Explain The Role Of Ethics And Social Responsibility In Developing A Strategic Plan While Considering Stakeholder Needs And

  • Social Responsibility

    of opportunities to is potential candidates. In today’s job market, a company’s social responsibility has become come increasingly imperative. Much emphasis is put on how a company can demonstrates its concerns for the environment, human rights, community involvement, and ensuring that their employees are well taking care of in the United States and also overseas. In the eyes of consumers, prospective employees, and investors the company can display that it not only cares about increasing its

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  • Developing a Strategic Business Plan

    avenues for design of business plans that satisfy the needs of all the stakeholders involved within a business entity including clients, suppliers, staff, and shareholders. Most importantly, the plan must address all the possible variables that may compromise or enhance its performance. References Haines, J. (2009) Developing a strategic business: A case study approach. Journal of Business Management, 20(4): 98- 103. Kaye, B. (2007) Strategic Business planning in Micro-Enterprises, London, Heinemann Educational Books, p 64 -106 Kolter, C. (2009) Evolution of business processes: The way forward. New York, McGraw Hill, p 54-66.

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  • Social Responsibility

    Social responsibility and ethical behavior The imperatives of day-to-day organizational performance are so compelling that there is little time or inclination to divert attention to the moral content of organizational decision-making. Morality appears to be so esoteric and qualitative in nature that it lacks substantive relation to objective and quantitative performance. The word "ethics" is often in the news these days. Certain organizations will commit themselves to a philosophy in a

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  • The Role of Education in Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

    the same way for a long period of time than teaching future entrepreneurs (students) to have a socially responsible mindset with decision-making, skills that look beyond short-term benefits and are more oriented in long-term perspective. That‘s why it is important to understand how huge role in future corporate social responsibility policy development and promoting are playing business schools. While Lithuanian universities and business schools are only beginning to develop such kind of study

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  • Strategic Management, C Orporate Responsibility and S Takeholder Management Integrating Corporate Responsibility Principles and Stakeholder Approaches I Nto Mainstream Strategy: a Stakeholder-Oriented and I Ntegrative Strategic M Anagement Framework

    topology. The bottom-up approach was based on empirical research on the views of business companies on corporate social responsibility, a review of best practices and case studies mainly in Greece. Findings – The paper describes a stakeholder-oriented integrative strategic management framework linking the main strategic management theories across value, responsiveness and responsibility dimensions. A mathematical model is presented describing the synergistic development of advantage-creating knowledge

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  • Explain Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity in the Modern Workplace

    Explain corporate social responsibility and diversity in the modern workplace Identify how companies influence their ethics environment Valuing diversity means making decisions based on merit, encouraging different perspectives, and challenging behaviors that undermine other cultural or gender groups. Valuing diversity means developing attitudes, practices and procedures that provide genuine equality of treatment and opportunity for all employees, regardless of issues such as gender

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  • Social Responsibility

    local economy would profit. There would be more available jobs for those people who live nearby and cannot afford transportation to and from work. This in turn will raise the income of several residents. This would eventually better the local economy. That is social responsibility. Company Q is not currently being socially responsible. The chain should rethink the closure of stores and instead open more markets in lower income areas. Company Q should donate food items to a food bank as

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  • Social Responsibility

    leading model when it comes to business and corporate social responsibility. Summary of Articles Author R. Edward Freeman’s article “Stakeholder Theory and The Corporate Objective Revisited,” emphasized a response to a piece put out by Sundaram and Inkpen titled “The Corporate Objective Revisited” by clarifying misconceptions about stakeholder theory and concluding that truth and freedom are best served by seeing business and ethics as connected (Freeman, Wicks, & Parmar, 2004). Freeman supports

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  • Social Responsibility

    ethics required in the legal perspective. These ethics can be expected in a positive sense or prohibitive in a negative sense. These are often forced based on the legitimate expectations or moral rights of the firm / corporation’s stakeholders. Philanthropy is the highest level of corporate social responsibility. These resources are known as discretionary resources and are uncommitted resources. These resources are not obligated to profit. While each level commitment to society can define cooperate

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  • Social Responsibility

    terms, corporations have a responsibility to serve the community while providing goods and services and making a profit. Business Law author Henry Cheeseman identifies the four theories of social responsibility as: a) maximizing profits, b) moral minimum, c) stakeholder interest, and d) corporate citizenship. In order to comply with social responsibility standards, all requirements must be met. Unfortunately, not all business owners feel obligated to be fully socially responsible. T.J

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  • Social Responsibility

    “Corporate social responsibility is for a corporation to perform ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as the local community and society at large. This responsibility can be passive, by avoiding engaging in socially harmful acts, or active, by performing activities that directly advance social goals” (Social Responsibility, 2012). Environmental

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  • Role of Stakeholder

    ensure that the airline will continue to do business with them because of quality. The union’s role in implementing a quality process is to ensure that all union employee’s are being treated fairly, being offered competitive wages, holiday pay, sick time, sticking to his or her written agreement with the company, and negotiating with the company’s director to meet the needs of the union employee’s. Reference Webfinance, Inc. (2012). Stakeholder. Retrieved from http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/stakeholder.html.

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  • 1. Explain the Strategic Issues a Company Need to Address When Adding Clicks to Bricks

    Unlike their dot-com counterparts, brick-and-mortar players realize that the launch of Web sites will have a tremendous impact on their existing organizations in everything from sales channels to customer fulfillment to call centers. As a result, clients need to understand the overall impact and implications of the technology before a site goes live. Office supply giant Staples, for example, launched its Staples.com online site in early 1999, largely as an extension to its existing retail and

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  • Health Care Ethic Plan

    Assignment: u10a1 Final Health Care Organizational Ethics Plan Project Due Date: 12/14/2012 Ethnic is based on the rules and guidelines an individual uses to govern his life, as well as the manner in which he interacts with others. A personal code of ethics is a necessary ingredient to achieve success or overcome adversity. In the absence of rules, it's difficult to hold oneself accountable for poor decision-making or bad behavior. On the other hand, organizational ethics are the principals

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  • Social Responsibility

    Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility Jesse Watt Nicely Dressed Dictatorship Carl Lynn Beecham-Bautista A topic I chose above is the media and it's responsibilities in accurate journalism. I personally feel as though the government is knee deep in our media coverage. A lot of what we learn about the world that surrounds us is channeled in bias views and is

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  • Ethics and Social Responsibility in Strategic Planning

    Ethics and Social Responsibility in Strategic Planning MGT498 Dr. Matt Keogh Ethics and Social Responsibility in Strategic Planning Ethics and social responsibility are concepts used in business all the time when someone is trying to explain that business is not all the time about making a profit. Shareholders in business are a group of people that are directly affected by decisions that organizations make Wheelen and Hunger ask the question, should strategic decision makers be

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  • Role of a Stakeholder

    Role of a Stakeholder MGT/420 February 4, 2013 Role of a Stakeholder A stakeholder has an interest in an organization. The primary stakeholders in many organizations include employees, investors, suppliers and the customers. “Stakeholders can affect or be affected by the organization’s actions, objectives, and policies” (Business Dictionary, 2013). It is important that organizations include the interest of stakeholders when making decisions, especially those concerning quality management

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  • Social Responsibility

    |54 years old |5’2” |56 kilograms | | |History of Present Illness: |Past Medical History: |Social History: |Family History: |Drug Allergies: | |Hypertension: dizziness, vomiting, pain in the temple |--- |Non-drinker |Brother – hypertension and arthritis |NKDA

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  • Social Developing

    It took me awhile to decipher through the many articles involving issues of social development in adulthood. I chose to use the article of social relationships because it not only goes into depth about the topic at hand but it also looks into different theories used in accordance with relationships and social development. I chose the topic of relationships because I feel this has a major impact on how adults develop socially, and it spikes my interest to know what to expect in

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  • The Role of the Concept of Need and Inequality Social Policy

    ideological debate over the relationship between inequality and need within society. This will conclude with a brief observation of what role the concepts ‘need’ and ‘inequality’ have in social policy today. By the late 19th century the effects of the industrial revolution were fully realised, although many notable individuals such as Dickens, Disraeli, Kingsley and Mrs Gaskell (Fraser, 1984) highlighted the poverty caused by industrialised society earlier in the century it was not until the last

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  • Social Responsibility

    develop an end of life plan of care with the family, committee and bedside staff. A.3. Organizational Viability Metropolitan Hospital is no different than any other hospital system in that it struggles to provide quality care at a reasonable price while still making a profit. There has been much debate over hospitals making a profit off of patient care, but healthcare is a business, and like any other business strives to profit. With the Healthcare Reform Legislation of 2009 and the Patient

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  • Social Responsibility

    When a company makes a strategic decision it is important to evaluate the impact of the ethical consequences toward the company and the stakeholders. Often a company will make a strategic plan based on profit; however, social responsibility looks outside of profits and determines the effects on all stakeholders including customers, environment, and society. In addition, the strategic decision should also be based on the code of ethics set forth by the organization. Furthermore, when

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  • Social Responsibility

    global market positions. Company X is one of 30 companies that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Company X needs to actively contribute to sustainable development through environmental protection, social responsibility and economic progress. Medical and surgical supplies such as drapes, hot/cold packs, tape, dressings and biological indicators are only part of hundreds of products within this field that Company X manufactures. This company is a world leader in markets from highway safety

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  • Social Responsibility

    such as these that I have revised for my company Rhodes Air Conditioning:  To meet demands of business stakeholders by ensuring the company is operating ethically, fairly and considering the companies social responsibility. By doing this the company can retain their current business and have the ability to increase its customers. By remaining true to their standards and not charging excessive prices they will be able to maintain the market in the A/C industry.  To enhance business performance by

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  • Social Responsibility

    flour. After all, healthy relationships with all of these stakeholders will enable our centuries-old business to continue working toward our mission for another 200 years.” (Social Responsibility). It is necessary for employees at all levels to embrace CSR initiatives and be included; while deciding to incorporate CSR and the planning process may start at the top with owners and executives, there needs to be buy- in and participation from more than top management for CSR to be successful (Lam

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  • Social Responsibility

    Social Responsibility Company Q is a small grocery store chain; who has been asked by the area’s food bank for donation of their day-old products. Management declined deciding to throw the food away, citing worries over lost revenues due to possible fraud and stealing by employees who might say they are donating the food. After researching the topic of social responsibility there are some things that could be improved in this area. First improvement would be protecting the reputation

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  • Role of the Stakeholder

    Role of the Stakeholder Role of the Stakeholder The role of an organization involves stakeholders; suppliers, employees, and consumers. The role of the organization, the supplier and the employee is to provide a product or service that the consumer demands as to maximize profits for the shareholder or owners. This is defined as the economic responsibility (Total Quality Management, 2009). However; if the product or service is of poor quality, this responsibility is ultimately

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  • Social Responsibility

    can be languished at PI. Eventually, that individual left the done for khat" David added, "Because of your re- industry, never to be heard from again. search and your business background, I'm putting you on the marketing team for both. Of course, Questions - Exercises this means that you're going to have to be promoted and at least for a while live in Hong Kong. I 1. Identify the social responsibility issues. know Quan will be excited. In fact, I told her the 2. Discuss the advantages and

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  • Social Responsibility

    internal and external stakeholders in our neighborhoods and on our college campuses. Wide River Community College District chooses to promote social responsibility in action by reaching, teaching and practicing the guidelines outlined in this portion of the strategic plan for a higher quality of working, volunteering, and abiding fundamental laws while supporting diversity. Employees: • Wide River Community College District’s vision and values are expressed orally and tangibly (employee handbook

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  • The Role of Ethics and Social Responsibility

    Problem The Role of Ethics and Social Responsibility when developing a strategic plan - consider stakeholder needs Ethics paper: write 700 - 900 word paper  in which you do the following: explain the role of ethics and social responsibility in developing a strategic plan while considering stakeholder needs and agendas.   *include at least one example of a company overstepping ethical boundaries for stakeholder agendas, and what types of preventative measures could be taken to avoid this

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  • Social Responsibility

    his trial fell apart in December after two lawyers who played a crucial role in the case refused to testify, and another witness changed his testimony. Alcoa had not been accused of wrongdoing, and it was not a party to the proceedings in Britain. The SEC said on Thursday that Alcoa's subsidiaries used a London-based consultant to funnel the payments to officials but did not name the consultant. Alcoa said it "welcomes the resolution of this legacy legal matter with the U.S. government

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  • Ethics and Social Responsibility in Business Strategic Planning

    considered when using their influence to shape company goals. Ethics, social responsibility and planning Strategic planning is the process of creating a mission statement, vision statement, policies, and functional decisions to ensure a company’s success. Since, the company’s success is the vital interest of the stakeholder, certain considerations must be taken into account in the planning process. Ethics are usually seen as “doing the right thing”. In business it can be much more than that

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  • Role of Stakeholder

    investment. They may discuss ways to improve the product, marketing, and supply and demand. This information is useful in determining the proper way to determine the target quality. Stakeholders play an important role in the quality management process; however they also play a vital role in the formation of a quality management team. The team that is selected to start and complete the quality management process play a vital role in collecting and relaying data to the stakeholders based on their

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  • Social Responsibility

    respond to their customers’ requests to finally offer groceries that were healthier, shows that they do not value the input of their stakeholders. Customers will go elsewhere to find the items they requested, further diminishing whatever customer-based loyalty Company Q held. What Company Q lacked in their social responsibility is the trust, respect, and value of their stakeholders. In turn, this negatively impacts their ability to turn profits, whether or not they do operate in questionable

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  • Explain the Role of Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interaction in a Health and Social Care Context.

    , studies have shown that the opportunities are limited, an Alzheimers society survey of 12 care homes found that the average person living in a care home spent only two minutes speaking or interacting with staff or other residents over a six hour period of observation. This excludes time spent on care tasks like being helped to eat or get dressed. Even during these tasks, interaction can be limited as the worker wants to hurry it up and sometimes they don’t greet the person, or even explain when

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  • Explain the Role of Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interaction in a Health and Social Care Context

    Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context What is communication? Communication is where an individual shares sharing information through speaking, writing or another form of medium. This could be texting an individual or using social media sites to interact. Communication is important in a health and social care setting as you may need to inform those around you about a certain patient. For example, when an individual is

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  • Social Responsibility

    abundant examples of the code's utility, and how common questions about its intent and application have been resolved; and (5) training on the understanding of the written code of conduct. 3.Suggest three (3) ways in which the restaurant can engage in socially responsive activities in the community within which it operates. It is our business’s obligation to contribute to society. Being socially responsible means that people and businesses must behave ethically and with sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic and environmental issues. Social responsibility is the obligation of a business towards the welfare and interests of the society in which it operates. Cultural responsibility is the obligation

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  • Social Responsibility

    discussed. Each employee should be required to attend training so there is an understanding of the information provided in the handbook. Employees will understand their role within the company and how their ethical behavior can be a positive or negative reflection of the company as a whole. A second recommendation is to develop a code of ethics to create a working environment of respect, trust, loyalty and responsibility. A code of ethics is like following a list of rules. There is an established

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  • Netw583: Course Project - Developing a Strategic Plan

    Microsoft: Developing a Strategic Plan NETW583: Final Project By Jamie Fairchild 8/9/2014 Section I Microsoft is a company that was founded on simple principles, to provide people with technology that is accessible, and can allow people to personalize their computers to meet their own needs and preferences. When the company was founded in 1975, they had a simple goal, to put a computer on every desktop and in every home. It is this philosophy that has guided them to huge success over

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  • Social Responsibility

    media would be one that would likely deny or even try to cover up any wrongdoing. They may even try to place the blame on someone else as in the case of the Enterprise car rental company in 2004. Enterprise refused to be held accountable for the deaths of two girls that were involved in a deadly accident while driving one of their rental cars that was knowingly faulty and defective. Enterprise went as far as even placing the blame on the two innocent girls who were not even aware of the defect

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  • Role of a Stakeholder

    Role of a Stakeholder Kristy Kobzeff MGT/420 April, 6 2015 Jorge Pedroza Role of a Stakeholder The role of stakeholder in implementing a quality management process is one that has many facets. When an organization decides to embark upon a quality management process there are many people, internally and externally, dependent upon or affected in some way by the final product, output or process ("Tutorials point", 2012). In order to decide who the stakeholders will be in the process

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  • Social Media in Stakeholder Management

    hour $ 25 $20 Zeke Co. manufactures should allocate all the resources of direct labor hour and machine hour to product A since product A gives the most contribution margin in both cases. References Belverd, N. & Susan, C. (2013). Managerial Accounting (10th ed.). Cincinnati, USA: Cengage Learning.

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  • Bus 599 Project Deliverable 3: Ethics & Social Responsibility Plan Bus599 Project Deliverable 3: Ethics & Social Responsibility Plan

    writing mechanics. BUS 599 Project Deliverable 3: Ethics & Social Responsibility Plan Due in Week 6 and worth 100 points Read Chapter 14 of the course text: Successful Business Plan. When completing this assignment, refer to the sample social responsibility plan preparation form on pp. 261-262 and the sample business plan on pp. 263-264. Write the three to five (3-5) page ethics and social responsibility section of your business plan, in which you: 1. Describe the ways in which your company is

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  • Role of Stakeholder

    other. The reason for this is that the company’s CEO seeks to utilize the skills, experience and knowledge of each stakeholder group to further the organization’s long-term goals and ensure it’s success. Employees While management sets the overall strategic direction for the company, it is the employees that are responsible for carrying out the tasks specified by the managers in the company’s strategic plan. Employees are the closest to the action. In a manufacturing environment, they work

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  • Explain the Role of Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interaction Within a Health and Social Care Setting

    Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction within a health and social care setting By Ellena Hall Figure 1 Figure 1 Contents Page: Page 3: Introduction Pages 4-7: Main Text Pages: 8- 9 Conclusion Page: 10 Definitions Page: 11 Bibliography Introduction: I am writing this report to inform year 11 students about effective communication which can be used during work placement in a health and social care setting. This is due to

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  • Social Responsibility

    In evaluating the current social responsibility attitude of the small local grocery store chain, Company Q, it is apparent that they have taken the stance of a shareholder model of corporate governance, as opposed to the stakeholder model. This evaluation is based on their focus of maximizing capital for its investors/owners. This type of orientation drives their decisions toward the best interests of the investors, not of the community or focus of social responsibility. Being socially

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  • Social Responsibility

    Based on the pyramid of corporate social responsibility the levels go in order of economic responsibilities, legal responsibilities, ethical responsibilities, and finally philanthropic responsibilities. Economic responsibilities is the base of what businesses are made for. The number one goal of a company is to make profit. Without initially making profit, everything else in the pyramid is invalid. After economic responsibilities are established, legal responsibilities come next. This means

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  • Social Responsibility

    on behalf of Red Hat with any family member employed by another company doing business with Red Hat Employee concerns process Concerning Ethics Requirements of Managers & Supervisors All shall take a leadership role that will create a culture of integrity by requiring the highest ethical standards by fully supporting and implementing the Ethics & Compliance Program. They will promote a work environment encouraging questions or concerns with regards to any business ethics that may

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  • Social Responsibility

    positive social responsibility. The company had two of their grocery stores located in areas with high crime rates. Because of this, they eventually had to close down both of the stores, resulting in a decrease in profits and disappointed loyal customers in the area. Company Q also lost out on profits when they decided to put a limited amount of their new healthy and organic items on the shelves. Although the new items were high margin, they did not benefit the company because there was only a

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  • Social Responsibility

    organizations can go green. 5.3 Discuss the factors that lead to ethical and unethical behavior. 5.4 Describe management’s role in encouraging ethical behavior. 5.5 Discuss current social responsibility and ethics issues. SPOTLIGHT: Manager at Work Chapter 5 presents contemporary concepts of managerial ethics and social responsibility to help your students explore and appreciate the critical role of these issues in today’s complex business environment. In the opening case, “A Manager at

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