Global Market Strategy Of Riordan

  • Market Research and Strategy

    Abstract This paper discusses what arrangementsa firm should take to be more competitive in the federal acquisition market. Market research is the continuous process of scientifically gathering, recording, and examining data about customers, competitors, and market conditions, to support organizations make superior business decisions about the improvement and marketing of new or prevailing products and services.Market research data can be used to figure the acquisition strategy, to decide

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  • Samsung-a Global Strategy

    Keller Graduate School of Management Project Name: Samsung-A Global Strategy Group Team Name: Team B Virtual Team Members: Marco Davino, Nicholas Kittles, Spencer Thomas, & Trena Vaughner PROJ-587 Professor Robert Kenmore September 29, 2012 I. Overview In 1997 Samsung decided to accelerate the globalization of the Samsung Group and to do so the Global Strategic Group (GSG) was recognized as a key strategic partner to Samsung Affiliates. The business venture started with a

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  • Nestle's Global Strategy

    NESTLE: GLOBAL STRATEGY 1. Does it make sense for Nestle to focus its growth efforts on emerging markets? Why? It does make sense for Nestle to focus its growth on emerging markets. It currently already has a significant presence in most segments of the market in developed markets, and further growth requires either taking market share from competitors or entering new product segments. Both of these are expensive undertakings that must be continually repeated to sustain growth above the

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  • Global Market

    world. In different markets, customer requirements may vary. The temptation to customise for each market, has to be tempered by the need to keep costs down through standardisation. As discussed before, the logical approach would be to identify and analyse the various value chain activities that make up the marketing function and decide which of these must be performed on a global basis and which localised. This chapter covers product management, pricing, sales and distribution and customer

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  • Walmart's Global Strategy

    | 2013 | | | [Case 6: Walmart's Global Strategy] | 604.800 International and Comparative Management | 1. Case summary 2006 was one of the years that marked the biggest retrenchment in Wal-Mart’s history. It was the year that Wal-Mart had decided to exit the German market after trying to penetrate it for about eight years. The company undertook its international expansion in the early 1990s to rejuvenate sales and growth. However, on July 30th, 2006, Wal-Mart had announced that

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  • Riordan

    Strategic capacity planning is essential in optimal usage of resources with minimum wastage of raw materials to achieve the customer demand in timely manner to create the products at lowest cost. The current process of Riordan Manufacturing's China plant operation is based on the quantity of fans to be produced. The local company is supposed to provide the required stock of motors based on the production forecast. But this method of operation is able to deliver only 93% of the stock on time

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  • Market Entry Strategy

    in the marketing budget as contingency to increase promotion and add to our existing aggressive promotional strategy. The potential revenue from the investment of about N4 billion in marketing is N11,734,109,400 which satisfies the third objective of this plan.   Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 1.0 SITUATION ANALYSIS 3 1.1 SWOT ANALYSIS 3 1.2 PESTEL Analysis 4 2.0 Objective of the Plan 5 Synopsis of the company/ Market 5 3.0 STRATEGY 5 3.1 SEGMENTATION/TARGETING STRATEGIES 5 3.2

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  • Riordan

    international scale. The global market has been good to Riordan over the past few years. With the global market constantly changing and evolving, if Riordan is to stay competitive, it will take strategic planning and outside of the box thinking for this to happen. In an article on The Market Oracle, it stated that to get ahead of the markets in 2013 you must think independently. ("Financial," 2013) References The State of the Global Financial and Commodity Markets 2013. (2013). Retrieved from (2009, April 27). Riordan Manufacturing. Riordan Manufacturing.

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  • Riordan

    Description Riordan Manufacturing Company has four locations in Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan, Hangzhou, China, and San Jose, each with unique operation needs at each location. Procedures are similar throughout the company but are executed differently. The inventory management and control is separated into three separate areas: Raw Materials Receiving; Manufacturing and Inventory; and Final Product Shipping. (Apollo Group, 2005-2008). Each of the four plants has a designated

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  • Global Strategy Implementation

    competencies and products to markets where rivals can’t compete. This type of strategy works well when the firm has core competencies not held by foreign competitors and when the industry does not demand local responsiveness and high degrees of global integration. 3. Liability of International Strategy. The liability of the international strategy is that headquarters’ central role hinders identifying and responding to local conditions and can lead to missed market opportunities. B

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  • Market Strategy

    Target Market Strategy Market-Entry Timing, and Marketing Strategy In addition, in thе third part, thе author analyѕе how L’Orеal followѕ a nеw product dеvеlopmеnt ѕcrееning procеѕѕ. Thе ѕix ѕtagеѕ involvеd in N.P.D will bе talkеd about in thiѕ part, еѕpеcially thе Idеa Ѕcrееning procеѕѕ to ѕhow how L’Orеal’ѕ nеw productѕ can offеr a clеar bеnеfit and provе itѕеlf accеptablе in uѕе. Importance of developing new products for L’Oreal Drivеn by conѕumеr dеmandѕ and with thе dеvеlopmеnt of

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  • Unilevers Global Strategy Ppt

    corresponds to a setof brand values such as: "Likes children and helps them to be more self-reliant in takingcare of their hygiene; Is appreciative of the concern parents have for their children’shygiene," etc. If, in a particular market, a communication device does not work as well asin other markets, it can (and should) be replaced with one that communicates the intendedset of values or "brand character" which form the backbone of a global brand strategy. GLOBAL SUCCESS ATTRIBUTES This

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  • Global Coal Market Price

    The Coal Resource: A Comprehensive Overview of Coal 13 SECTION THREE THE GLOBAL COAL MARKET >> Coal is a global industry, with coal mined commercially in over 50 countries and coal used in over 70. >> Major Coal Importers, 2003 (Mt) Japan Republic of Korea Chinese Taipei Germany UK Russia India USA Netherlands Spain 162 72 54 35 32 24 24 23 22 22 The world currently consumes over 4050 Mt of coal. Coal is used by a variety of sectors – including power generation, iron and steel

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  • Riordan

    Riordan CIS/207 10/01/13-11/04/13 Mel Lee University of Pheonix Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board, I am coming to you today with an idea. An idea I feel will bring about some changes, and not just minute changes, but changes that will affect the way we do business today and for many years to come. I am here to propose to you a new system, one that encompasses all of the buisness' training courses to the local intranet with in house shopping. We call this new system Aim High

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  • Riordan Manufacturing Strategy

    Riordan Manufacturing Strategy FIN/370 University of Phoenix Riordan Manufacturing Strategy Determining the best approach for Riordan Manufacturing is vital to being prepared for expansion and future growth. Examining the potential of Initial Public Offerings, acquisition of another company, and a merger will assist with the decision making process. Initial Public Offering Initial Public offerings (IPOs) occur when a company first introduces their stock to the public. Upon selling

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  • Global Strategy

    offerings to fit the unique require- Global Strategy: A n Organizing Framework ments in each national market. This, in essence, is the strategy of national differentiation, and it lies at the core of what has come to be referred to as the multidomestic approach in multinational management (Hout et al., 1982). From a strategic perspective, however, this static and purely economic view of national differences may not be adequate. What may be more useful is to take a dynamic view of comparative

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  • Market Entry Strategy

    company can enter in to market. No one market strategy works for all markets. In the case of Glitter, I suggest following strategies are the main entry options open to them. Organic Growth Organic growth strategy involves strengthening your company using its own energy and resources. This is the process of business expansion due to increasing overall customer base, increased output per customer or representative, new sales, or any combination of the above, as opposed to mergers and

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  • Riordan

    January 6, 2010 Riordan Manufacturing Riordan Manufacturing has placed a service request for all manufacturing locations to gain an overview about all existing software applications in Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Legal and Information Technology. All the listed areas within the organization are using various business systems of which each of them represents challenges. The organization is in an urgent need to identify what is needed to improve

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  • Global Management and Strategy

    drivers: For groups of “industry globalization drivers “represents the industry conditions that determine the potential and need for competing with the global strategy. Market drivers: * Per capita income converging among industrialized nations * Convergence of lifestyles and tastes * Increasing travel, creating global consumers * Organizations beginning to behave as global customers * Establishment of world brands * Push to develop global advertising Cost drivers

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  • Global Strategy

    As defined in the “Cultural Foundations of Global Business” [need appropriate citation], culture is defined as the “collection of beliefs, values, behaviors, customs, and attitudes that distinguish the people of one society from those of another” (page 121). Pierre Marcolini (“Pierre” or the “Company”) will face three primary cultural challenges in entering the Chinese market. First, and most significantly, Pierre will face culture differences with respect to modes of communication and

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  • Global Strategy Articles

    local operation. • Black Hole – a company with little global sway, but its strong local existence is important. Kent Chemical: 1. The first issue was the new strategy that obligated managers of different areas to follow common procedure in financial reports, target settings, and capital allocations. The second issue was the very independent subsidiaries that perceive their ways to be correct. The third was a lack of coordination and open communication of local branches with headquarters. Every

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  • Global Strategy Leadershio

    ANSWERING WRITTEN RESPONSE QUESTIONS CPA PROGRAM AND PRACTICE MANAGEMENT EXAM SEMESTER 1 2014 Overview The exams for the following segments include a combination of multiple-choice questions and written response questions:  Ethics and Governance  Financial Reporting  Global Strategy and Leadership  Malaysia Taxation  Practice Management  Singapore Taxation (written response questions only)  Strategic Management Accounting Written response exam questions are designed to assess your

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  • Riordan

    Riordan Manufacturing Company is a successful company specializing in plastic molds. They have been in business for over 14 years, employing 550 personal and are considered to be a Fortune 100 company. Dr. Michael Riordan, a chemistry professor, founded Riordan industries. They gross over 46 million a year and have revenue of over 1 billion. There facilities are located in San Jose, California, Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan, and Hang Zhou, China. Some of their major buyers consist of

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  • Non Market Strategy

    That the developed since strategic management theory, Enterprise strategy Mainly in product and market as the core to arrange (corporate). However, the actual business affected by the market and non market factors in reality, more and more enterprises realize, government regulation and policy, public support, stakeholders, the news media are they get an important source of competitive advantage. Enterprises through the prompted the government to Competitor Or Substitute Manufacturer imposed

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  • Tjx Companies Global Strategy

    2012, 2013) ]. A United Mission At the core of TJX’s global strategy is its corporate responsibility program, TJX V.A.L.U.E. The program is focused on five key areas: Vendor Social Compliance, Attention to Governance, Leveraging Differences, United with Our Communities, and Environmental Issues. Each year, the company composes a corporate responsibility report which serves as guideline to measure its standards of performance and progress that it has made in each key area. With its value

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  • Market Entry Strategy

    MARKET ENTRY STRATEGY The market entry strategy framework encompasses several services that are put together to help our customers to enter a new market. These services can be delivered separately depending on your needs and stage in the internationalisation process.  With our proven market entry strategy framework, we assess whether you should enter a market or not, why, and how. The strategic framework comprises 4 phases that focus on specific issues of the market entry: - Market

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  • Ethics in Global Market

    What special ethical problems arise for managers and employees of companies when they do business in countries and cultures other than their own? The essays in this book address the multifaceted aspects of this question and offer a range of thoughtful responses.

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  • Global Marketing Strategy

    for the global market but adapted to suit local culture and behaviour (think globally, act locally) key: knowledge management 6. Forces for global integration and market responsiveness Global integration = recognizing the similarities between international markets and integrating them into the overall global strategy Market responsiveness = responding to each market’s needs and wants * Removal of trade barriers reduce time, costs and complexity * Global accounts/customers global

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  • Market Strategy

    Market Segmentation Market segmentation is the division of a market into distinct groups of buyers who might require different products or marketing mixes (Kotler et al, 1994). It is the division of a heterogeneous market consisting of buyers with different needs and wants, into homogeneous segments of buyers with similar needs and wants. Therefore, the segments are heterogeneous between (ie. all the segments are different, eg. one segment all males, one segment all females) themselves, but

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  • Market Strategy

    Market Strategy Market Objectives - The objectives we have set are our goals we intend to reach while promoting our product to potential customers. - Some of these goals include increasing sales. We intend to drive our business and increase sales. We expect the marketing we do to have a good return on investment. - We intend to “Improve product awareness” * By creating a website (Most companies do their business online) * Having a social media presence (Websites such as Facebook

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  • Cosmetic's Global Market

    provide further insights into the complexities of the global cosmetics market as well as lessons that can be used for cosmetics firms that are considering a global marketing strategy. Article topics include market analysis, product analysis, market research conducted on the effectiveness of various advertising techniques, as well as market research conducted on preferred retail channels in target countries. Through the study of these various articles conclusions have been reached about the nature

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  • Global Strategy

    Pattraporn Jaowatana Global strategy class3 January 19, 2015 Five Forces Model of Industry Environment 1. Threat of new entrants 2. Threat of substitute. * Availability of a product that the consumer can purchase instead of the industry’s product. * Substitute products are goods or services from outside a given industry that perform similar products and services. 3. Bargaining power of customers (buyers) 4. Bargaining power of suppliers 5. Intensity of

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  • Global Versus Adaptive Strategy

    : Gurinder Singh, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Amity University, UP, Brinda Jha and Alka, faculty, Amity International Business School Adapting Strategy In many regions, a uniform global strategy may not be the ideal solution towards attaining competitive advantage. Douglas and Wind (1987) identified three drawbacks of the uniformed strategy Firstly, they disputed with the fact that needs and interests of the global market are becoming more diverse. Conversely, the existence of idiosyncratic

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  • Global Simulization Game Strategy

    Executive Summary for HBS Global Supply Chain Management Simulation Introduction – The game has supply chain managers of a mobile manufacturing company plan the rollout of two mobile phone models, i.e.: basic ad high end each year. Managers have to take a decision on the product designs consisting of 1-4 options, arrive at expected monthly demand and plan a sourcing policy. This performance is evaluated by board members on parameters of service levels, sourcing policy, production flexibility

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  • Arcor: Global Strategy

    Arcor: Global strategy and local turbulence Confectionary industry: Confectionary industry is highly competitive industry. North America and Western Europe accounted for 2/3 of its sales, confectionary company are targeting the emerging market which is very attractive for chocolate and candy companies. Consumer-Largely teens and adults are consumer of chocolate and candy products. Substitute- substitutes of confectionery products are snacks, dairy and bakery products which is easily

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  • Market Strategy

    Introduction Marketing is one of the important element for any successful business because it is all about letting people know what is the products/services of the company and how do you persuade them to purchase your products/services. Marketing strategy is a process which allows a company to concentrate on its limited resources and increase its sales as the greatest opportunities ad achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. The key concept of market

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  • Global Strategy of Tata

    £ 271 million. And it had global capabilities: the group prided itself on earning between 10 and 20 per cent of annual revenues overseas. Was the Tata group finally sensing the need for making transforming commitments, so that it could leap from global presence to global dominance? Consider some of the challenges it faces: Strategic frameworks: The biggest challenge lies in changing the group's mindset from being an 800-pound gorilla in India to a 90-pound weakling in the global market

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  • Global Strategy

    Hard Rock Café’s Global Strategy Hard Rock Café’s Global Strategy Identify the strategy changes that have taken place at Hard Rock Café since its founding in 1971. Hard Rock brings the concept of the “experience economy” to its café operation. The strategy incorporates a unique “experience” into its operations. (Heizer & Render, 2014, p. 53). According to Heizer and Render (2014), providing an experience or theme at the different Hard Rock Café’s that cannot be found anywhere else in

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  • The Global Capital Market

    The Global Capital Market Learning objectives • Articulate the benefits of the global capital market. • Understand why the global capital market has grown so rapidly over the last quarter century. • Be familiar with the risks associated with the globalization of capital markets. • Appreciate the risks and benefits associated with the Eurocurrency market, the global bond market, and the global equity markets. • Understand how foreign exchange risk impacts upon the

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  • Whirpool Global Strategy

    particular issues (such as product or technology transfer) may arise, and how should they be dealt with? We think Whirlpool's difficulties with its global strategy are due to both internal factors and external factors beyond its control, but maybe the internal factor affect it most. * It is not only important to recognize new market opportunities, but to also recognize that needs change even among those consumers in mature, replacement markets. Shifting demands driven by all aspects of our

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  • Zara Market and Strategy

    Ready to wear market: Ready-to-wear or prêt-à-porter often abbreviated RTW; "off-the-rack" or "off-the-peg" in casual use) is the term for factory-made clothing, sold in finished condition, in standardized sizes, as distinct from made to measure or bespoke clothing tailored to a particular person's frame. Off the peg is sometimes used for items other than clothing such as handbags. Ready-to-wear has rather different connotations in the spheres of fashion and classic clothing. In the fashion

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  • Global Strategy of Lg

    Global strategy of LG Electronics as a leading Korean company Tomikazu Hiraga Senior research Fellow NLI Research Institute Economic recovery in advanced countries including Japan is still sluggish, although corporate financial performance has been recovering gradually. And companies whose business activities in emerging countries experiencing an economic boom account for a larger proportion tend to show better financial performance. Leading Korean companies have a larger presence in the world

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  • Global Strategy

    1. Briefly describe the content of your poster and how it was organised (400 words) Consider the theme, flow of content, connections with pictures, graphics and illustrations, layout, colour consideration, special features (if any), text, fonts, etc. Basically, you should talk about your group’s poster in words. My group’s poster talked about global strategy of Tata company in motors industry entering to UK market. In the global strategy of Tata motors, the macro-environment and micro

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  • Toyota's Global Production Strategy

    Sylhet International University A Case Study on “Toyota's Global Production Strategy” Rahat Sarkar Department of Business Administration Sylhet International University. Bangladesh. Mobile Number: +8801715813483 Q:1)Why has Toyota been successful? 1.Successful brand - Toyota has developed a trusted brand based on quality, good performance and for being environmentally friendly. 2.Innovation - Toyota is at the forefront of car manufacturing innovation.  It was the first

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  • Market Entry Strategy

    A market entry strategy is to plan the a method of delivering goods or services to a target market and distributing them there. when importing or exporting services, it refers to establishing and managing contracts in a foreign country.Market entry is more than examining a set of economic data. Successful market entry begins with assessing feasibility, factors such as the trends, the culture, the nature of the competition and the opportunity. There are a variety of ways in which organizations

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  • Cpa Global Strategy Leadership

    ) | | | | | Hopes to enter the bottled water market | | | | | | | | | Geographic Market - Australia | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 4. What generic strategy will the Co. adopt / follow to position itself uniqely against competitors | | | | | Leader Strategy - Differentiation in the form of broad range and Low Cost (Like Officeworks) | | | | | Low Cost Leadership - Broad Target Market | | | | | | | | | Wide range of products

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  • Global Strategy Leadership Case

    "Build the Base" -> "Develop and Grow" -> "Expand and Extend" Who are the organisation’s key stakeholders, and what are their expectations of performance? Key stakeholder requirements "Shareholders, management, staff, suppliers, customers. Manufacturing efficiencies, low cost, high performance culture, innovate, speed to market" At the business unit level, what is the organisation’s existing strategy? The five questions (5Qs) approach to business strategy analysis (growth, products/services

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  • Riordan

    upholding values and mission statements. The management team will also promote ethical commitment throughout management and operations. Since Riordan may be affected by government contracts law, participation in the Medicare and Medicaid program, and environmental law, Baker states that it is imperative to implement such plan immediately. Although unlikely, the company also faces threats from changes in intentional violation of copyright law and RICO claims rooted on espionage (p. 1). Riordan

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  • Bp Global Marketing Strategy

    Image creation-BP is in the mature stage of its life cycle, has been involved in multiple mishaps over the years. They have lost focus of their duty to the environment, the public, and its shareholders. 1) SWOT analysis Strengths-they have alot of money that can be reinvested in enhancing/repairing their image and focusing on the environment, their connections (with the British government and Navy), alternative energy (wind, solar, biofuels), infrastructure, carbon footprint toolkit

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  • Global Strategy - Arcor

    of sustainability, my preferred option is Aggregation. Although, there is no evidence of large R&D costs, which usually justify this option, Arcor prides itself on product profileration. This kind of innovation requires scale economies to warrant this strategy. There was also a clear decision made to curb the high costs of advertising associated with the building of each candy and chocolate brand. Instead of treating its global markets with a unified approach or adapting its strategy per market

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