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    III. Setting of poem e. Relation to authors background f. Culture g. Environment IV. Symbolism h. Definitions i. Decisions j. Outcome of decision V. Conclusion k. Restate thesis The Decision The use of Imagery, sooth words, and a unique rhythm are ways that authors of poems try to attract readers but in Robert Frost’s “The road not taken” he compels the reader by using aspects in his life to appeal to readers and maybe even without

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  • How to Analyse Sources

    HOW TO ANALYSE SOURCES ANALYSING OF SOURCES Historical criticism.-> Original document? How, when, and why did it come into being? Where does it come from? Who is the author or the cartoonist or the cameraman? 2 critical questions: Could the witness possibly have known the truth? Did the witness wish to tell the truth? EVALUATING OF SOURCES Authenticity? (are there factual errors in the source?) Reliability? (how long after the event was the

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    The poem I chose to write about is called “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” Written by Robert Frost. The poem is from the point of view of an old man who has been riding through the woods and stops. It is the middle of the night and he is watching the snow fall as we can plainly see from the lines “He will not see me standing here/to watch the woods fill up with snow” and “between the woods and frozen lake/ the darkest evening of the year.” To me it seems that the idea of this poem is

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    POEM ESSAY Christol Council Liberty University Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening By Robert Frost Introduction The poem is a surprisingly complex poem with voice of the narrator describing the beauty of the snowy night. What drew the narrator to stop on this cold night? The literary breakdown of this poem is vast and gives the reader a sense of presence. 1. The woods • Whose woods were they? • What

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  • Database Analyse

    receive a guideline for how much labor to use for the week. This information is saved and sent to the schedule spread sheet. The spread sheet use is Microsoft excel software. This chart is an example of a schedule. Arby’s takes the daily labor cost and the total hours to achieve the store need for staff on day-to-day bases. The ending results reflect how much labor used for the sales produce on that day. Once the employee is the schedule and has work a shift; the operational manager can use the

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    Composting With Worms by Earth911 04/02/07 130 Comments Tweet Editor’s Note [Updated on May 9, 2011] – This article was originally written in April 2007. Please see the following links for updated, more timely information concerning composting: * Composting in the City – How to compost without a yard, little space and virtually no time. * The Next Wave in Composting – What to do with the “biodegradable” and “compostable” products. * Guide to Composting in the Winter – When the

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    Wilda Martinez FC Science Project States of Matter When water freezes Or water boils It gets a different name, It turns to ice It turns to steam But it's water just the same! Air is a gas. We can't see it, that's true; But often we feel it In things that we do. It keeps up a kite. Air fills up a bubble. Without it to breathe, We would be in big trouble! A liquid moves smoothly. We say that it flows. From one place to another How quickly it goes! We

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    desire, she wants to "surprise" her husband by showing him she has gotten out at last. She had come out the winner; she ultimately won this battle and proved him wrong! She obviously wasn't well, but had found his control and in her way of thinking, had won. The major similarity is how the main character in each story is a woman who desires the feeling of freedom. The end of these two stories can be seen from a common point of view. The main characters at last achieve freedom in two different ways. Louise attains the eternal freedom by dying. In "The Yellow Wallpaper," the woman goes insane and experiences her own type of freedom.

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  • How Are Relationships Presented in “Hour” and One Other Poem

    Hour by Carol Ann Duffy and Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare present two people’s ideas of love, and this is reflected in their relationships in which they depict. In Hour, a man describes how every moment with his lover is precious, and how he has overcome the hindrance of time. In Sonnet 116, the poetic voice attempts to define love in its most perfect form, by telling both what it is and what it is not. In both cases, the male speakers attempt to illustrate true love. Time is referred to

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  • Analyse How the Impacts of the Notting Hill Carnival Could Be Measured

    Analyse how the impacts of the Notting Hill Carnival could be measured. What methods could have been used to measure the impacts of similar events and what are the issues surrounding those methods? In 2003, a London Development Agency (LDA 2003) report into the Notting Hill Carnival found that ‘it brought in an estimated income of £93 million into London in 2002, supporting in the region of 3000 full time equivalent jobs. The study and review of other aspects of the carnival lead to increased

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  • Eagle Poem

    Eagle his poem by Alferd Tennyson describes a magnificent eagle. The poet uses personifcation to personify the eagle. He uses powerful language to show how strong and fast the eagle is. he admires the physcial speed and power of the eagle when he dives towards the sea. Here is Alfred Tennyson's famous poem "The Eagle". He clasps the crag with crooked hands; Close to the sun in lonely lands, Ringed with the azure world, he stands. The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls; He watches

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  • Poem Analysis

    Poem Analysis In the poem “ Dulce Et Decorum Est” by Wilfred Owen illustrated many form of suffering that could be found World War I. It is easily understood since, World War I involved a tragic war situation and the poem also has a very exclusive sound to it. A lot of supreme use of imagery, metaphors, and diction, he clearly shows that war is terrible and horrific. The poem takes place on a cold day outside. The poem

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  • Monster Poem

    crazy Can you imagine the life without food and crops That’s not the life worth living So they prayed to their so-called god The gods do not respond They scream and shout everyday on top of their lungs The sun continues to give people bad bad droughts With no food to fill their stomachs God knows how they lived Without water and food But they don’t know what to do Finally The so-called god heard their prayers And sends a man called Ceres Man, this Ceres, He is famous for

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  • Analyse from a Management Information System Perspective, How Airasia 's Online System Has Brought Them Its Competitive Advantge

    its organization. The online ticket reservation system is one example of how information system is applied with technology to achieve its goal of its organization. The online sales are no longer done through agents but through websites in the internet and therefore its easy and accessed worldwide. The number of clients increased in huge number due to easy access through the websites as transactions are done online. The operational management level to the executive level never lose out in keeping

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  • Found Poem

    Found Poem – Harry potter Oh, you may not think I’m pretty, But don’t judge on what you see, I’ll eat myself if you can find A smarter hat than me. You can keep you bowlers black, Your top hats sleek and tall, And I can cap them all, There’s nothing hidden in your head, The sorting hat can’t see. So try me on and I will tell you, Where you ought to be. You might belong to Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave at heart; Their daring never and chivalry Set Gryffindor apart; Red and

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  • Poem Responses

    represents the certain decay of civilization. All that's left of the once mighty and powerful Ozymandias is now shattered remains. On My First Son: In this poem, the author uses tone to show how he feels about the loss of his only son. Various tones such as anger, forgiveness, and loving are used throughout the piece. Line 5 shows the authors anger caused by the loss of his son. This is saying that he is losing his fatherhood, and his need to mourn like a father. In line 7 the poem shifts to

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    robes of Tyrian purple. Their major cities of which they maintained and constructed in was Tyre, Sidon, Byblos, and Arwad. All were very independent people and knew how to survive very well. The Phoenicians represented a confederation of maritime traders rather than a defined country. What the Phoenicians actually called themselves is unknown, though it may have been the ancient term Canaanite. The name Phoenician, used to describe these people in the first millennium B.C., is a Greek invention from

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  • Poem Analysis

    The Sentry CEL Key Words Set in the trenches of the First World War, Wilfred Owen’s powerful war poem, ‘The Sentry’ tells of the poet’s horrific experience during an offensive into an enemy trench. The poet paints a vivid picture of this horrible situation, and Owen’s skilful use of poetic techniques such as onomatopoeia and alliteration underlines his message that there is nothing glorious, or noble, about war. Owen is obviously scarred by the experience, and the purpose of the poem is to

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    Smiling is infectious Smiling is infectious You catch it like the flu When someone smiled at me today I started smiling too I walked around the corner And someone saw me grin When he smiled I realised I had passed it on to him I thought about the smile And then realised its worth A single smile like mine Could travel round the earth So if you feel a smile begin Don't leave it undetected Start an epidemic And get the world infected. Reason to Smile How can one smile such

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  • Jim Poem

    I care for you more than your father did Unfortunately I don’t know how longer I’m gonna keep this away from you But your dad is always watching you Watching me from where he asks I don’t want to talk about it Huck “Come on, cover up, good night kid” The food is gonna get cold Let’s just enjoy ourselves while we can and forget about him, because- Society is not clear, society is not fair All I’ve got left now is Huck I must make sure I look after him, he’s a wise boy Not the

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    earlier draft, practice textual | | | |analysis, and work on an outline. | | | |Homework: choose one line from either poem that connects the most | | | |personally to your life. Write a paragraph explaining the connection and

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  • In His Poem Prospice, How Does Browning Present the Idea That Death Is a Necessary Part of Life?

    In his poem Prospice, how does Browning present the idea that death is a necessary part of life? One of Robert Browning’s major themes within his poems is death. Many poems consider the imminent nature of death as a melancholy context to balance the joy of life. Other poems find strength in the acceptance of death, like ‘Prospice,’ and go on to present the idea that death is a necessary part of life. Some poems – like ‘My Last Duchess’ and ‘Porphyria's Lover,’ – simply consider death as an

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  • Paraphrased Poem

    husband, I found this and it reached out to me. Then I realized, a love for your spouse is reflected in their love for you so it shouldn’t matter which spouse it is directed towards because a love poem can speak about both. Original poem: A gentle word like a spark of light, Illuminates my soul And as each sound goes deeper, It’s you that makes me whole There is no corner, no dark place, Your love cannot fill And if the world starts causing waves, Its your devotion that makes

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  • D1 - Analyse How Cultural Variation Can Influence Communication

    D1 - Analyse how cultural variation can influence communication Handshake The handshake is used in England as a gesture. This gesture is used in England as a form of a greeting between two people. This is for when they engages with each other. The handshake may also be used when a deal is made between two parties on something. This influences communication in a positive way as these two parties are interacting with one another and also getting along with each other. If they get along with

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  • How to Critically Analyse Psychological Research

    How to Critically Analyse Psychological Research Table of Contents The Theory 2 The Research Rationale 2 The Participants 2 The Design and Procedure 2 1. Research method 2 2. Lab vs field research 2 3. Demand characteristics 3 4. Experimenter bias 3 6. Social desirability 3 7. Validity of the experimental manipulation 3 8. Stimulus sampling 4 9. Reliability and validity of measures of the independent and/or dependent variables 4 10. Confounding variables

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  • Compare How the Poets Present Ideas of Time in ‘to His Coy Mistress’ and One Other Poem.

    . The idea of time passing and running out is also shown through the structure of the poem as the tone starts of relaxed and slow in the first stanza as the voice unhurriedly details how he would worship his mistress if he had all of eternity for example ‘a hundred years should go to praise thine eyes’ but it quickly speeds up towards the second stanza to create a sense of urgency describes how honour will be useless and wasted in death. This multiplies in the final stanza when the voice

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  • Analyse and Compare How Lady Macbeth and Curley's Wife Are Presented Shakespeare’s ' Macbeth' and Steinbeck’s ‘of Mice and Men’

    Celton Brito-Lobato Analyse and compare how Lady Macbeth and Curley's wife are presented Shakespeare’s ' Macbeth' and Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’ In the Shakespearean play of ‘Macbeth’ we are introduced to the character of Lady Macbeth. Similarly in John Steinbeck's novella Of Mice of Men we also presented with an equally diverse character of Curley's wife. ‘Macbeth’ was written during the early 17th century, and was a play 'fit for a king'. It outlines a couple's ambition to become

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  • Romantic Poem

    . Byron’s passion on a beautiful lady inspired him while Blake used animals as symbols to represent God and his people. In the poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”, Wordsworth thought himself as a cloud, which had no direction or didn’t know where to go. The use of a simile also appeared in the second stanza: “Continuous as the stars that shine”. The poet saw the daffodils, and he was impressed by the delicate appearance and the movement of the flowers. The golden colour of the daffodils brought

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    the features within the poem that link well to the Big Idea, such as: • How is the poet communicating the Big Idea? Red. • How does the poem relate to the Big Idea? Gray. • Is the society represented in the poem a just one? Mint. • Is there an example of undue suffering in the poem? Brown. • How does it compare to the other situations you have explored? Think about your mind maps from earlier…. Read the following poem: Wilfred Owen Disabled He sat in a wheeled chair, waiting for

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    to cancel knowledge of the stomach's pain; eyes learning what will later reach his brain. In time they'll be afraid to hear his curse at god's unholy Sunday-school arrangement, put him inside wire-mesh or worse, and sunbathe in the same sun on his hearse or perish if his bullet gets them first. [Cecil Gray] In a single word or short phrase, state what you consider to be the most dominant subject or idea that the poem communicates In a single sentence, state

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  • Poem Analysis

    Poem Analysis University of Phoenix/ENG/340 Team C Poem Analysis Natural Beauty The language used in this poem is a form of apostrophe as the team addresses a landscape painting (Thiel, 2005, p. 30). The team also used synthesis in the poem, associating an image perceived by our senses with one we have perceived before (Thiel, 2005, p. 31), e.g. a visit to a beach in the summer time. Personification, human characterizes to something nonhuman, was also used “The wind rustles through

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    only be executed by a white man. According to the poem, Mr. Z and his wife struggles to fit in the white society. In the poem, there is a conflict between the speaker and the imagery, which mirrors the struggle of Mr. Z’s life. In the poem, imagery is used to outline how Mr. Z as well as his wife were struggling to run away from their black race. The usage of imagery by the poet is a convenient way to justify his accusation on dissatisfactions of Mr. Z. In the first stanza, the poet stipulates

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  • Poem Annotation

    an affair with her. Love becomes a metaphor for a hunt. Last line­ wild has bad notation because she was loose and flirtatious Line 5­She is in India and he is in Northern England. This shows their distance. 8­10 Allusion to their love lasting forever from bible time period 11­23 *should* love growing like vegetables Growth of love compared to the growth of empires Hyperbole demonstrates how much he loves her and how long he would need to demondtrate this love All ashes into lust

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    experienced a lot of what is described in Susan Minot’s “Lust,” I related to trying to figure out what love is. All of these stories have formal aspects in common when it comes to style: repetition. They all contain the use of anaphoras (repeating the same thing at the beginning of each sentence). They all also follow a certain pattern throughout the story. An example of this is how Rick Moody, in “Boys” repeated the word ‘boys’ in order to emphasize the central idea and meaning of the story

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  • How to Analyse the Financial Statements

    reason why they are paying dividend of 14.5 cents per share which is 86% of the basic earnings per share. • Issue of Shares This year they issued shares of 4516000. It shows that they have a positive outlook for 2015 and are planning to expand in the next year. This is in line with their dividend payout ratio as stated above. • Decrease in Sales: Particulars 2013 2014 Sales 3144904000 3143027000 This may be because of increase in competition from both international and online retailers

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  • Poem Analysis

    Kelly Li Professor Suzanne Roszak Writing 30 January 8 2015 Companion Piece 1 This is the second poetry I have ever written until now, and I believe it is a new start as my development as a writer. I have found out the process of writing a poem is not straightforward, but it is engaging. By examining published contemporary poems, such as “The Clan” and “Spitting Image” in class, I have a better understanding about genre conventions of contemporary poems. It also allows me to apply these

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  • Analyse and Compare How Lady Macbeth and Curley's Wife Are Presented Shakespeare’s ' Macbeth' and Steinbeck’s ‘of Mice and Men’

    HISTORY YEARLY RIVISION Define the following: 1. Propaganda Information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help orharm a  Person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc. 2. Deceit the act or practice of deceiving 3. Home front the civilian sector of a nation at war when its armed forces are incombat  Abroad. 4. Billy Hughes wanted to gain ‘yes’ vote in 1916-1917? 5. Triple entente the understanding between Russia, France and great Britain

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  • Poem

    “always.” Her sister watched the girls in the parade that were boarding the floats and reflected back to the moment when she too was boarding those floats and parading down the streets. How quickly things change. She once cared only for beauty and how everyone saw her, but now and for the rest of her life, it was how inner beauty would carry her though life. There are many emotional, overtones and suggestion of connotation in this poem. The line, “but I could see her pause inside a

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  • Poem

    dull, stupid faces, but then you reached down with a certain smile, put a flower in my hand. Raymond Souster In this poem, Souster uses literal imagery that appeals to our senses. The "something" that might be smashed against the "dull, stupid faces" contrasts with the gentleness that reaches down, "with a certain smile" and places a "flower" in the speaker's hand. How do these two contrasting sets of literal images help to develop this poem? Figurative imagery is created by using

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    Pain I Got From Loving I thought I found the medicine that can cure my heart Yet I crushed into pieces when she depart I thought that finally found my missing part But she left and I lost everything none was left even a single part I thought that I finally found my happiness But she brought me pain and loneliness I can’t go on I don’t have any reason for I’m so distressed Now how I wish to close my eyes and live in darkness I thought she’s different and I considered her mine everything But

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  • The Poem

    and “picnicking” line seven, symbolizes fun and frolic for those who are able to afford a leisurely lifestyle. Note how the poet is able to show the sharp contrast with these symbolic words. The use of imagery is replete within the poem as the visual descriptions reveal the boy’s appearance in contrast to those on the other side. The use of “torn pants” in line seven aptly describes the boy’s torn status; his life is torn by poverty. He has no protection. There is nothing left to our

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  • Poem

    Jermica Foster Professor Morrison WR1020 3 October 2015 Land of the Free I served my country with dignity and respect They swore me in with no regret. They sent me away to die for you, But I served yes I got through. Others are waiting this very day, To hear those words mom I’m okay. But silence keeps them without word, Confidentiality is what they heard. On my way home free at last Some lost their lives just that fast. The life line of a rope failed you see So many people

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  • Happiness Poem

    Happiness ORQ There are lots of themes in the poem, ”Happiness” by Priscilla Leonard. One theme is that happiness is both hard and easy to achieve. Another example is that you should be thankful for what you have or how much you have. The next lesson found in this poem is that happiness comes in many different ways for many different people. In stanza one the poem says happiness is, ”Broken in a million pieces, shattered, scattered far and near. Now and then along life’s pathway.” There

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  • Poem Analysis

    “Where Mountain Lion Lay Down with Deer”: A Poem Analysis (1973) Leslie Marmon Silko wrote this poem, and she is known for her lyric treatment of Native American subjects. Born in 1948, Silko is of Laguna Pueblo, Mexican and Anglo-American heritage. The poem can be paraphrased with the line, “when I go out into nature, I see that Native American culture and nature itself is being forgotten and destroyed.” Silko portrays a beautiful day in nature, with vivid imagery through the entire poem to

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  • How to Analyse a Text

    SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO WRITE A TEXTUAL ANALYSIS What are you seeking to achieve in analysing a text? The answer is a heightened awareness of the intention of the author and appreciation of the merits of the text in terms of quality. A good analysis proves the student has undertaken a detailed critical reading of the text and understood its finer points. A commentary/textual analysis should be interesting to read and not merely state the obvious, it should be written in clear language in

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  • Describe How Either Taylor or Ford Changed Organisational Management and Workplace Practices. Critically Analyse How They Continue to Influence Contemporary Organizational Behaviour

    Understanding Organisational Behaviour IB1230 ID: 1323413 Describe how either Taylor or Ford changed organisational management and workplace practices. Critically analyse how they continue to influence contemporary organizational behaviour Student ID: Word count: 1976 Submission Date: 1 1323413 20/01/2014 Understanding Organisational Behaviour IB1230 ID: 1323413 Introduction “In the past the man has been first; in the future the system must be first

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  • Poem

    Music Of Mongolia The music of Mongolia should not only be listened, but also to be studied for it has a unique history of discovering and creating their music. The purpose of this research is to be aware of how Mongolians use their music and what is it symbolizing. Most of the traditional music was use in haunting but somehow, it symbolizes a special matter for communication and spiritualization. It is also been used as a medicine for animals especially in horse. However, love is also a

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  • Poem

    hearth-stone flame. Is water wood to serve a brook the same? How else dispose of an immortal force No longer needed? Staunch it at its source With cinder loads dumped down? The brook was thrown Deep in a sewer dungeon under stone In fetid darkness still to live and run -And all for nothing it had ever done Except forget to go in fear perhaps. No one would know except for ancient maps That such a brook ran water. But I wonder If from its being kept forever under, The thoughts may not have

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  • Poem Analysis

    lost his lover and how much he loves her: "That the wind came out of the cloud, chilling, / and Killing my Annabel Lee" (25-26). He uses “my Annabel Lee" and "our love dissever my soul from the soul" to tell us how much he loved her, and he felt so sad after her death (26, 27, 32). In the last stanza of the poem, he gives us an image of a broken heart and loneliness in these words "stars never rise," / "in her tomb by the side of the sea" (36, 41). He uses his imagination to tell us his love is

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  • Business Analyse

    low levels of interest rate, people are looking for better rates of return and so investing into shares becomes more attractive to consumers and this benefits Sainsbury massively as with more people investing into the business, it gives them more revenue to expand and grow the business with. BBC- it is based in the UK and currently GDP =41,787.47 USD, a growth rate of 2% over last year. This is only marginally good for a an company such as the BBC, as how successful they are is based on view

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