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  • Prison Health Care Paper

    prison healyh care paper Prison Health Care Paper Tinamarie Edwards July 11, 2012 HCS/430 Legal Issues in Health Care: Regulation and Compliance Terry Matherne Introduction Prison health care is caring for the inmates in prisons and correctional facilities around the United States. Even though a prisoner is incarcerated does not mean that a prisoner should receive any different care than a person outside the prison. The federal prison population around the United States was

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  • Jail Prison Comparison

    1790 when the Quakers converted the Walnut street jail to create a more humane way to deal with criminals. There were two different models one was the Pennsylvania system in which prisoners were in complete solitude. The other model was the silent system that was part of the Mass prison era in 1825; this began in Auburn, New York. In this system prisoners could not talk to anyone while incarcerated. They ate together, and worked together, but could not speak. The main point of the Pennsylvania

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  • Prison Studies

    PRISON STUDIES Many who today hear me somewhere in person, or on television, or those who read something I’ve said, will think I went to school far beyond the eighth grade. This impression is due entirely to my prison studies. It had really begun back in the Charlestown Prison, when Bimbi first made me feel envy of his stock of knowledge. Bimbi had always taken charge of any conversation he was in, and I had tried to emulate him. But every book I picked up had few sentences which didn’t

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  • Our Prison

    (Lee the song) and trying to protect the ball grab one person that will try to get the ball #The Early church could smile in the midst of Adversity because of their love for the Father and for each other. They understood that there was a greater depth that the individuals had to grow too. THINK ABOUT IT: “Sunday Moring is one of the Most Segregated days of the week….” Lets give further depiction of “Love” 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 DO I OR CAN I SUFFER FOR THEM: Intro To Prison: Can I

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  • Prison

    The history of community corrections shows that many changes have occurred in the criminal justice system regarding punishment of offenders. Shortly after the creation of the penitentiary community, many people came to the view that incarceration was not an appropriate response to address all offenders. As a response to this concern, community corrections such as probation and parole were developed and implemented by the criminal justice system (Travis 1998, p.308). The aim of this paper is to

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  • State and Federal Prison System Paper

    State and Federal Prison System Paper Tashia Coffiel CJS/230 July 22, 2012 Jason Skeens State and federal governments maintain closed correctional facilities to house convicted felons. Prisons are usually categorized according to their level of security and inmate populations as maximum-, medium-, and minimum-security institutions. A state prison is where those that are convicted and are sentenced through the state court for crimes that they have committed. State personnel man the

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  • Prison

    Today, prisons all over the world is overpopulated and most of the expenses are paid in account on the taxpayers’ behalf. Some inmates are not necessarily criminals, but prison seems to be the solution to anybody that slightly troubled the law. In Julia Sudbury’s Maroon Abolitionists, anti-prison groups strongly discouraged the Prison-Industrial Complex and worked against it to prevent private corporations from making profits and focused to imply a correctional facility to better the individual

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  • Prison

    and across state jurisdictions. It requires a clear set of quality of confinement criteria, common definitions of variables that measure these indicators, and a model to insure that quality comparisons are made on an equal playing field. Perrone and Pratt at least tried to pick quality indicators that represented a broad spectrum of prison conditions. A paper by Volokh (2002) is also often cited as a review of the literature that finds that the private sector outperforms the public sector

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  • Jail Management Sysem

    assault by another inmate and 2.9% reported assault by a prison staff member. As with all rape statistics, remember that reported statistics are always lower than actual statistics. Some states actually use reading scores on standardized tests at the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade levels to project how many new jail cells they will need to build in coming years. America has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s inmate population. Some of the statements above show you why we need the jail

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  • Jail and Prison Paper

    Jail and Prison Paper John Quackenbush CJA/204 March 11, 2013 Steve Nance Jail and Prison Paper In order to keep the public’s streets safe all offenders must be sentenced and sent to prison, jail, or some rehabilitation program where the offender can better him or herself. However, it must depend on what kind of crime the offender committed. If the offender was selling drugs, he or she is sentenced to a federal prison, but if he or she where to be receiving threats because he or she

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  • Jail and Prison Paper

    Jai Jail and Prisons Comparison Paper Mary Ann Everett CJA/234 Introduction to Corrections 12/­15/­13 Steven Nance This paper use some information found in the CJi Interactive Multimedia and weeks readings. Have a description of jail’s place in corrections its role throughout history; a summary of the history of state and federal prisons. Comparison of the similarities and differences between security levels in jails, state prisons and federal prisons. Explanation of factors

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  • Jail vs Prisons

    Jails vs. Prisons Josh Gubbs CJA/204 November 25, 2013 Erica Veljic When people think about jail and prison they think they are one in the same but they are not. This paper will discuss the differences between jail and prison as well as give the reader an insight into the life on an inmate and what they are introduced to when they are serving time behind bars. Probation and parole will also be discussed in addition to various kinds of prisons located throughout the United States and

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  • Prison

    History of State and Federal Prisons The State and Federal Prison Systems have a lot of similarities with a few differences. Both of these systems are unique in their own kind of way and have a rich history in the United Sates. The following paper will be a short discussion of the history of the state and federal prison systems. The state prison systems of today were founded on the nineteenth-century penitentiary, which was based on the legal reforms of the eighteenth-century Age of

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  • Jail and Prison Comparison

    Jail and Prison Comparison Jorge Villalta CJA/204 February 04, 2014 Robert Nicholas Jail and Prison Comparison Human beings, throughout our history have devised ingenious ways to “punish” others for real crime and perceived transgressions. Corrections is the principal function of the management of criminals after sentencing; punishments, secure facilities used to hold offenders, and the discipline. (Seiter, 2011) Similar to modern days in Corrections, jails are

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  • Jail and Prisons Comparison Paper

    Jail and Prisons Comparison Paper Kevona Williamson CJA/234 August 15, 2013 Professor C. Darnell Stroble, Esq The jails have been around for quite some time now and have played a huge role in our society. They were originally designed to serve one purpose and that was to lock an individual up. They were very inhumane and cruel. Not a place anyone would want to go and in fact people feared being locked up due to the fact of the things that would happen to an individual while they were in

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  • Jail and Prisons Comparisons Paper

    Jail and Prisons Comparison Paper Marcus Alexander CJA/234 Introduction to Corrections June 23, 2014 Sherri Webster Jail and Prisons Comparison In the U.S. criminal justice system, when a person is arrested, the first place they are usually taken to is jail. From there, they see a judge and go through a court process. If further incarceration is needed, the individual is sentenced to serve time in either a county jail, state prison or federal prison. This paper will help

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  • Prison Comparison Contrast Paper

    Prison Comparison Contrast Paper Cynthia Willison CJA/234 December 13, 2010 Justina Smith Prison Comparison Contrast Paper Today prisons are viewed to be instruments of punishment with the loss of freedom that is considered as a result of society’s retribution for the crimes the offenders have committed. However, incarceration was not always this form of punishment, in the 18th century different types of corporal punishment that involved infliction of pain on the human body. Corporal

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  • Prison Paper

    Prison Health Care Agency Paper Health care is a huge topic however it may be looked at, but looking at health care from the point of view of a person in prison, brings up a whole new view. People who are in prison have many state and federal laws which says that all prisons must provide medical facilities for all inmates’ health care needs. In this paper, will identify one governmental agency that regulates healthcare that is provided in prisons, jails, and juvenile confinement

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  • Baby Jail

    Baby Jail There are a multitude of reasons why a baby should not be born or partially raised in prison. First, and foremost, prisons are not very clean and the food served is not nutritious enough for a pregnant mother, fetus, or infant. Secondly, the environment of a prison is not conducive to emotionally charged experiences with other human beings which can significantly impact the patterns of structural growth of a developing infant (Malekpour, 2007). Considering infants’ daily

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  • Jail and Prison Comparison Paper

    Jail and Prisons Comparison Paper Jose Salmeron CJ234 July 8, 2014 University of Phoenix Jail and Prisons Comparison Paper Jails and prisons they are all the same. Actually a jail and a prison are different in many ways. A jail is considered the most misunderstood segment of the correctional system. Out of all the correctional components in the in the United States, a jail is the oldest. Jail house individuals who have just been arrested, awaiting sentence, or have been sentenced to

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  • Prison Policy

    Prison Term Policy Recommendation CJA/314 August 24, 2014 Ladies and gentleman of the counsel I am here today to discuss the bill that is going forward for a vote later on today. As a criminologist, I have been hired by a state legislator as his advisor to bring more knowledge to the bill that is soon to be voted on. The bill seeks longer sentence times for anyone who is convicted of armed robbery. The objective of this bill would be to double maximum sentence so that it will be a

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  • Prison Systems

    Prison Systems Linda Hester CJS 230 December 12, 2010 Hiram Porter Prison Systems Prison is just one of a number of sanctions available to the courts to deal with those who commit criminal offenses. The United States corrections systems have been in effect for many years. The idea of these systems came from England and the concentration was on punishment more than anything else. However, over the years, like everything else, state and federal prisons have changed. This includes the

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  • Paper on Jails and Prison

    Jails and Prisons Response Panagiota Deligiannis CJS/200 12/14/2014 William Hubbard Here in the United States there are four different types of prison that make up the Justice system. Both facilities are used to house inmates who have committed crimes in society. When it comes to jails and prisons, there is a difference between the two them because jail is meant to only house inmates while they are going

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  • Cja Prison Term Paper

    Prison term proposal CJA/314 February 08, 2014 Ashley Gehrig As a criminologist advisor to a member of the state legislature. The legislature will soon vote on a bill that, if it passes, would double the maximum prison term for anyone convicted of armed robbery. My boss knows the bill is popular, but wonders if it will do much good. I will explain what recommendations I would make, the reasons for my recommendations, and is it a good bill or a bad bill to pass and how

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  • Prison Term Policy Paper

    Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal Melody Kibbe Criminology 314 April 7, 2013 Corry Powers Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal Considering policy making as it relates to the criminal offenses, will allow the state legislatures security in knowing that citizens will be safe by putting this new bill into place. This bill will also give law enforcement officials power to arrest convicted armed robbery individuals and placing them behind bars. By explaining with a brief

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  • Jail and Prison Paper

    Jail and Prison Mary A. Webster CJA/204 November 9, 2014 MARY ELLEN DE FRIAS Jail and Prison There is a deference between jail and prison. The federal government is in charge of the prison system in the United States where local and state governments are in charge of jails. There is many different types of prisons, where there is only one type of jail. The United States has an issue of over crowed prisons and jails. This in turn has led to many different kinds of prison violence which has

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  • Jail and Prisons Comparison Paper

    Jail and Prisons Comparison Paper By SARAH 2/16/2015 There are several differences between jails and prisons. Some people today, do not know what these differences are because they are unaware of how procedures work on the inside. Those who do know how prison and jails are related have been acquainted with this type of atmosphere or have played a role in being locked up. This paper is designed to show those who do not know how prison and jails work on a daily basis. . Jails

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  • Jail and Prison Comparison Paper

    Jail and Prison Comparison Paper Jennifer Williams CJA/234 February 10, 2015 Jail and Prison Comparison Paper There are a lot of confusing when people think that a jail and prison is similar, there is a big difference. Once you have been arrested, jail is the first place that you are taken to by police officers. I depend on your charge and sentencing by the court system, if you will be spending time in the jail or going to prison for a long time. A description of jail’s Place in

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  • Birmingham Jail

    A Rhetorical Analysis of “Letter From Birmingham Jail” The Constitution of the United States of America states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” The First Amendment of the constitution goes on further to state, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise

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  • Jail and Prison Paper

    Jail and Prison Paper Tara Frost CJA/204 June 15, 2015 Christopher Cannon Jail and Prison Paper Have you ever wondered about the types of prisons or the major differences between selected jails and selected prisons? Have you ever wondered about the aspects of jail and prison culture and subculture? Why do jails play an important role in the criminal justice system? What is the role of community-based corrections programs associated with jails and prisons? Did you know that violent

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  • Prison

    Zimbardo - Stanford Prison Experiment by Saul McLeod  published 2008 Aim: To investigate how readily people would conform to the roles of guard and prisoner in a role-playing exercise that simulated prison life. Zimbardo (1973) was interested in finding out whether the brutality reported among guards in American prisons was due to the sadistic personalities of the guards or had more to do with the prison environment. Procedure: Zimbardo used a lab experiment to study conformity. To study

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  • Prison

    | A NEW CONCEPT FOR THE MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS | MISSOURI REENTY PROCESs | 1004,433 and counting. The Missouri Department of Corrections continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The Missouri Prison population as of 08-2009 consists of 104,433 inmates. This includes both male and female inmates. Missouri seeks to stem the tide of inmates, by using a new concept called the Missouri Reentry Process. At this time, there are approximately 104,433 inmates being supervised by the

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  • Prison

    The prisoners will serve their sentences at this five-year-old institution or at Valley State Prison, the nation's second-largest women's prison, which recently opened across the street. The compounds occupy the tiny farm town of Chowchilla, where almond and alfalfa groves surround the 50,000-volt electrified fence. To the crop dusters above, the flat gray-and-peach buildings must look like a giant corrections butterfly, shielding up to 8,000 women in the 1,340-acre spread of its cinder-block

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  • Letter from Birmingham Jail

    Nick Genaris Professor Ngoh Protest Literature 21th October 2015 Letter from Birmingham Jail-Rhetorical Analysis Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote the “Letter from Birmingham Jail” in order to address the biggest issue in Birmingham and the United States at the time (racism) and to also address the critics he received from the clergymen. The letter discusses the great injustices happening toward the Black community in Birmingham and although it is primarily aimed at the clergymen King

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  • Prison Stress

    quality of the stressors – not the intensity or frequency. That said, people inside the barbed wire have one tremendous disadvantage when it comes to stress management. Outside the wires you can usually walk away from your stress – at least enough to catch your breath. In prison, however, you often must remain where you’re told and have limited freedom to get temporary relief. This can create some intense, pressure cooker situations. Prison stresses start with the trauma most experience on arrest

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  • State and Federal Prison Systems Paper

    the convicted might not have the self-esteem when released and return to jail not long after release. These work programs can help criminals see how good they have it in society and teach them to make the best of it. The highest security level in state and federal prisons is maximum close security prison. They house the lease amount of inmates (12%) which is a good thing. The next level of security is close security prisons. They are very familiar with maximum security but are less

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  • Jail and Prison

    UNIT 1 Answer Key CHAPTER 1 CHAPTER 1 Section 1 Prereading and Vocabulary 2 Reading Comprehension 3 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. oligarchy citizen democracy constitution state two basic levels; certain decisions; only the federal government; each of the states Federalism is a system of government in which power is divided between a central government and several regional, or state, governments. 1. Population; the people who live within the boundaries of the state 2

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  • Jail vs Prison

    Federal Prison Comparison Matrix Angel Kennedy CJS/255 March 7, 2016 Richard Gilbert Jail vs Prison Is there a difference between jail and prison, and if so, what factors separate the two? The belief each place is practically the same is a common misconception, however; there is one fundamental component in which governs the temporary or permanent placement of an offender. A jail’s and prison’s quality of food, facility resources, and availability of rehabilitative programs are all

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  • Prison

    drug courts have been criticized for being overly punitive and for sending people back to jail to too quickly for minor infractions. But compared to prison, drug courts represent an improvement over simple short term incarceration of drug-involved offenders. Offenders put through drug court on average seem to do a good deal better than the general offender population. By sharing best practices, drug courts could be even more successful. With that improved success, overall recidivism rates will

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  • Jail and Prisons

    Jail and Prisons Comparison Paper John Eckert CJS/255 April 4, 2016 Crystal Dalman Jails and Prisons both serve the same purpose; the purpose is to punish people that have committed a crime. Typically, jail type sentences are misdemeanors that are one year or less of time served. Prisons incarcerate people for over one year, the types of crimes can be misdemeanors or felonies, anything that is punishable to more than one year. Another difference is that jails are locally operated and

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  • Jail and Prison

    Jail and Prison Kadeeja Philpot 201/CJS 3/18/2016 Dr.Bride Jail and Prison As the populace develops alongside develops crime rates. With the help of community-based programs, jails, and prisons. Criminals are being held accountable for their actions. The criminal justice system is designed for criminals to obtain their punishment as a result of the crime committed. There are different levels of punishment established from jails to prisons. Jails and prisons

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  • Penitentiary Ideal and Models of American Prison Paper

    Penitentiary Ideal and Models of American Prison Paper Patricia Ann Long CJS/230 November 20, 2011 Amanda Eicher Abstract The ideal for penitentiary is to keep the criminals off the streets, so that he or she cannot continue to commit crime in the society. Penitentiary ideal purposes were both secular and spiritual (Foster, "Chapter 2/The Penitentiary Ideal," 2006). The two prison models are Eastern State and Auburn. Explain the difference between both of the two prison models. The

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  • Chapter 5 City Jail

    Chapter 5 City Jail 1. Create a script to allow a user to add new criminals (providing prompts to the user) to the CRIMINALS table Update Criminals Set Criminal_ID = ‘&Criminal_ID’ WHERE Criminal ID IN (‘&Last', '&First', '&Street', '&City', '&State', '&Zip', '&Phone', '&v_status' , '&p_status'); OR INSERT INTO Criminals VALUES ('&Criminal_ID', '&Last', '&First', '&Street', '&City','&State','&Zip', '&Phone

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  • Jail and Prison Paper

    Jail and Prison Tyshunique Wade CJS/201 March 17, 2016 Clark Nissen, Ph.D. Where do offenders go after they commit a crime? Depending on the type and extent of the crime, they either go to jail or prison. What would life be without morals, rights and judicial laws? If the world was without order and no one supported the structure of containing crime with correctional and facilities, the world may be in pandemonium; full of gangs, violence killing, rape, suicide and a world if corrupt

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  • Prison Environment

    and restitution, probation, and community service, just as the restoration philosophy. Custodial sanctions include prison or home confinement, jail, or even weekend sentences, similar to the incapacitation philosophy (Axia College, 2003). The philosophies and sanction are designed to give consequences for unlawful actions. In the criminal justice field, these sentences are necessary to provide consequences for behavior and to give society some belief in the criminal justice system. The

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  • Penitentiary Ideal and Models of American Prison Paper

    Penitentiary Ideal and Models of American Prison Paper Angelenette Perham AAEW11ZEZ1 February 26, 2012 Edward Harris Penitentiary Ideal and Models of American Prison Paper The main goal of the penitentiary ideal was for individuals that were in lock-up to achieve some kind of spiritual transformation, within a criminals mind. The prison was meant to be a place where an individual was taught discipline through strict enforced rules (Foster, 2006). Instead of this being the

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  • State and Federal Prison System Paper

    State and Federal Prison Systems Paper March 4, 2012 CJS/230 An example of a state prison would be Louisiana State Penitentiary which is also known as Angola and is located in Angola, Louisiana. In 1880, Major James purchased an 8,000 acre plantation in west Feliciana parish called Angola. Angola is the state’s oldest and only maximum security prison with an inmate population of 5,108 and employs 1,740 employees. This maximum security prison is 86 percent violent offenders and 52

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  • Prison

    I would describe the prison environment as a tough a scary environment. There are numerous different types of criminals and you do not get to chose who your cellmate is. I think this creates a scary environment because some inmates commit more severe crimes then others, and it might be scary to live with someone 24/7 and not know what they are going to do to you when you go to sleep. The prison environment influence institutional management and custodies in many different ways. There are

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  • Jail Comparasions

    . Conclusion In this paper I discussed the history of jails and prisons, the similarities, differences, security measures and growth issues that we have in the correctional system. With the ever-growing rate of prisoners, all we can hope for is that one day good outweighs evil. References Factors Impacting Prison Overcrowding Retrieved from http://www.cga.ct.gov/pri/archives/2000annualfactors.com Crime and Federalism Retrieved from http://federalism.typepad.com/crime_federalism/2005/02/does_jail_work.html Differences in Jail and Prison Retrieved from http://www.sheriff.org

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  • Prison

    punitive punishment of crime, is a recent phenomenon that was instituted during the nineteenth century . Earlier, jail, only used to hold prisoners who were waiting to be sentenced (or not) effectively (punishment, execution or rejection). The prisoners were held in the same space, regardless of their offense and had to pay child support. The disruption was such that the same crime suspects could, with ease, change the version of events before processing. The application of justice at the time

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