Crime In The Bahamas

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    Crime in the Bahamas

    119-3F Documented Expository Essay 4th April, 2012 Crime in the Bahamas On the 6th April, 2011, shock waves were sent throughout the Bahamaland after the report of a brutal massacre of Nellie Brown-Cox. It is alleged that this crime was committed by her common law husband (Bahamas Press, 2011). This murder was a result of domestic violence, which is a crime that is committed among many residents in the Commonwealth of the Bahama Islands. Crime is ubiquitous, but can be alleviated if the necessary

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    Crime in Bahamas

    cruise-ship passenger gets robbed at gunpoint by thugs in the Bahamas, raising the important question, How safe are you while on vacation? Offending Party: Bahamian criminals What's at Stake: a few hundred dollars The Complaint: As reader Carly Milne found out, nothing can ruin a holiday faster than armed robbery. (Though dysentery and street mimes run pretty close behind.) Last November, Milne says, she and 17 other Bahamas cruise-ship passengers were accosted by gun-toting criminals during

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    Crime and the Bahamas

    Crime in the Year 2000-2013 Crime and Today's Society In the Bahamian Society today Crime is greatly affecting our tiny communities, it seems as though crime is everywhere. From something as simple as stealing a cellular device, to the more evident violent gang crimes, In the Bahamas crime plagues many of our streets today. In this research, as a group we sought out to seek reasons for the rapid increase of crime over the 40 years since the Bahamas gained its independence

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    Crime is a major problem in The Bahamas. When reading a newspaper or watching TV, it is impossible not to hear about some murder, robbery or violent act. Crime is increasing and this is affecting our country and influencing our youths. Imagine this beautiful country losing money simple because visitors are afraid to come here because of the dangerous criminal activity going on or simple because crime rate is out of control. Why our Bahamaland should be put at a disadvantage for such careless act

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    Gaming in the Bahamas should be anything but legalized. The increasing amount of number houses today is ridiculous. They are the people who lead others to believe that there is an easy way to life, that money is the key to a happier life. These are type of thoughts that lead to an unfulfilled and purposeless society. I for one do not support this behavior and certainly do not support the move of legalizing gambling in the Bahamas. I feel that the legalization of gaming in the Bahamas will continue

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    Diversification of the Bahamian Economy

    Factors affecting the increasing crime rate in the Bahamas When most tourists think of the Bahamas the picture of clean green pristine care free island paradise comes to mind as advertised and promoted around the world.   Many of the tourists do not see the other side of the picture as shown on the brochure. The people of the Bahamas who live in the country everyday have to endure the other side of the brochure which is the increasing crime rate in the Bahamas. The people of the these islands

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    2014 Solutions to the Problem of Crime in The Bahamas Over the past few years the question “Is violent crime a serious problem in The Bahamas?” has changed from a debatable topic to a rhetorical question because it is certainly clear that violent crime is a very serious problem and is on the rise in The Bahamas. In an article written by Athena Damianos, former editor for the Tribune, titled, “What Will It Take for the Government to Deal with the Violent Crime Problem” it was reported that four

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    Capital Punishment

    Introduction If one is big enough to do the crime, then he should be indeed big enough to take the punishment that follows. “Capital punishment, the death penalty, or execution is the sentence of death upon a person by the state as a punishment for a crime.” ( Basically Capital Punishment is the country’s major punishment, for what they consider to be the most major crimes. It is a subject of active disagreement and controversy in various countries

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    Dictionary. Com describes crime as an action or an instance of negligence that is deemed injurious to the public welfareor morals or to the interests of the state and that is legally prohibited. The social issue of crime in the Bahamas has sky rocketed since the year 2010 Much of the crime in the Bahamas is a result of moral decay and social degeneration which has taken hold over the three decades.. As our population grew in numbers there were few and fewer job opportunities available which

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Tuorism

    dollars are floating in the Bahamian economy easily. iii) Foreign Exchange allows for the easy importation of goods and food. 2. Tourism provides jobs for thousands of Bahamians both directly and indirectly. If tourists do not come to the Bahamas, those persons directly involved in tourism for example, the straw vendors, the taxi drivers, retail storeowners etc., could be unable to pay their bills. If they are unable to make money they could be unable to pay their landlords, their mortgages

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