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    nicely when the economy bounces back. A1b. Vertical analysis is the analysis of company’s income statement by comparing all expenses to the total Net Sales and the company’s balance sheet by looking at the percentage of each account compared to the total for its’ category (assets, liabilities and equities) so the company’s financial health can be compared to another company within the industry regardless of the size of the competing company. In reviewing CB, Inc.’s Income Statement

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    stockholders that the company is compliant in their accurate reporting of their financial statements (Horngren, 2008, p. 380). At the publishing of the last annual report, auditors stated there were possible flaws in internal controls at Competition Bikes that might preclude accurate financial information from being published in their reports. This should be a huge red flag to stockholders and potential investors. While it might not indicate willfully submitting inaccurate numbers by Competition

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    financing the Canadian expansion. Below is the data for the capital structure mix. Based on the capital structure analysis we see that Competition Bikes Inc has five different alternatives namely: 1. A capital structure consisting of only 9% bonds. 2. A capital structure consisting of only stocks, 50% preferred and 50% common stock. 3. There is a mix of 20% bond and 80% common stock 4. There is also a mix of 40% bond and 60% common stock. 5. The final mix is 60% bond and 40

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    The main thing to consider in all of these aspects would be the trends in healthcare. What are other organizations doing? This summary will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of building, leasing or renting a new facility for the orthopedic line at Trinity Community Hospital. Hospital construction, like most other construction, continues to struggle to recover from the years of economic hardship. Advantages 1. Building- 5,000 sq. feet PT center- $120 per sq. foot

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    JET2 TASK 1 Introduction Competition Bikes, Inc. is a large company who during recent years has been affected by the changing population and recession. With this have come changes to the financial status of the company. Analyzing the company’s strengths and weaknesses in multiple aspects with regards to financial stats including working capital, internal controls, risks, and compliance with regulations will allow the company to increase revenue and make a plan for future growth and

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    RJET 2 Task 3 When a company is looking to expand and grow, there are many aspects of finance that must be considered. The company needs to ensure that there is a demand for the products they offer, that they are financially stable and able to expand without putting themselves into bankruptcy, and if acquiring another company that an acquisition is in both companies favors. Looking at capital structure, capital budget, and working capital are a great place for Competition Bikes, Inc. (CB) to

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    RJET 2 Task 4 Competition Bikes Inc (CB) is now making both CarbonLite and Titanium framed bikes and is therefore in need of re-tooling some of the current practices being used. The company currently uses a traditional based costing (TBC), however an activity based costing (ABC) may be more beneficial. Also, the company’s breakeven point with regards to cost volume profit for each bike type is in question, especially since there is the potential for a $50,000 increase to production facility

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    A1. Budget Concerns Competition Bikes budget has several areas of concern that need to be address. 1. Units expected to be sold for year nine is 3510. Competition Bikes is predicting that they will sell 3510 Bikes but they only sold 3400 Bikes in year eight down 15% from year seven 4000 units sold. Competitions Bikes has budget to high because the current economic down turn is showing no signs of relief for the next three years. Many of Competition Bikes customers are sponsored riders and many

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    Competition Bikes Task 1 Kevin Moore JET2 July 1, 2013 Competition Bikes Task 1 The financial statements have been released for the past fiscal year. The economic down turn has had an effect on the company; the company is performing well considering the state of the economy. The state of the economy is no excuse for the dip in the company; we must find ways to improve the company’s performance. Reviewing the financial statements will allow us to determine how to improve the

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    JET2 TASK 2 1 JET 2 TASK 2: Financial Analysis Theo Adams Western Governors University MBA Program JET2 TASK 2 2 (A1) Budget Concerns Investopedia defines Budget as an "estimation of the expenses and revenues over a specific future period of time. Budgets can be made for a group of people, family, person, country, business, government, organization or anything else that makes or spend money. The budget is a micro economic concept that shows the trade-offs made when one good is

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    Task 5 CFO Presentation A1. Key Points The profitability of the Custom Snowboards Inc can be seen in the following areas: net sales, gross profits and net earnings. Net sales increased between years 12 and 13 by 3.21% and again between years 13 and 14 by 1.91%, as shown in the horizontal analysis line 10. The company has continued to grow its net sales for the past three years. Custom Snowboards Inc has the ability to continue increasing net sales. Gross profits have remained constant

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    Vertical Analysis According to Investopedia, a vertical analysis is defined as, “A method of financial statement analysis in which each entry of the three major categories of accounts (assets, liabilities, and equities) in a balance sheet is represented as a proportion of the total account. The main advantages of vertical analysis is that the balance sheets of businesses of all sizes can easily be compared. It also makes it easy to see relative annual changes within one business

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    ” budget (pro forma) has been based on financial information provided based on a current trend analysis from three previous years and focusing on “Year 8” financials. A master budget was created to plan and control revenues and costs for future growth and corporate development for “Year 9.” The benefit to CBI leadership in reviewing “Year 9” financial plans allows for decision-making on planning, coordination of operations, and benchmarking for an evaluation of actual performance at the end of

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    Horizontal analysis results After reviewing Competition Bikes Inc.’s financial statements I was able to analyze the different trends occurring within the company and discuss operational areas of concern. Overall net sales saw a significant increase from years 6 to 7 of 33%, but then fell 15% from years 7 to 8 which resulted in a decrease of $897,000 of revenue. The decrease was attributed primarily to the current economic situation. It looks like the company adjusted properly with the

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    Financial Analysis, Competition Bikes – Summary Report Task 3 The following is an analysis regarding if Competition Bikes Incorporated should change its traditional costing method to activity based costing (ABC). This consideration is being given because the organization is changing its sales strategy in the San Diego plant to produce 9 Titanium bikes for every 5 CarbonLite bikes, and there are indications that manufacturing will experience a 10% increase due to new environmental

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    WGU FINANCIAL ANALYSIS JET- TASK 1 December, 2013 Determining the current performance and future potential performance of a company is a complicated and lengthy process that requires the analyses of several aspects of their operations as well as their financial indicators. Standard industry financial indicators are used to measure against known success rates and will indicate the stability of a company in its current operations. Using the history and trend of these same indicators

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    Competition Bikes, Inc. will be analyzed by several methods: horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, trend analysis, and ratio analysis. The first is horizontal analysis which “ratios or line items in a company's financial statements are reviewed over a certain period of time. “ ( The period of time in which this report will be basing its findings are solely on its income statements from year six, seven, eight and nine. As shown in the horizontal analysis file, it is easy to

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    Horizontal Analysis Horizontal analysis is one of the two main ways to analysis the financial statements of a business. This analysis provides a year to year look at the financial performance of the business being evaluated. The spreadsheet that is attached provides a horizontal analysis of years 6, 7, and 8 for the balance sheet and income statement for Competitive Bikes and Two Wheel Racing. The horizontal analysis can take into account either the dollar amount of the changes over the years

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    not the bar Competition Bikes will set for themselves they will take the break-even point and look to meet a defined mark above the threshold to be profitable. Author Rosemary Peavler describes the first step in finding the cost-volume-analysis is to find the contribution margin (Peavler). The excel document title, “JET2 Task 1-4 Workbook” and tab ‘Task 4 Cost-Volume-Profit’ reveals that the contribution margin per unit for a titanium bike is $221 and $111 for a carbonlite bike. This tab in the

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    key points that could affect a bank officer’s decision. The bank officer would need to figure in on how the company would be able to pay the debt back. The vertical analysis shown in the financial statement shows how the base amount in relation to the particular items. There are a few main points to gather from the vertical analysis. The first one we will take a look at is the net sales of every year. In year 2012, the net sale was $6,601,000 with a gross profit of $2,009,000. In year 13

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    term goals. Each financial analysis evaluates horizontal, vertical, trend, and ratio results. A1a. Horizontal Analysis is “A procedure in fundamental analysis in which an analyst compares ratios or line items in a company's financial statements over a certain period of time. The analyst will use his or her discretion when choosing a particular timeline; however, the decision is often based on the investing time horizon under consideration” (Investopedia, Horizontal Analysis, para. 1

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    Financial Statement Analysis and Controls A1. Based on a cursory examination of the horizontal analysis in the financial data provided, Competition Bikes, Inc.’s financial position improved from years six to seven and declined between seven and eight. The sales forecast in the scenario indicates an economic downturn as the reason for 15% decline in Net Sales. The specific analysis follows. A1a. The Comparative Income Statements for Competition Bikes, Inc. shows a 33.3% increase

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    Running head: Financial Analysis Report 1 Competition Bikes, Inc. Financial Analysis Report Western Governors University Financial Analysis Report 2 Competition Bikes, Inc. Financial Analysis Report Analysis must be completed to determine a company’s performance and future viability. The review of income statements, balance sheets, past and present performance will be utilized to predict future company performance. Management of Competition Bikes, Inc. will then use this information to

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    variance analysis of the spending variance. A favorable outcome was the direct materials of 200,000. This one change in the budget reflected in the overall total variable costs. Corrective actions that could be considered in the future to avoid a poor outcome would be direct labor, manufacturing overhead, advertising expenses, and transportation out. Within direct labor, the cost of direct labor was high. However, the efficiency variance recouped 1/3 of the cost at 50,000. While it is

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    Jet2 task 3 Competition Bikes, Inc.Financial AnalysisJET2 Task 3 Introduction Competition Bikes, Incorporated (CBI) has decided to weigh their options for expansion into Canada by either acquiring or merging with Canadian Bikes, Inc. This report will discuss the proposed expansion and make recommendations based on the company's capital structure. Capital structure can be described as how a business finances its assets. There are two main types of capital: Equity and debt. Capital

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    Jorge Felix MBA, Management and Strategy Student ID: 000309831 Mentor: Rose Sklar C 915-497-5423 El Paso, Texas MST Financial Analysis RJET Task 4 To: Mr. Vice President From: Jorge Felix, CBI Analyst RE: Summary report As directed by you, please read below my analysis and recommendations for Competition Bikes Inc. Since the company has retooled and is making both the Carbon Lite and the Titanium frame bikes. I will be analyzing the results of your directed activity-based costing analysis

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    A. Profit maximization is the act of seeking 1. Total revenue = income generated by business Total cost = fixed costs + marginal costs Accounting profit from this standpoint is total revenue – the total cost = profit. Profit maximization from this standpoint is quite simply increasing your profit to as high a level as possible. 2. Marginal cost is the extra cost incurred per additional unit of product Marginal revenue is the extra revenue generated per additional unit of product

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    JET2 Task 3 A. Competition Bikes, Inc. (CBI) currently finds itself in a position in which it can feasibly expand its business. As such, the company has identified Canada as a potential market into which it may expand and has further identified Canadian Biking, Inc. (CABI) as a potential avenue of expansion. Specifically, CBI is investigating whether it should merge with CABI or instead purchase the company. This report will analyze the company’s various options with regard to such an

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    JET2 Task 2 A1. Concerns There are many concerns with the budget planning for Competition Bike. From year 2006 to 2008, Competition Bike experienced a 13.3% increase in sales. In year 9, sales are projected to increase to 3510 units to give sales revenue of $5,247,450. This is a bold increase after 3400 units sold in 2008 and 4000 sold in 2007. I do not think the sales will be as robust with the economy rebounding. Sales projections should be 3425 with net sales at $5,120,375. Since

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    JDT2 Task 2 | The Business of Ethics | | | | JDT2 Task 2 The Business of Ethics * Metal whistle contains small traces of lead. * Primary market: Elementary schools. * Large shipment to be shipped to South America by week’s end. * Cost to reproduce and repackage toy collection, $100,000. The Business of Ethics * Metal whistle contains small traces of lead. * Primary market: Elementary schools. * Large shipment to be shipped to South

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    This paper is to be used as a reference only. Do NOT submit as is because it will not pass turnitin. Financial Analysis – JET2 Task 1 A.1.a. Horizontal Analysis Results Comparative Income Statements Revenue - Years 6 and 7: Net sales increased 33.3% showing significant boost of sales compared to prior year. Cost of goods sold also increased by 31.8% related to increased sales volume. Gross profit rose 37.5% commensurate with the substantial increase in net sales. Overall, this

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    JET2 Task 1 Horizontal Analysis Results Horizontal Analysis is defined as “a procedure in fundamental analysis in which an analyst compares ratios or line items in a company’s financial statements over a certain period of time. The analyst will use his or her discretion when choosing a particular timeline; however, the decision is often based on the investing time horizon under consideration.” ( This data is calculated in both dollars and percentages using

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    Financial Statement Analysis JET2 Task 1 Evaluate the company’s operational strengths and weaknesses: A-1a Horizontal Analysis is defined as the following: A procedure in fundamental analysis in which an analyst compares ratios or line items in a company's financial statements over a certain period of time (Investopedia). Vertical Analysis is defined as the following: “is a popular method of financial statement analysis that shows each item on a statement as a percentage of a base

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    1 Year 12% Bond 50%CS/50%PERFERRED STOCK 20% BOND/ 12% CS 40% 12% bond and CS 60% 12% bond AND CS 2009 .002 .027 .027 .023 .017 2010 .009 .032 .032 .028 .023 2011 .019 .039 .038 .035 .031 2012 .031 .048 .046 .043 .040 2013 .042 .057 .054 .052 .049 Totals .103 0.203 0.197 0.181 0.16 The best investment would be 50% Common Stock/50% preferred stock for year 13. This was almost even with 20% Bond/ 12% Common Stock until 2013. The earnings per share in the 50%cs/50% preferred stock

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    .). Retrieved 10 02, 2014, from Buisness Dictionary: Harper College Tutoring Center. (n.d.). Retrieved 09 10, 2014, from Harper College Tutoring Center: Investing Answers. (n.d.). Retrieved 09 10, 2014, from Investing Answers: Investing Answers. (n.d.). Retrieved 09 10, 2014, from Investing

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    , creating a backlog of over $1 billion in orders. With the release of Windows ’95, the Mac o/s had been effectively mimicked and consumers embraced the operating system as a revolution in computing. Following a disastrous experiment with Power Computing Inc. to produce Mac clones, Apple posted its worst ever financial results. In the third quarter of 1995, gross profit margins had shrunk 25% and 2500 workers faced impending layoffs. Apple announced a third quarter loss of $188 million, while

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    1973, Parkland opened 9 new specialty care units. In 1978 Parkland had to form a patient care committee to review Medicare and patient services studies and to look at ways to ensure Parkland's long-term viability (Parkland, 2014). At this present time Parkland hospital has 861 adult beds, 107 neonatal beds and a number of clinics in the surrounding neighborhoods . They see a combination of indigent, elderly, psychiatric and inmate patients everyday. According to Parkland's 2013 financial

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    JET2 Financial Analysis Task 1 Western Governors University Kim Laudig, RN, BSN, MSN 11/01/2014 JET2 Financial Analysis Task 1 A1a Horizontal Analysis Results The Horizontal Analysis Results are taken from Competition Bikes’ Income Statements and their Balance Sheets. A Horizontal Analysis looks at data from one year to the next, usually over a three year span. This company’s Horizontal Analysis is comparing year six to year seven and year seven to year eight. While evaluating

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    Financial Analysis – JET2 Task 1 Report for Competition Bikes, Inc. Competition Bikes, Inc was formed in 2001 and manufactures professional and performance bicycles used in a variety of racing events for expert riders. Bicycles produced by this company are ridden by 60% of all race winners and word of mouth has been their main marketing strategy. Competition Bikes is also the first company to use drive shaft technology in their bikes, which sets them apart from their competitors. A

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    The following paper is based on financial data from the March 2013 Competition Bikes, Inc. financial statements. A. Summary Report 1. Operational strengths and weaknesses of Competition Bikes Inc. a. Horizontal Analysis: A popular method of analyzing financial statements, horizontal analysis is defined as “the comparison of historical financial information over a series of reporting periods, or of the ratios derived from this financial information.” (Accounting Tools, 2014) Horizontal

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    Industrial/Organizational Psychology Worksheet The purpose of this assignment is to examine the fundamental concepts of the field of industrial/organizational psychology. Using the textbook, the University Library, the Internet, and/or other resources, answer the following questions. Your responses to each question will vary but overall should be 700- to 1,050-words in length. 1. Describe the evolution of the field of industrial/organizational psychology. The roots of

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    Identify Motherboard Components and Form Factors (Hands-on) Question #1 1. Locate Information on the LGA 1156. * The LGA 1156 is an Intel desktop CPU socket. The processors it is used with are the following. * PCI-Express 2.0 ×16 for communication with a graphics card. * DMI for communication with the Platform Controller Hub (PCH). * FDI for communication with the PCH. * Two memory channels for communication and backup communication. Question #2 2. Locate

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    Running head: JET2 TASK 2 1 JET2 Task 2 Budgeting Bonnie Wilson Western Governors University JET2 TASK 2 A.1. Operational Strengths and Weaknesses A.1. Budget Concerns 2 Revenue from sales is budgeted too high. In year 8 Competition Bikes experienced a 15% decline in sales revenue, and yet for year 9, they have budgeted for a 3.2% increase. This is likely to be an overly optimistic projection and relies heavily on economic factors outside of the company’s control. Inaccuracy in

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    | Competition Bikes: Task 1 | | Jamila Mitchell | | Competition Bikes: Task 1 | | Jamila Mitchell | Western Governors University JET2 Financial Analysis Western Governors University JET2 Financial Analysis Competition Bikes: Task 1 Jamila Mitchell Operational Strengths and Weaknesses Horizontal Analysis To evaluate changes in financial statements, a horizontal analysis is necessary so the company can determine whether there is positive or negative growth over

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    JET2 - Financial Analysis - Task 4 JET2 – Task 4 A1. Costing Method Costing is used in business accounting strategies as a way of determining cost of manufacturing a product in relation to the revenue generated by that product. Costing systems determine the overhead of production and then allocate those overhead costs to a business’s product. There are two common methods for allocating these indirect costs to products, traditional costing and activity based costing. Both of these

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    years of data provided by Competition Bicycles, Inc. A.1.A. : Horizontal Analysis A horizontal analysis is used to see variations in account line items from year to year. Strictly speaking, according to Accounting for Management (2014), a horizontal analysis “shows changes in the amounts of corresponding financial statement items over a period of time.” The formula utilized to calculate this change is Dollar change = Comparison Year Balance – Base Year’s Balance. The percent change is, therefore

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    Stacy Raudman 000202145 JET2 Task 2 A1 Discuss budgetary areas that raise concern in the budget planning In any business, a budget serves a specific purpose. It serves as a forecast of money coming in and money going out which then shows whether or not there is a profit. It also serves as a tool for making decisions. And, lastly, it is a means to monitor how a business is performing. Watching for profits and/or losses, will tell a company if their strategies are working or not

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    . Walmart and Sam’s Club employs over 2.1 Million people throughout their company and 1% of the total workforce in the US (Business Insider, 2014) Price Here is the number one topic that people immediately think about when they go shopping…what is it going to cost me? When a business sells a product they have to think, “What is the product worth to their customers?” Walmart has successfully come up with a great marketing strategy that would have put all the other businesses out of work if they

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    Stacy Raudman 000202145 JET2 Task 5 Introduction Custom Snowboards has been continually growing and is now considering expansion into Europe. There are a variety of options for expansion that the company can consider. The CEO, as should be, is concerned about the risks of expansion. He is specifically concerned about the affect on internal operations of the entity and how the company will react to external issues. The two options for expansion are building a new manufacturing

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    either in the web links section or as an attachment to this task.  •   Population Economic Status Assessment•   Neighborhood/Community Safety Inventory•   Cultural Assessment Tool•   Disaster Assessment and Planning Guide•   Windshield Survey•   Population Health Scavenger Hunt Note: The name of each of the six tools should be identified in the needs assessment summary, along with a brief summary of how each of the six tools was used in the needs assessment. 1.  Interpret the collected data

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