Least Five Issues That Affect Counseling Or The Delivery Of Health Services To Various Cultural Or Subcultural Groups

  • Ethical Considerations Within Group Counseling Populations

    doing group work should “… take reasonable steps to consult with other counselors or related professionals when they have questions regarding their ethical obligations.” (C.2.e) The goal is to protect self and clients from errors in judgment that could do harm. Question 4: Counseling considerations of pregnant teens in groups Pregnant teens need a range of support services made available to them, including counseling and prenatal care. There is some variation depending on the age, culture, and

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  • Health Care Delivery Systems

    HCS/552 November  5, 2012 Introduction  Complex health care delivery systems  in the USA  Describing  health care delivery structure at MGH  Comparing  health care delivery  system with SGAH  Factoring licensing and regulatory requirements  Quality affecting  pricing Health Care Delivery Structure of MGH  Decentralized model  Hybrid organizational model  Service‐based health care delivery  structure  Predominantly utilitarian authority structure Health Care Systems of the

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  • Health Care Economics Issue Presentation

    and last but not least, the patients who are receiving care from these nurses. Kany (2001) stated that “Nursing recognizes that it must look beyond its ranks to help resolve critical problems that devalue the profession and leave us all vulnerable to a public health crisis. American health care is essential to each of us, and nursing is the backbone of our health care system. Achieving nursing’s desired future state will require input and collaboration from a variety of communities, or

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  • Delivery

    . Tuberculosis is considered the world’s deadliest disease. Tuberculosis is better known as TB, it is a bacterial infection that can be spread into the bloodstream out into any part of the body. This can be contagious and it is usually found in the lungs, but can spread into other organs in the body. A person can get what is called primary TB just by being close to an infected person and breathing in droplets from the infected person coughing, sneezing, spitting, speaking, laughing or even whispering

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  • Psychopharmacology and Mental Health Counseling

    (Anderson & King, 2004). Legal Limitation Counseling professionals that only have reached the master’s level of education do not possess the adequate training or knowledge to suggest medications to clients. This is why it is imperative for a licensed professional administer. A counselor may collaborate with a prescribing professional since he or she has an understanding of circumstances behind the recommendation. Ethical Limitation Consulting with clients as well as various medical

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  • American Health Care Delivery System

    they are in control of their health, by adjusting their lifestyles by not smoking, eating right in order to avoid obesity, and understanding how their sedentary lifestyles affect them they could avoid many health issues in the future. With Americans having the highest BMI in the world we can see that our eating habits are not healthy. The future of the healthcare policy and laws have people frantic and going in different directions. With this year being an election year it has become a drive

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  • Health Impact Issue

    -backed World Health Organization (WHO). A recent research reveals that Obesity in pregnancy causes a tremendous danger to the wellbeing of the unborn infant. Infants of overweight mothers are born as pre-diabetics or with severe birth imperfections that can cause kidney or heart disease, besides other troubles. These issues much strengthens in the age group 1year to 10 years. Overeating in pregnancy can have significant and numerous precarious health impacts on an unborn infant.[1] In this

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  • Health Care Delivery System

    The health care delivery system in Utah is set up much the same as many other states, from the opportunity for the community to participate in Medicaid or Medicare programs, to all sort of resources, from information on local health departments, campaigns and awareness programs, to allowing for easy access to the licensing bureau to ensure the safety and comfort of assisted living centers and nursing homes. According to health.utah.gov, growth rates in Utah for Medicaid have far exceeded the

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  • The Genesis of Mental Health Counseling

    Palmo, Weikel, and Boros (2006) discussed mental health counseling emergence dealing with moral treatment and vocational guidance. It was known that in the beginning those with mental health problems were seen to have a spiritual disorder and were sent to asylums with horrible conditions. Palmo, Weikel and Boros (2006) discussed the change in attitude that allowed those with mental illness to be viewed as people with serious problems. Instead of locking the people away, they were treated

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  • Health Care Delivery Team

    patient includes, a physician, License Practice Nurse, Certified Nurses Aid, Physical Therapist. The physician is concerned with promoting, monitoring and also helping in restoring the patient’s health and well being. She diagnoses and treat any type of new disease or illness that surfaces in the patients life. The physician is responsible for all decisions that affect patient’s care. The physician comes in daily to speak to the patient and let her know her progress and may prescribe new

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  • Mental Health Counseling

    maladaptive behaviors. The counseling team could help Paul with his employment issues by contacting an employee assistance program, or by writing a request for a leave of absence. There are many ways that professionals can collaborate to ensure the goals and needs of the client are met. References Bailey, P. (1995). Addictions Counseling Certification: An Emerging Counseling Specialty . Journal of Counseling & Development,volume 74, issue 2, pages 167–171. Herman, J. (1997). Trauma and Recovery. New York: Perseus Book Group.

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  • Analysing the Manager's Role in Initiating and / or Maintaining Service Quality, in a Chose Health Care Setting for a Chosen Service User Group.

    said to be reliant at least in part on the ability of the manager to simultaneously integrate services and create efficient outputs, and implement dynamic and flexible strategies that will deliver measurable, effective results for service users. Service line management delivers improvement in service quality when it develops organically based on the particular circumstances of the organisation in question and its service user groups, and it is these factors that managers must take into account

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  • Health Care Delivery Systems

    employer, so they engineered techniques that became known as managed care. Managed care is loosely defined as a mixture of techniques intended to reduce the cost of providing health benefits in order to improve the quality of care for a predetermined population. The intent is to decrease unnecessary cost through a multitude of mechanisms which include offering economic incentives for physicians and patients to select less costly forms of care, reviewing the medical necessity of specific services

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  • Psychopharmacology and Mental Health Counseling

    appropriate collaborative partner depends on the clients significant issues. Clients can be referral to psychiatrist, primary care physician and other medical professionals. A referral should be made when the clients counseling needs are beyond the professional counselor’s scope of competence or when the required services are unavailable (Mears, G. 2010). Conclusion Mental health counseling involves assessment, diagnosing and treatment planning. Counselors assist clients with skills and strategies

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  • Group Therapy & Individual Counseling

    not have access among their own family and friends to people with the same issues. Group therapy usually consists of a minimum of 3 people to 10 people (or more) and the sessions can last between one and two hours for one or two days a week. Some counseling groups last for a specific period of time while some other groups have an undefined period of time that they last. In forming a group, there are stages that a group goes through. These stages were developed by Bruce Tuckman and include

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  • Improving Service Delivery

    services by the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, and how these services are supporting the bank’s mission and vision. Then we will highlight the main problem that has been faced in the bank and explaining the interrelationship between customers satisfaction and waiting time, and we will demonstrate the service delivery procedures for the bank. After that we will highlight the benchmarking study that has been conducted with the Bank of America due to the similarity in terms of capacity and its

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  • Marketing Plan Ymca Counseling Service

    needed even after completion of a service/program. A critical issue that is also faced is relapse. A client’s mental health and wellness needs to be monitored and they need to learn coping skills as to not relapse and/or possibly overdose during a relapse. The YMCA Counseling Service at the present moment is able to help its clients with substance abuse counseling, medication management with on-site psychiatrists, Suboxone medication management with a Suboxone doctor, and prevention services

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  • Ethical Issues in Group Counseling

    Ethical Issues in Group Counseling COUN 612: Mental Health Ethics, Law and Practice April 28, 2011 Introduction Group counseling offers multiple relationships to assist an individual in growth and problem solving. Groups are an excellent treatment choice for numerous intrapersonal and interpersonal issues, and in helping people to change. Groups provide a sense of community to its members allowing them to see that they are not alone. In group therapy sessions, members are encouraged to

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  • Effects of Poor Quality Goods and Services Procured by Govenrment Agencies on Service Delivery; a Case Study of the Ministry of Health Kericho District Hospital

    procurement knowledge (skill) of procurement staff in the ministry of health. The purpose of the study will help the management of Kericho District Hospital redefine and establish long term partnership relationships with highly qualified suppliers either existing or new ones and ensure that there is quality control in the procurement of goods and services for effective and efficient service delivery. The unwillingness of management to tell strategic information in the name of confidentiality and

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  • Various

    box. | F4 | Repeats the last command or action, if possible.When a cell reference or range is selected in a formula, F4 cycles through all the various combinations of absolute and relative references.CTRL+F4 closes the selected workbook window.ALT+F4 closes Excel. | F5 | Displays the Go To dialog box.CTRL+F5 restores the window size of the selected workbook window. | F6 | Switches between the worksheet, ribbon, task pane, and Zoom controls. In a worksheet that has been split (View menu

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  • Mc Delivery Service

    , pay and have their food to them ready for consumption. - Political: The only political issues faced would be those of he environment and health. Insuring food standards are met and the company is striving to minimise effect on the environment with things like enviro friendly packaging and other forms of sustainable resources. - Cultural: With a change in the way people eat and a shift towards takeaway food in comparison to self prepared food this industry is flourishing. The lazy culture

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  • Group Counseling Ethics

    , school systems have been focusing on the notion of using a more comprehensive approach to guidance counseling or school counseling. According to Hayes (2001, p. 13), the school systems have not been adequately servicing the various issues that students today are challenged with. Historically, counseling in schools consisted of career and college readiness counseling and getting to the bottom of bad behavior in problem children (Romano & Kachgal, 2004, p. 187). Children spend most of their

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  • Current Health Care Issue

    fraud with Medicare and Medicaid. There are many organizations that have been accused of health care fraud with Medicare and/or Medicaid. Maxim Healthcare Services is one of the health care organizations that have been accused of health care fraud. The organizational structure and governance, culture and focus on social responsibility had an affect or influenced the situation of health care fraud and abuse. There are resources that can be allocated to prevent the situation in the future. Ethical

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  • Differences in Counseling and Other Health Professions

    have one major responsibility. That responsibility is to provide mental therapy and counseling to people in need. These three professionals help people eliminate emotional problems and aid many who are challenged by mental health problems. They also counsel indiviuals, married couples, and groups that are challenged by drugs or alcohol. All three professionals are educated in the diagnosis of mental health disorders. Although, the psychotherapeutic interventions and counseling techniques

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  • Cultural Inspiration on Service

    the world have many insightful and practical traditions and styles that can benefit a service mindset and in turn enhance service delivery. Let’s take a look at certain cultural traits and their potential impact in today's hospitality world and guest experience management. Consider how hospitality and business leaders and their teams may adapt some of these cultural traits and examples to benefit their own teams in guest and customer interactions. Note how these examples may serve as inspiration

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  • Counseling Issue

    Attract" which has found some basis in sociological research.  In an article found in Psychology Today this issue of why those who are different are drawn together is discussed, "Opposites, or perhaps more accurately, “complements” do attract...And while this can create some interesting challenges for most couples, these differences are actually the source of what is considered by many to be the source of the most important aspect of any successful relationship: chemistry" (Bloom and Bloom, 2014

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  • Marketing Strategy of Various Telecommunication Service Provider

    |[pic] |FI 1: Display Chart of Accounts | |Exercise Display a chart of accounts. Time 10 min | |Task Use the SAP Easy Access Menu to review a listing of the General Ledger (G/L) accounts that are part of your chart of accounts. For each | |G/L account, the chart of accounts contains the account

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  • Five Stages of Group Development- Organizational Behavior

    Question #1 The five stages of group development; forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning are all critical if a group is going to perform at its best. The first stage, forming, is when the group is created. This is the part in the process where the group is either assigned or the group members voluntarily come together as a group. The second stage, storming is when the group member begin to figure out all of the individual team members characteristics and traits. The third

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  • Service Delivery Trend

    , homeless shelters, etc. Currently human services is running on low budgets and depending what state or city a client resides determines what resources are available. Cutbacks are definitely needed due to our economic crisis, however, cutting back on human service delivery shouldn’t be first choice, but it is our government that makes the final decision. In their decision they must think ahead and recognize what trends we will encounter in the future. The Twentieth century has seen the growth of the

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  • Environmental Health Issue Analysis

    Environmental Health Issue Analysis Discussion Analyze a unique environmental health issue or problem that is currently controversial. Your discussion posting should include: 1. a description of the problem -- its size, scope and affected population(s); stressing the available information or data that best supports the position with regard to the public health significance of the problem or issue and its relationship to, or impact on, members of the community 2. the etiologic or causative

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  • Five Functions of Management Affect Organizational Success

    . They were also assigned to recruit personnel to check corruption in Indian industries by excluding the jobber from engagement. In 1939, five labour officers were appointed to solve the Mill problems locally. This is probably the first recorded history of formal management control practices in the history of Bengal. Then during the regime of Pakistan, several big industrial projects were set up in Bangladesh which was known as East Pakistan at that time. Labour unrest started to grow in various

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  • How Project Management Can Improve Service Delivery

    chain of command, individuals or groups being appointed to complete such tasks that have insufficient knowledge and/or authority required for the fulfilment of such tasks etc. etc. Such shortfalls on tasks as vitally important to a country as service delivery can cripple Government infrastructure and create political unrest amongst unsatisfied citizens. When we are referring to ramifications of this extent, it is imperative that governments / organisations implement safety measures that

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  • Service Delivery in Project Management

    aimed or targeted with the correct services they specifically need, services will be delivered better and more efficiently. Delivering the correct services can be done by comprehending the business project and how it should be managed. Project managers should take various repeated processes into practice to generate an ongoing performance of different information which can be used at a later stage. This Information can be used as templates to solve problems that could arise to maintain a better

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  • Community Health Issue: Teenage Pregnancy

    Community Health Issues: Teenage Pregnancy The local Community health issues that will be discussed is teen pregnancy, even though it stems further than just the community. Teen pregnancy has been going on for decades, just in the past few decades we have seen the problem increase, up until around the 1960’s it was appropriate for a 14 year old girl to marry and have kids. Since the decline of unwed teenagers was when everyone decided it was a problem and it has to be fixed. Even though it has

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  • Health Issue and Target Population

    among college students often times occurs regularly, and in some situations the amount consumed reaches dangerous levels. Current surveillance systems used to monitor binge drinking among college students depicts an alarming trend, and it appears binge drinking is evolving from a social past-time into a dangerous public health epidemic. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) uses a telephone survey method for the purpose of

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  • Oral Health Care Delivery

    delivery of health care services. Age, a demographic factor, increases the need for health care services. This explains why more nursing homes and homes for the elderly are being established every day. These establishments are set up to ensure that the aged get all medical attention that they need. As for the lifestyle related diseases, health care providers have now adopted a preventive approach to the delivery of health care services. People can prevent lifestyle-related diseases by checking on

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  • Health Service

    65 and older (33% growth rate) that use relatively fewer ob-gyn related services. An estimated 81% of time for ob-gyn related services is currently devoted to women of reproductive age (18–44 years old), and this population is projected to grow in the United States by slightly less than 6% during this period (Fig. 1). If future patterns of care delivery remain similar to today's care delivery patterns, growth in demand for women's health care services between 2010 and 2020 will require the

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  • Influence of Service Charters on Service Delivery

    ) pointed out that performance contract were introduced in various countries all over the world so as to guide public delivery officers to shift their mind sets towards market economies whereas Hartley(2006) stressed that performance contract were introduced to change effort of works from process to result. Same view was pointed out by Guest D (2007) as well Hope (2002). In Kenya performance contracts were first introduced in the public sector in 1989. However, its use was shortlived as they

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  • Group Counseling

    Please complete the following assignments and put your answers in a Word document. Post the document in the digital drop box by the identified deadline. 1a. (5 pts.) In Chapter 7, Day discusses a variety of concepts related to cultural diversity and the functioning of counseling groups. One premise that underlies this discussion is the common human tendency to stereotype or make generalized assumptions about individuals who have different “categorical memberships” (i.e. ethnicity, culture

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  • Mental Health Counseling Plan

    following areas: normal human growth and development; abnormal human behavior; assessment or appraisal techniques; counseling theories and counseling methods or techniques for individuals and groups, must have accumulated at least 1,500 hours of supervised psychotherapeutic treatment with clients, Passed the NCMHCE, Completed 8 hours of laws and rules courses (from approved providers) and be willing to complete a three hour course on Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune

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  • That Medical Error Affects Health Care Delivery

    Week Four Discussion Question A    A)    What are ways that medical error affects health care delivery? How can principles of quality be used to identify, correct, and prevent errors?  Medical errors can adversely affect a medical facility. A large number of publicly reported errors can result in a negative reputation for the organization. Medical errors are costly. It costs a large amount of money to settle disputes of medical errors. It can also affect the moral of the

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  • Health Care Delivery

    There are many issues that are causing changings in the healthcare system. Population aging, rapidly increasing costs of healthcare and the growing burden of chronic disease are challenges to health systems worldwide. To meet these challenges will require new approaches to healthcare delivery and comprehensive population health management. Many states are not prepared to tackle this issue yet. The US has the most expensive healthcare system in the world with health status indicators that

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  • Nursing Womend Health Ethical Issue

    Women’s Health Ethical Issues Research Paper NURS 318P Women’s Health Care A controversial topic that is currently being considered is the application of an early HPV vaccination in younger girls and boys. This sensitive subject has ethical implications and valid points can be argued both for and against the concept. Individuals that are for early vaccination hold that the vaccine prevents transmission of HPV, decreases chances of developing future complications, and is more cost

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  • Human Service Delivery Models

    life. Whether those situations are conflicts arising from unexpected events, issues resulting from medical or mental health illnesses, the inability to provide for their basic needs, or any situation that cause stress or adversely effects the client's behavior. The focus of the human services model is to address these issues and find a solution for them through programs or services a human service organization may offer to the client. In the service delivery model the expected outcomes are to

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  • Importance of Confidentiality in Group Counseling

    . Federal law (Title 42, Part 2 or 42 C.F.R., Part 2, Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records) guarantees strict confidentiality of information about all people receiving substance abuse prevention and/or treatment services. Clients should be fully informed regarding issues of confidentiality and group leaders should do all they can to build respect for confidentiality and anonymity within groups. Confidentiality in group therapy is important because it protects the clients

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  • Five Stages of Group Development

    The five stages of group development are basic elements needed to be a successful empowering group. There are forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. I believe that forming is the act of coming to together. Forming a group of people who may be alike in different ways or just the complete opposite. Being alike in a group has nothing to do with being successful. Forming is to organize, put in place or arrange. So being different may just be great help in any group. In this

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  • Marriages Affect on Mental Health

    unmarried couples (Wilson & Oswald, 2015). In the main article, Ross (1995) argued that “salutary mental health benefits of marriage are the result of underlying social attachment and support” (p. 68). The evident for that I suppose that support from the partner is very crucial when it comes to some problems. Problem solving or stress stability is more efficient when partners are struggling with any troubles together. However, with unmarried or divorced couples the situation may end up with high

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  • Health Service

    /compute the data. Integrated systems are designed to work together for data transfer among various application modules. Interfaced systems are independent applications that rely on constructed “bridges” to work together. Interfaced systems allow for “best of breed” applications(Best and/or most cost-effective), where integrated systems may not provide optimal functionality in all modules, but promote ease of use and potential purchase from a single vendor. | |Describe the five IM/IT service

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  • Health Care Organization and Delivery System

    Health Care Organization and Delivery System Health Care Organization and Delivery System HCS/531 November 09, 2011 In the current era of technology, health care system continues to research on improvising the various ways on delivering outstanding health services to its people. In health care industry, majority of the developed countries are run by national insurance generated by enforced general taxes. Unlike in United States healthcare insurances are run by

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  • Grid-Group Cultural Model.Doc

    conflict break out, particularly when one or more groups have the power to do harm (as even small groups can do). Grid-group cultural theory is also known as grid-group analysis, the theory of socio-cultural viability, or just Cultural Theory (which is often abbreviated to CT). So what? You can use this model to help understand cultures in countries and companies and hence decide how to influence them. Do understand your own culture, which may be different, as well as the multiple cultures

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