Key Ways That Benjamin Franklin Presents His Autobiography As An Illustration Of Self Improvement

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    son and other people that what they were is not who they would always be, if they take the proper steps and kept an open mind they could achieve great things. In his Autobiography Franklin stresses the point of self-improvement through education, good health habits, good work ethics, not being argumentative, and practiced frugality among other things. Franklin’s writings influenced writers like Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey, and Anthony Robbins. Some writers like Thoreau thought his writings

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  • Benjamin Franklin

    and didn’t see a future of reform ahead of them and were obviously displeased. William Bradford was an uneducated man and knew something had to change. It wasn’t before he came to the new land of America until he received a college education and became a successful writer. He landed, just as many others did, on the historical Plymouth Rock, Mass. on the Mayflower and from that point on his ideas touched every soul throughout the New World. He could be considered to be a self-educated man

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  • Cotton Mather and Benjamin Franklin:

    direct them in the ways of the godly. Cotton Mather emerged as the dominant intellect of New England during the last decade of the Seventeenth and the beginning of the Eighteenth centuries. The approach of the American Revolution and the achievement of the actual independence of the United States was a time of intellectual activity as well as social and economic change. The variously gifted Benjamin Franklin forwarded American literature not only through his own writing but also by founding and

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  • Benjamin Franklin

    or method, which has made it to be valid. The second type of validity is Content Validity. Content Validity is the amount in which a measurement reflects the exact projected area of subject matter. The third type of validity is Construct Validity. Construct Validity seeks harmony between a hypothetical idea and an exact measuring tool/method. (Carmine and Zeller pg 23) There are several different methods used to collect data as well as instruments used to collect the data in the Human

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  • Self Improvement

    Many people have goals, dreams or ambitions but do not know how to go about achieving them. They may have thought about what would make up self improvement and their ideal life, but have no idea how to even begin to make the plans and take the actions required to make them a reality. If you ask a successful person about what made him reach his goal in life; he would most probably portray the importance of self improvement, motivation and self esteem. It is certain that you will have to face

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  • The Founding Father: Benjamin Franklin

    . Franklin’s determination to persevere and learn from writings of other authors is the key points of the Autobiography that help make it an inspirational self-empowered autobiography. Unlike many other autobiographies Franklin starts this one as a letter to his son and governor of New Jersey in 1771, William Franklin. He writes in an attempt to inform his son of the life he once traveled. In this part of the Autobiography we are introduced to his family genealogy. Through this we find out that

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  • Autobiography

    same interest as me. I even had sidekick his name was Kevin he was from jersey so he wasn’t really used to Miami so we chilled, but of course all good things come to an end at one point or another, so I switched schools for 8th grade year. H.O.M was my final middle school, life for me was pretty good there too being the new kid once again but honestly I didn’t really have a click so, I found someone I could call brother and that made it alright. That year I also probably had the best classes with

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  • Autobiography

    Jake and I would always like to mess with animals like dogs and cats. When I was eight I met my neighbor and his son. His sons name is Bobby and after that day he’s been more than a friend, we consider ourselves as brothers. At the age of ten my mom surprise us with the great news of expecting a little brother. At first I was excited about having a younger sibling. That just meant I was going too boss him around. At least that’s what I expected but later I realized he always wanted to be

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    not get rid of all my faults at once”. At least he is somewhat realistic. Still I believe if he took to the list with tremendous work ethic, he would still most likely not perfect himself. Perfection takes a lifetime. Paragraph 2: My Plan My improvement plan consists of simply not cursing, and replacing those words with more sensible words. Cursing is unprofessional and makes me sound uneducated. I knew it needed to stop, so like Benjamin Franklin I set myself up with a self

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  • Benjamin Franklin

    with his subliminal issues. From a strictly Humanistic point of view, Ben franklin was not always a very self-motivated and had a very high self-esteem. He was able to accomplish an almost self-therapeutic method that wounded him somewhat because his goals that he made were never fully accomplished. Another reason why Benjamin Franklin failed to reach his full potential was because he failed to take the spotlight off of himself. Most politicians and large public figures throughout time were not

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  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin was an American printer, diplomat, scientist and philosopher who made many contributions to the American Revolution and the newly formed Federal Government that followed. Even though some people were not always happy with some of his ideas. Today, he is recognized as one of America’s greatest inventors. Benjamin Franklin was a true American because of his dedication to starting, sustaining, and stabilizing America as a country. One of Franklin’s most contributive works to

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  • Benjamin Franklin the Way to Wealth

    Benjamin Franklins known to most people as an inventor and scientist, possibly even as a politician. Most people probably are not aware of are Franklin’s contributions to the literary world. His one of a kind views and intellect provided his generation and ours with a different perspective on society and political events. In his writing “The Way of Wealth” Franklin showed how he was able to step outside the common “norm” to share his unique perspective on wealth and spending. In “The Way of

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  • An Amazing Leader Benjamin Franklin

    [pic][pic]Table of contents Table of Contents Introduction to Benjamin Franklin, Inventions & Successes Inventions & Successes Inventions & Successes, Birth of Franklin History of Growing up as a child Family and Marriage Life Death of Franklin and his Family Sayings from Franklin Sayings from Franklin Personal overview of Franklin as a Leader Work Cited Page An Amazing Leader: Benjamin Franklin

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    . Benjamin Franklin was definitely a product of this new age. Benjamin Franklin at the age of sixteen accepted deism as his religion. Franklin believed in the perfectibility of man. By altering his lifestyle he removed morals from religion in believing one should do good because it is useful in this world, not the next. Without having to consider original sin from Adam and Eve, which would have made it impossible to achieve perfection. Unlike Puritans who believed they had to reach moral

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    . Planning out my days/weekends to get as much accomplished as possible j. Setting aside time for me such as pedicures, reading, walking, messages etc Moving forward I want to have a better grasp of my well-being. Lately I have so much going on such as school, home, work demands and wedding planning that I need to learn how to handle each demand one at a time without it consuming me. "Sloth, like rust, consumes faster than labor wears, while the used key is always bright" (Franklin 221

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    Vilma Torres Benjamin Franklin As we know Benjamin Franklin is known to be a very important person in American history. Benjamin Franklin was a successful person that never gave up and always followed his dream. Randy Pausch, author of “The Last Lecture” was also a person who never gave up and wanted to educate others. With this in mind we can see many similarities between Professor Randy Pausch’s last lecture and Benjamin Franklin’s life. The first example is when the professor says that

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  • Autobiography

    “My Idiosyncratic Life” Idiosyncratic means unique and one of a kind. Everyone has an individuality and uniqueness of their story in their lives. I am Deirdre Ava M. Castanas and this is my autobiography. I am cheerful, kind-hearted, understanding, outgoing, adventurous, and an average thinking person. I was born on June 29, 2000 in UPHMC. I grew up here in Las Pinas with my family. I have 2 siblings, 1 sister and 1 brother. My parents work abroad so they can help us with our financial needs

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    Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17; in 1706.He was the tenth son of a soap maker. He received a bit of education from school, but was mainly self-taught. After working as an apprentice for his father for two years, he worked for his half-brother James, who was a printer. In 1721, they founded the New England Courant, the fourth newspaper in the colonies. Benjamin secretly wrote 14 essays for it, his first published writings. In 1723, due to disagreements

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  • Benjamin Franklin Leadership Style

    science. He made significant scientific inventions that made a great significant in the world. He had low moments in his career due to his stance on issues pertaining to justice. 3. Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses He displayed exceptional leadership traits that enabled him to achieve much in his career. He managed to lead people and motivate them to take part in some of his ventures (Northouse 21). 4. Points of View on Benjamin Franklin Franklin’s self discipline is an influential

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  • Benjamin Franklin Autobiography Response Paper

    humor throughout different forms of set pieces in the book, including his father’s religious devotion, using an alias, and his probable pride in humility. In Part One of the Autobiography, Franklin jokes that while all nine of his older brothers became protégés of craft occupations, his father intended “to devote me as the Tithe of his Sons to the Service of the Church” (14). Franklin pokes fun at his father by implying that instead of donating a tenth of his income to the church, he is

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    Paul Wert Dr. Jeff Kingdon MGMT 446-940 Module 8 Submission 9/27/2014 Self-Improvement Plan The objective of this paper is to reflect on myself, my leadership qualities, and how my role as a leader has developed during the course of this semester. Although I have been in the work force for many years, I feel as though I have been overlooked in the area of leadership positions. By nature, my instinctive nature is to lead by example when I am sure that I am more knowledgeable in a

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    Benjamin Franklin Biography Born in January of 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin is an iconic figure in American history and throughout the world (Gaustad 2003). Among other things, he was one of the most well known politicians and civil activists of the Enlightenment Era in North America. He was known for his role as Ambassador to France, and his work to gain French military assistance during the American Revolution. Franklin was also one of the Founding Fathers who signed

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    to the Structured English Immersion (SEI) classroom. I’m currently working as a bilingual facilitator and instructional coach for a school located in Perris, CA. My personal and professional experience has prepared me to become an effective educator that understands and fulfills the needs of language learners.

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    . Even though his ways of being perfect were not the same as everyone’s standards, Benjamin Franklin still tried to show that he was perfect in everyway possible. There is something in all of our lives that we wish we were better at. There are things we may try to do to make those things better: study more, put in extra hours at the job, see a counselor, or practice harder. In Benjamin Franklin's essay "Arriving at Perfection" he sets out to devise a plan of self-examination, resulting in self

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    lingo breaks the rules to English and people spend more time trying to figure out what I am saying rather than typing it all out normally.” Also he went on saying, “with emails there is no limit how long it can be, so there should not have any reason to use lingo in an email.” When Mark gets on the phone to talk to some of his friends he said he has had 3 hour phone calls with them. He went on saying that his friends support the same view as he does and he just wants to talk, rather than text

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  • The Myth of Success According to Benjamin Franklin's "Autobiography"

    on the 100$ bill. The main reason for choosing this work as the topic of my term paper is that Benjamin Franklin started at zero, he had nothing. He did not even finish an apprenticeship and became so successful in life and was valued by nearly everyone. By writing his autobiography he did not just try to teach his readers that they can achieve as much as he did by guiding them but to share his story with the world. As this paper goes along, I will present Benjamin Franklin´s “The

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  • Self-Improvement

    thing, but I was really embarrassed and absolutely pissed at myself. I came to the realization sometime last year that my life is so much better if I take it slow and be patient. So after I was out of sight I sat at a bench and calmed myself. I did my best to dispel any negative thoughts. I was swearing at myself, and calling myself an idiot, but I put effort into shifting focus. Instead of the negative thoughts I focused on patience. I stood up and walked the rest of the way very slowly, as if I

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    Running head: Sheila Coleman Autobiography Indiana Wesleyan University November 1, 2012 Sheila Coleman Autobiography My name is Sheila Ann Coleman; my maiden name is Sheila Ann Smith. I was born in Cleveland Ohio on May 19, 1969, to Dorothy and Richard Smith. My parents were married for 25 years before divorcing in 1988. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. I attended private school from elementary to high school. I attended boarding school to receive an education that offered college

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    SELF-IMPROVEMENT 1 November 2015 I believe that the most valuable concepts to influence my personal developmental plan are adaption innovation (AI) theory and team roles. I learned from the electronic cognitive preference estimator that I am moderately adaptive on the continuum. I prefer more structure being moderately adaptive compared to someone who is an innovator. It is important to know where I am on the continuum and to understand my preferred approach to problem solving. I

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    Questions: (choose one) ….3-4 page paper, 900 – 1200 words. 1. One of the over-arching themes in Franklin’s Autobiography is that of self-improvement. Franklin intends for his own experience to serve as a model for others. Discuss key ways that Franklin presents his story as an illustration of self-improvement. Is he successful in the attempt? What motivates him toward this attempt? Does he strike you as a self-promoter or a genuinely benevolent man desirous of helping others? In your

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    many different things on this channel that I hope you guys will enjoy. There’s plenty to watch so be on the lookout for more of my videos. Comment, Like, and Subscribe In this video we have the trailer for Destiny: The Taken King. Which shows the next story line of Destiny's adventure. This time around we will be faced against and even greater opponent. Even though they are stronger so are Guardians. Many new weapons and abilities such as Bow and Arrow, Sun Hammer and Mage Electricity is

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  • Key Milestones in Healthcare Past and Present

    resources due to the emerging nature of the economy that pave the way for infectious diseases such as small pox , plague , cholera and yellow fever all over the globe . but by 1900 , there was the improvement in environmental conditions and the emergence of technology in the field of medicine which brought infectious diseases under control . This gave rise to chronic and long term illnesses such AIDS , Cancer and

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    continuously improve I feel I must overcome these shortcomings. The true definition of being competitive is involving or determined by rivalry, Business / Commerce sufficiently low in price or high in quality to be successful against commercial rivals, relating to or characterized by an urge to compete competitively . A competitive nature and a strong will is a key concept that I feel has kept America a super power in such hard times but being this way has its downfalls as well. I feel that as a

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    writings and by the example of his life he deeply engrained into the American stream of thought a compulsion toward self-improvement that has exerted a dominant influence on the American attitude… The life of Franklin consisted of many achievements as he illuminated the age of enlightenment, non of which would have been present without his childhood relationships. Franklin is known for his genius in science and his effectiveness in politics. The key to how he got to be this man was quite a

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    Benjamin Franklin The information I am going to share will be a big surprise to you. Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, is a well-rounded and productive figure. His distinguished contributions vary from field to field, for he is not only a famous author, diploma, and political theorist, but also a postmaster, printer and scientist. Is it incredible or just stunning? Unquestionably it is. However, to be honest, He is worthy of such titles. Now, let us make an

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  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin The information I am going to share will be a big surprise to you. Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, is a well-rounded and productive figure. His distinguished contributions vary from field to field, for he is not only a famous author, diploma, and political theorist, but also a postmaster, printer and scientist. Is it incredible or just stunning? Unquestionably it is. However, to be honest, He is worthy of such titles. Now, let us make an

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  • Continuous Improvement the Toyota Way

    people’s ability to think most.” Most managers have a poor idea of what it actually means to demonstrate “Respect for People.” Many would claim that showing respect for people would include things such as treating employees fairly, giving them clear goals, trusting them to achieve goals set, and listening to employees. Managers believe respect is easy to understand and apply these misguided ideas. This is a huge part of lean that has been missing. “Respect for People” is an aspect of

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  • Benjamin Franklin Autobiography

    LIBERTY UNIVERSITY THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN ESSAY SUBSITTED TO MS. LENNON HISTORY N221 D49 SYLVIA MORAN ORRUM, NC 11/14/2011 Benjamin Franklin was born on January 6, 1706 to Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger. His father was a tallow chandler who relocated his family to the New England Colonies about 1682 in search of religious freedom. Benjamin Franklin started working for his father at a very early age which he hated. At age twelve he was bound as an apprentice

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  • Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

     fictional whereby people write the autobiography as if it were them as seen in some novels. Benjamin Franklin was born January 17,1706 in Boston. He attended school for only 2 years despite his passion for reading. When he was 12 years old, he joined his brother James to become an apprentice at the print shop. He wrote his first newspaper in Boston when he was 15 years. He wrote several letters and finally announced that he was the writer when the letters became a hit. He ran away to

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    against an abusive husband, while in others they rarely help her.” Why? Pg. 81 | A father and a brother should always be there to help a woman is abusive situations. I understand some don’t want to get involved but it’s your family we’re talking about. Most fathers and brothers I know are very protective of women in their family. | “Like nonhuman primate females, many women form bonds with unrelated males who may protect them from other males.” Pg. 81 | Me personally I have plenty of male friends that I know will protect me from an abusive male. They treat me as if I’m their blood sister |

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  • Ben Franklins Self Improvement

    . It's a learning process, like almost everything we do - it's a process. We learn it as we go and my process began some years ago in 1977 when I came to know the Lord - my heart was to always have an intimate relationship with the Lord and to bond with the Lord in a real intimate way. That requires communication doesn't it. Ladies can tell us that the basis for a good relationship is certainly communication. We men sometimes don't really understand that, but it's true nonetheless that a good

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    in Jamestown. Smith was cautious and apprehensive about Indian gestures of friendship and acquired an acute sense to know when the Indians were lying or bluffing. He also understood that as an intruder in Indian lands, it was wiser to be feared than to attempt to be loved. The Virginia Company's orders to maintain peace with Indians was naive, but there were circumstances when attacks were appropriate. Smith kept the Indian chief, Powhatan, off guard through a mixture of diplomacy, boldness

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  • The Cause and Affect of Time on Benjamin Franklins Autobiography

    charm little credit for his steady rise, it partially explains why others always seemed eager to help him. This section shows Franklin at his most light-hearted, and contains some of the most admired passages in the Autobiography. Portraying the life of a young Philadelphian, it is a good record of the ways in which young people of the day amused themselves, as well as of the shrewdly good-humored young Benjamin. Among other things, it suggests that the love of literature among the colonists

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    John Eed English 1102-008 April 9th, 2012 Jim Burnham The Bible of the Middle-Class American *** Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography has an impact on the readers in some way. Middle-Class people go through similar problems Ben went through and learn from the parables and advices he throws in. The Autobiography is uniquely American because it communicates to all people who live in the United States, especially the Middle-Class Americans. Franklin would fit in our society now because he lived

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    beautiful place that provides events for the whole family. There is a wide variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment for the whole family. This attraction is part of the 27-acre lake that is home to nature. Barefoot Landing is located in North Myrtle Beach. Every year my family visits Barefoot Landing at least once, if not a couple of times. It’s an experience you have to explore for yourself. One of my favorite places when I go to Myrtle Beach is Broadway at the Beach. This attraction is

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    sponsoring a library, a fire company, a college, an insurance company, and a hospital. Next, Franklin turned to science. Having already invented what became known as the Franklin stove (a metal stove used for heating a room), he now became fascinated with electricity. In a famous experiment he used a kite to prove that lightning is a form of electricity. The mysterious and terrifying natural occurrence now had an explanation. Franklin's letters concerning his discoveries and theories about electricity

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    ; and he shall bring it to pass. 1 CORINTHIANS 13 6 Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; JOHN 15 12 This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. 13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. 14 Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you. PSALM 126 1 When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. 2 Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then

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  • An Analysis of the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

    An Analysis of the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin This analysis will strive to show that, this work by Benjamin Franklin was a unified work even with the disjointed parts of it. The span of time in which it was written was interrupted . Which meant that important aspects of his life was missing. Many feel that this detracts from the effectiveness of the book, just as many feel it adds to the overall theme. This is a work of memories put to paper

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    uestions: (choose one) ….3-4 page paper, 900 – 1200 words. 1. One of the over-arching themes in Franklin’s Autobiography is that of self-improvement. Franklin intends for his own experience to serve as a model for others. Discuss key ways that Franklin presents his story as an illustration of self-improvement. Is he successful in the attempt? What motivates him toward this attempt? Does he strike you as a self-promoter or a genuinely benevolent man desirous of helping others? In your answer

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  • Benjamin Franklin

    , nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbors (Exodus 20:2-17). Unfortunately a lot of claimed Christians are guilty of not doing one or more of these commandments. As Christians we should know how to obey God’s laws; however as sinners we fail everyday. I have met many who claim to be Christian yet they don’t even try to live up to faith (or their claimed faith). Some talk about others behind their back negatively, some may

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