The issue presented here is whether a Family Offense has been committed if our client called her ex-husband derogatory names. On March 1, 2010, Mr. M. filed a Family Offense Petition against Ms. M. claiming that Ms. M. had committed the family offense of “harassment in the second degree” under Penal Law

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  • Observation

    the fences down but I heard they were going to make it a museum) Some people were dancing so I assumed there was live music playing somewhere Different food trucks were advertising their products Cherry blossom were falling due to it being a little windy Everyone respectfully minded their own business and didn’t cause trouble for others. Cherry Blossom Festival The purpose of this observation assignment was to investigate and interpret the different types of interactions between the

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  • Court

    Week 1 Assignment State Court System Trial Courts Trial Courts are also called "Superior Courts." There are 58 Trial Courts--one in each county. In the Trial Courts, a judge, and sometimes a jury, hears testimony and evidence and decides a case by applying the law to the facts of the case. Superior Courts handle: * All criminal cases (felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic tickets) * All civil cases (family law, probate, juvenile, and other civil cases) * Appeals of small

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  • Court Expereince

    When entering the court, it almost had airport style security. I was some what apprehensive when noticing the security metal detectors then feeling nervous. Everyone is required to place your belongings to be scanned and walk through the metal detectors then receive your items back. This is to protect the public’s safety. Prohibited items (knives, scissors, sprays, cans, tools, etc.) will not be permitted in the court building. Anything that may be a potential risk to the public will be taken

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  • Observation

    Observation  In this paper, I am to describe and discuss my observations of the  people at the mall. I was going to observe the people at the medical place I go to  with my Grandmother but I was not feeling well on Wednesday so my Aunt went  with her. I did not know what I had, if I was getting a cold or if it was just allergies.  Better safe than sorry. Since I did not go to the metical place I was going to  observe my neighborhood, there is usually quite a few people out but this time  there

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  • Court Observation Paper

    On Friday, April, 4, 2014, I observed the Vanderburgh County Superior Court to observe different family law cases. The cases I heard involved contempt of court for failing to pay child support, failure to appear for a court appointed drug test, birth certificate affidavit, request for contest hearing time, and an issue of paternity case. Magistrate Judge Sheila M. Corcoran was presiding over the family court hearings. When entering the courthouse, I was greeted by security and advised to remove

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  • Observation

    Observation Number Two The purpose of this observation is to observer an adolescent of either sex between the ages of 12-18. I have chosen to observer an adolescent male age 18. This was a little difficult to do because adolescents are guarded with regards to adults, it just happened that this was made easier when the adolescent knew me from church and the choir. I will begin with Jacob who is 18. Jacob grew up with his parents in forest hills, PA, also with Aunts and uncles and his

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  • Observation 1

    normal parameters for child development until a recent visit to the doctor for an ear infection. At that time N.A.S.’s medical provider voiced concerns about possible speech delay and referred him for a hearing screening. Subsequently, N.A.S. has been diagnosed with partial hearing loss, possibly due to fluid in the inner ear. He lives with his father (who is currently deployed), his mother and a 15 year old sister. The observation took place in a naturalistic setting (the home) and lasted about 45

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  • Observation Paper

    this paper. Outside the food court in the Union, are located about 50 seats for students. The tables located outside are divided into two seats and four seats. The sample was small and emphasized depth rather than extensiveness. The students who were observed in the study were either at lunch or breaks, and they used this area of the school for those purposes. The facts took place the following dates; November 5 from 1:30 -2:00 the second day November 12 from 1:30-2:10, my observation started

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  • Comm Observation

    Lorin Dias 12-5-14 Comm. Observation Part 1: Field Notes Criterion A The Physical Setting. 1. I did my observation at Shelly Baird in Hanford California. Shelly Baird School provides education for pupils with special needs throughout Kings County. Classes are based at Shelly Baird School as well as on integrated district sites. Additional support services such as vision, speech and language, adapted physical education, health care, occupational and physical therapy, deaf and hard

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  • Archaeological Observation

    metal fork, which I am assuming he brought from home. This young man did not dispose of the metal utensil once he had finished eating and instead wiped it off with his napkin and then returned it to his lunch bag. After witnessing this I concluded that metal is clearly more valuable than plastic. Obviously the material that an artifact is made out of plays a role in deciding whether it is to be disposed of, or retained. Another observation was that electronic devices are protected and are

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  • Overt Observation

    Sociology A) A fixed list of categories based on characteristic/ behaviours, often ticked at regular time intervals by the observer. B) –Unlike non-participant observation, participant observation ensures that there is next to no room for the researcher to take a subjective opinion when recording observations, meaning they will probably be more accurate, and true to life. C) Informed consent is unlikely to have been achieved if no one knows that they are being observed, this is not good

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  • Observation

    repeat that, so he stayed in his chair for a few... View Full Essay Join Now Please login to view the full essay... Essay's Statistics Submitted by: riaz1555 Date shared: 02/11/2013 11:12 AM Words: 1126 Pages: 5 Save Paper Report this Essay Similar Documents Child Observation Report Observational Report 2 Social-Awareness Observation Report Child Observation Child Protectionn Report Child Observation Child Observation

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  • Courtroom Observation

    BUSI 301 COURTROOM OBSERVATION PAPER Indiana Northern District Court Case Number 82a04-8876-cv285 Plaintiff: Deborah White Plaintiff representatives: Walsh Jackson and Amanda Babott Defendant: Patrick Gibbs and O’Malley’s Tavern Defendant Representatives: Benjamin Walton and Jordan Van Meter Defendant Council Overview: Jordan Van Meter and Benjamin Walton are representing the defendant who is Patrick Gibbs and O’Malley’s Tavern. The representing defense suggests that

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  • Child Observation

    Child Observation Report Lecturer: Dr. Stephanie L. Knight Observer: Afra Mohamed Taha Observant: 3-4 year old boy Topic: Entire Observation Setting: Airport. A family consists of a father, a mother, three daughters and a son. Goal: Observing the boy to see his entire behavior, in addition to his reaction to reinforcement and punishment. Time: 52 minutes Method used

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  • Observation Paper

    Running head: Observation of TGI Friday’s Observation of TGI Friday’s Psychology of Human Sexuality – PSYC 332 6380 University of Maryland University College Alicia Montague July 12, 2015 The TGI Friday’s is located not too far from my job. I have never dined at that particular location before, but heard from several people that it is a very lively on Friday’s. I figured TGIF on a Friday should be interesting. As I turned off of the main road I can see the huge TGIF sign reassuring

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  • Ece Observation

    Observation Samantha Evans EC310 June 21, 2015 Barbara Sheats Observation Tuesday, June 16, 2015 Tricia’s Sunflowers, Perry, UT (In-Home Daycare) 9:30 – 11am In this observation, I will refer to the child with a hearing impairment as B. When I first stepped into the room where the child with the hearing impairment was, I immediately noticed a few things around the room that were put there specifically for her. There were flashing lights right next to a clock and there were

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  • Court Case

    Hale, challenging their detention BOUMEDIENE V. BUSH 3 without charges and claiming the protection of habeas corpus”(The Justice Campaign). “Boumediene case in which the Federal District Court, held that the Military Commissions Act(MCA) of 2006 Which prevented foreign nationals held by the United States as “enemy combatants” from challenging their detentions in U.S. Federal Courts , was an unconstitutional suspension of the writ of habeas corpus guaranteed by the United States Constitution

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  • Court Observation

    Running head: COURT OBSERVATION Park Peter Park Sacramento State University Professor Kubicek, Laurie CRJ 121 - Structure and Function of the American Courts 10 November 2015 1 Running head: COURT OBSERVATION Park 2 There is different behavior in which the United States' Criminal Justice System may be knowledgeable about each of its three-prongs of executive, judicial, and legislative parts. In particular, the judicial procedure can be particularly confusing and

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  • Observation

    different ways. A method that has been used to explore these developmental milestones is observation. Observations involve watching a child for sometime in order to understand how he or she perceives and interacts with the world. attributes physically, cognitively and socially of two children, one male and one female, ages five and ten, respectively. This writer will identify the socio-economic status (SEC), age, gender, ethnic background, and family demographics of each of these children. The two

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  • Ethnographic Observation

    Ethnographic Observation TSL 4520  Grading Rubric Background  (Milde, R., 2001) Common wisdom tells us that there are, in general, two kinds of writing: creative and expository. Creative writing tells about feelings, opinions, points of view, things that originate inside the writer. Expository essays tell about facts, things outside of the writer. Essays on literature examine a literary text, a thing outside the writer. Lab reports describe experiments with chemicals and other stuff that

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  • Observation Report

    the student thought it was to take place. It is permissible for students to observe the same activity. FINALLY, ALTHOUGH COURTROOM EXAMPLES ARE GIVEN IN CLASS, IT IS NOT SUGGESTED THE STUDENT OBSERVE A COURT PROCEEDING. THE STUDENT SHOULD CHOOSE THE GOVERNMENT ACTIVITY THAT MOST INTERESTS THE STUDENT. Usually, but not always, the best days to observe courts are Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Appropriate attire for any observation is that which would be worn for a job interview

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  • Observation 1

    ECE 110 – 112L Fall 2015 Child Development Observation Observation Completed By: Nathalia Daza Age Group: Infant/Toddler Preschool Primary Age of Child (Years.Months): 1 year old Name of Child (Not Real Name): Jimmy Observation #: 1 Date and Time of Observation: 9/22/15 @ 3:18 pm Observation Location: Living room, Jackson Heights, NY Description of the Child: • Jimmy is 1 year old. Has small chinky eyes, pink checks, a bottom nose, and full red lips. Jimmy

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