Most Effective And Ineffective Ways For Sharing Information And Ideas

  • The Most Effective Decision-Making Process for Health Care Managers

    How would you describe the most effective decision-making process for health care managers? Decision making is a process of choosing the best alternative to achieve individual and organizational objectives. Identifying and using the decision-making process help managers at all levels to make more effective decisions. These expressions DECIDE is an acronym of one the most effective decision making process used by healthcare mangers at all levels. This model is an acronym of 6 particular

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  • Evaluating the Value of Information Sharing in a Supply Chain

    it brings can be mitigated; one of the ways to mitigate the effect is to share information between the supplier or manufacturer and the retailer [3, 4, 9]. Under the mode of auto regression (AR(1)) to predict the demand, Chen [4] theoretically confirms the existence of bullwhip effect and provides a quantitative analysis of the variability for each level in a supply chain. In this study, we use an autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) model to study the value of information sharing

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  • Independent Learning Is the Most Effective Method of Study. to What Extent Do You Agree?

    and Bibliographer, Stanford August 1998 Saying that some students may prefer to study on there own and in there time. In some cases these student are able to learn more and more effectively when they do so. Threw history, some of the greatest minds were self taught. Having the freedom and control over your studies can give some students that extra to utilize there studies. Each student has to find out what is the most effective way of learning for them at University

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  • Reyna's Idea

    Ellripoe On that fateful day when the Creator opened the heavens and allowed it to rain for 40 days and nights, during the days of Noah, before Jesus took his first breath on what we now call Earth, a sword fell with the rain. Like a single rain drop of hope among the blood of the guilty, the sword held a promise. A promise that could change the entire world. It fell somewhere in the deepest, most mysterious parts of Earth, behind a door of green and yellow it lay. Like all gifts from the sky

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  • Sharing Sources

    ; ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- <Faculty Name> <Grade Earned> <Writing Score> <Date Graded> Assignment 2 Sharing Sources College readiness is a perennial issue, and one that will garner much attention. For several decades, researchers have documented the gap between high school and college expectations, noting that even students who complete a college preparatory curriculum in high

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  • Business Idea

    Business Plan – Idea Idea: Design and Print Printing business is not a new in the UAE. There are a lot of companies who work in this business; however there are many ways to do it. My plan is involved with printing press, but it is too costly to establish printing press as the machines are extremely expensive and needs special skills to operate it and maintain it. For this reason, I am planning to handle the pre-printing and post printing processes which include the following: * Collect

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  • Profit Sharing

    profit sharing: Retirement savings plans and profit sharing were considered to be the most important human asset building activity and though revolutionary in nature with a little foresight and great planning can be converted into a productive tool which could never be refused by any employee. Profit sharing as has been empirically proved, it the best ways to retain employees in an organization .when employees settle themselves into an organization for long periods of time they get associated

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  • Which Skills Are Most Important for an Information Technology Project Manager

    WEEK 1 - DQ 1: SKILLS Researches and studies conducted have shown that despite millions of dollars spent on IT projects yearly, many failed because of lack of proper and effective project management practice. Like all other projects, the emphasis and goal is to successfully deliver information technology projects within budget and time schedule. The information technology project manager therefore has the primary responsibility to bring together and manage the human and material resources

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  • Idea

    IDEA, (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and other special education issues. FAPE.ORG offers parents, teachers, and contributors updated news and information to increase the learning for disabled children.FAPE.ORG links to news and articles concerning new updates about Special Education. FAPE.ORG links to more resources about IDEA. Herman, J. (2009). Voicenation: Special education resources. Retrieved from

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  • Information System as an Effective Force Against H1N1

    illustrated by past experiences such as the 1918 pandemic, flu outbreaks and human health transcend local and international borders. EMA’s business intelligence/information technology application although inherently effective in detecting flu outbreaks, needs to be replicated on a larger scale in order to be impactful. Thus, it could be the magic wand in timely detection and containment of flu outbreaks if applied globally. Reference Salinksy, E., and E. Gursky (2006). "The Case for Transforming Governmental Public Health," Health Affairs, Vol. 25, No. 4: pp. 1017–1028.

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  • Information Sharing Models

    uncertainty and equivocality. I As Weick uses the term, uncertainty denotes a lack of information. People who are uncertain look for more facts and a way to interpret them. Equivocality, on the other hand, refers to situations where people face the choice of two or more alter­ native interpretations, each of which could reasonably account for what's going on. The book contains a New Yorker cartoon here. Permission to reproduce the cartoon was granted for the original publication only and does

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  • Knowledge Sharing

    time, lack of interaction and lack of interpersonal skills were identified as the main individual barriers. The most favoured KS initiatives found in this study was use of e-mail systems; inter-agency activities and use of information and communication technology (ICT) followed by support from top management. Research limitations/implications – The study is confined to the public sector and thus it cannot be generalized to all organizations. The sample for this study is also limited to two public

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  • Information Sharing

    Element 1 Group work – Identifying Usability Goals: As part of the study to determine the usability and justification of this portal, product and service, I have prepared a user profile and a persona for the intended user of the website This application is an interactive city guide which can be accessed over a number of platforms to assist a number of users to access information of a travel nature. My research has led me to choose the student tourist who has

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  • Idea

    ascertain the validity and reliability of information I am interested in a career in technology consulting because I have always enjoyed thinking independently and are confident about sharing their point of view., including the analysis of the problem and then working out a practical solution. I can offer relevant skills and experience I’m Economics student heavily keen on Politics. Diverse and fusion knowledge use my initiative. analytical mindset, shrewd judgement, and people and

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  • Homework Is an Effective Way to Supplement Classroom Learning

    knowledge students gained from school, but is it really the most effective way of providing supplemental studies? Most studies have shown that homework may be more supplemental than being detrimental to a student’s learning. On one perspective, it has been proven that assigning homework is beneficial to a student’s performance in school. Evidence has been found that homework is an effective supplemental form of learning, and “can impact positively on the retention and understanding of knowledge

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  • Nur 598 Ineffective Patient Handoff

    effective exchange of information will only enhance their practice. The nurses who are exchanging information in front of the patient is allowing the patient to believe that his or her concerns are being listened to and are being addressed. Ineffective teamwork and communication are correlated with patient errors increasing “higher patient morbidity and mortality” (Rabøl, McPhail, Østergaard, Andersen, & Mogensen, 2012, p. 129). Patient handoffs happening at bedside have challenges that require

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  • Security and Information Sharing Model

    To set up a security and information sharing model for the company, it will be much better to utilize a manager security structure through Active Directory than through Workgroups. The reason for this is that there are many different departments within the company. Some information should only be available to specific users within various departments (such as managers). Other information should be available to all employees (employee handbooks, calendars, etc) and still other information

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  • Information Systems Have Revolutionised the Way We Work’

    introduction of the printing press was considered to be a transformer of society. In two large volumes, Eisenstein (1979),a social historian claims the outcome effects of printing press in Europe by mechanizing human memory, printing press made food for thought more ample, allowing cognitive energy to be used more efficiently . The Printed version soon over took the handwritten version as the print provided ways of categorizing, fixed forms of reference, indexing and making ideas permanent

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  • Qualities of Effective Accounting Information

    Accounting information contains qualitative characteristics that make it useful to existing and potential investors, lenders, and other creditors for making decisions about an organization. A decision maker needs to determine which alternative provides the most useful information for decision-making purposes (Kieso, Weygandt, & Warfield, 2007). To make the information useful, effective accounting information needs to be understandable to a reasonably informed user and contain primary qualities

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  • Ineffective Communication

    follow a RN and learn the role with hands on approach. Students nearing graduation or even new graduate nurses have been taught the most current ways of our profession. It is important for these individuals to share these new theories with the more seasoned nurses. The “seasoned” nurses in return can share their experience and knowledge making the nursing team an even stronger force. A student’s influence on ineffective communication in the workplace could impact this issue for the best and

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  • Most Effective Least Effective Employee

    to have employees stressed out as a manager. An example of a most effective boss: normally when one is on a job, one must be taught how to do the job tasks to the ‘company’s standards’. As a mail clerk, my boss displayed patience, gave his time, and fellow assistance to the staff to make sure that I knew the duties of the mail clerk. In the mail room, I learned how to process flags for the deceased, worked on large machinery, performed mail runs, and did some traveling. In the mail clerk

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  • Effective and Ineffective Job Advertisement

    1.0 Identify the effective and ineffective job advertisements. Effective Job Advertisements Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 1 and 2 which I had selected as the effective job advertisement. Based on Figure1, job advertisement is from Unifortune Holdings Sdn Bhd, they are hiring complex manager, facility manager, chargeman and senior/junior contract executive. On the other hand, Figure 2 is from MISC Intergrated Logistics Sdn Bhd which looking for manager of business development, manager of

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  • Car Sharing

    kinds of ways should be tried to allow most public to get access to the service they want. In addition, business and economy in rural area need to be enhanced and improved. This should be a long-term strategy for local council. 4.5 Public transport research 4.5.1 Frequency The next part questioned respondents’ experience to public transport coupled with their attitude to car-sharing. The table 4 below shows the situation. 26 Table 4 frequency of people using public transport in

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  • Business Idea

    journal 1) Sensor Agriculture Sentence 1 For farmers, who want to monitor their plant growth performance information and climate condition, the sensor agriculture is a product that has ability to collect information and send it back to the farmer as notification about the condition of their plants. Sentence 2 Unlike others sensor agriculture, this product not just predicting frost and heat even that connected to sensor measuring solar radiation, air temperature, soil moisture

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  • Book Review Innovate the Pixar Way: Business Lessons from the World's Most Creative Corporate Playground

    creative corporate playground”, the main topic in the book is ”dream like a child”. In this book review I will discuss Pixar as a playground, the team dynamics and the impact of leadership style on the culture and the employees. A corporate playground Throughout the book Pixar is defined as a corporate playground, where the most important thing is to dare to dream like a child. At Pixar there is no limit for your imagination and nothing is impossible. According to the authors, the main

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  • Sharing Stuff

    1.1 List four examples of database systems other than those listed in Section 1.1. Some examples could be: • A system that maintains component part details for a car manufacturer; • An advertising company keeping details of all clients and adverts placed with them; • A training company keeping course information and participants’ details; • An organization maintaining all sales order information. 1.2 Discuss the meaning of each of the following terms: (a) data For end users, this

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  • Effective Use of Information System in ‘Fixitnow’ (Fin)

    new information system investment should be evaluated in the form of effective functions of the organization. The employees accept the new information system and should be appreciated by the employees when they adopt the new information system and they become useful. How small businesses master the art of competition through superior competitive advantage. According to (Bressler 2012) for a new business venture identifying and developing sustainable competitive advantage could be considered

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  • The Role of Effective Communication in Information Technology Projects

    roles are being played be skilled departments, the managers and their team members. Communication however commonly forms the most critical aspect of all these inter-linked departments human resources and equipment. The project therefore puts most of responsibility for success on communication. Not only does a project require its communication plans, methodologies and channels to operate smoothly, it requires the effective thereof. This article focuses on the role of effective communication in

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  • Who It the Most Effective Leader?

    Title: Who is the more effective leader? Executive Summary “Leadership is a complex phenomenon involving the leader, the followers and the situation” (Hughes, Ginnett and Curphy, 2012, p3). This paper will look at two leaders, one from the corporate sector and the other from the not-for-profit sector, Gail Kelly and Ian Cox. Both have developed styles of leadership to ensure they interact with their followers within particular environments and situation. Interactional framework needs

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  • Discuss Whether Taxation Is the Most Effective Solution to the Market Failres Arising from Negative Externalities

    Discuss whether taxation is the most effective solution to the market failures arising from negative externalities [18] Negative externalities occur when production or consumption impose external costs on third parties outside of the market and no compensation is paid. E.g. noise pollution from airlines in London. Taxing business’s for the negative externalities they cause means charging the business’s for the external costs they impose on third parties. One reason why taxation is

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  • Effective Information Security

    above two competing objectives may be distinctive in nature and different for each industry or firm based on several factors. Even though the end results of the firms that belong to the same industry might be same, the security orientation may look considerably different. For example, let us consider the Petro1 and Petro 2 firms which were judged to be most effective at information security. Petro2’s company orientation was “Deny by Default” whereas Petro1’s orientation was “Anytime-Anywhere”. A

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  • The Most Effective Way of Meeting Oppression

    then explains that violence as a way of meeting oppression is not the most effect because it achieves temporary results. In the essay, King points out that nonviolence resistance is the most effective way of meeting oppression because it establishes respect, brotherhood, and nobility for the Negro. First, King agrees that nonviolent resistance is the most effective way of meeting oppression, for it establishes respect for the Negro. He explains that the Negro’s demonstration of self-respect

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  • Most Effective, Write Point Help, My Strategie

    Most Effective Paragraph two was the most effective between paragraph one and two. The writer of paragraph two was very effective about getting his or her point across within the first sentence of the paragraph. The sentence variety and rhythm in paragraph two enhanced and flowed very well. Paragraph two kept and held my attention throughout the whole paragraph. The author of paragraph two used various lengths of sentences while writing paragraph two then the writer of paragraph one. The

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  • Ineffective and Effective Groups

    Group dynamics is a term used to describe the basic rules why people tend to form groups or teams naturally. The most common reason may be based on activities, interactions, and sentiments. The numbers of interests’ people share with each other effects their chances to group together. These interests may be political, religious, work related, lifestyle, economic, security, etc. There are different stages through which a group passes, both as natural and in a professional atmosphere.  Team

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  • Gain Sharing

    OL 325: Case Study Chapter 5: Gain Sharing at CircleWorks Tanya DeSilva Southern New Hampshire University There are several ways that CircleWorks would benefits from gain sharing. The information below will outline the advantages of gain sharing. I will also be including when gain sharing works best and the best way to implement gain sharing. The advantages of gain sharing are that it would help the company to achieve sustained improvement in key performance measures (Masternak). It

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  • Sharing Economy 53 19 Sharing corps: Should company build competitive advantage by embracing the sharing economy? Opportunity Risk Companies already have legal experts and lobbyists employed for the defense of the company. Cost to fight the newcomer will not be higher. Information warfare strategies can always be turned against the initiator. Using aggressive marketing

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  • Information System as an Effective Force Against H1N1

    The case study "Information System as an Effective Force against H1N1 Pandemic demonstrates an example of the type of value that can be reaped from utilizing Business Intelligence systems within the medical community. Business Intelligence systems were designed to process collected data and produce a display of interesting information. These systems are commonly in use by the business community. The application of these types of systems have proven themselves extremely valuable allowing

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  • Sharing Is Caring Is Sharing

    OCTOBER 30, 2013 Sharing Is Caring Is Sharing BY BETSY MORAIS SHARETWEET War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. —George Orwell, “1984” Secrets are lies. Sharing is Caring. Privacy is theft. —Dave Eggers, “The Circle” The construction begs for comparison, and yet “The Circle” is no “1984.” In the future, according to Dave Eggers, one mega social-network corporation, the namesake of his new novel, has become the technological architect of daily life—arranging

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  • Northwood Idea

    where I can shop, what I can eat, or worse yet how much money is too much for me to earn or collect. I believe that most of you would agree with me when I say, I really don’t think that the government can make decisions that are “good” for us better than we could make those decisions on our own. I think we all understand the importance of business through the eyes of capitalism in America today. As I researched free market and capitalistic ideas I came across something I wanted to share with

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  • An Assessment of Relationship Between Information Sharing Regarding Product’s Origin on Online Retail Displays and Purchase Intentions of Customers

    offerings, online stores and other digital empowerment platforms. Digital empowerment has increased the relationship between the sellers and the consumers and is still changing with the evolvement of time as more digital channels are evolving (So, Wong & Sculli, 2005). The sellers have changed to digital ways of sharing information on their products with the consumers also adapting to the use of the online and digital platforms to search for information on the products that they intent to

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  • Use of It in Sharing Information Between Professionals

    Discrimination Act 1995, which protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination (Rogers and Pilgrim, 1991). Legislation plays an important role in ways that services are made available for individuals with specific needs. Social policy is the only one way of encouraging and promoting ethical practice. The functions of a regulatory body go much further than disseminating policies and code of ethics. Legislation has covered issues relating the diversity in society and culture and emphasized the

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  • Idea

    Date: March 14, 2015 Subject: ACL versus IDEA When comparing ACL and IDEA it was hard to choose which was clearly better because they perform such similar tasks. While we think both would be effective at identifying fraud there were a few reasons why we decided that IDEA was the better software. First, ACL simply was not designed as well as IDEA in our eyes. The team member who was assigned to the ACL tutorial had to re-install the program multiple times to “fix” simple errors that should

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  • Information Technology and the Effective Leader

    Information Technology and the Effective Leader Kaitlyn Wentz The University of Akron Abstract The focuses of this paper are the attributes necessary to be an effective leader through information technology (IT). The paper is based from research of an analysis of empirical research by James N. Danziger and Kim Viborg Andersen, an article by Akhlaque Haque, and other in-course readings. The introduction focuses on the leader and the attributes needed for an effective leader. The paper

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  • Ineffective Job Advertisement

    Justification of Ineffective Advertisement Excessive details about the job or area An ineffective advertisement will reveal too much details and information about the job. This is crucial to allow the candidate to spark interest as divulging too much information will potentially remove interest in the job. Too many words, keep it simple Another common characteristic for ineffective advertisement is too many words. Cluttered advertisements will be very boring and will make candidates ignore

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  • Communications Effective & Ineffective

    Communications Effective & Ineffective Rebecca Edwards BCOM/275 December 14, 2011 University of PhoenixDale J. Harrington Communications Effective & Ineffective Communication is a process of sending and receiving messages. Communication is to listen, receive information and someone else’s thoughts in writing, verbal or in person. I believe communications can be non-verbal or verbal. Verbal communications can be written or oral and non verbal is expressions, body move, and

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  • What Is the Most Effective Way to Decrease the Surface Area of a Octagonal Prism but Keep the Volume Constant

    be compared and contrasted to show what the right minimisation of surface area is. Hypothesis I am assuming that the Autograph will be the most accurate method; the graph will give all possible values for the surface area of the octagonal prism. And the computer will find the minimum point where the gradient equals zero, much better that any method using human participation, which would lead to mistakes. Getting the Original Volume of the Prism The volume of an octagonal prism can be

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  • Idea

    version, Nintendo did not move to 16 bit as it realised it would mean competition and would thus lead to decrease in price of 16 bit game. And Sega having already started with the 16 bit game is bound to achieve more profits out of this. Thus Nintendo weighed out its competitors strengths and weaknesses before making a strategic decision of not moving to 16 bit game and limited its scope to 8 bit game. It adapted to the local market’s demand by staying in the cost effective 8 bit game. Its decision

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  • The Most Effective Power Type and Its Use

    Viewing the videos presented at the end of the lecture, compared with the information shared within the book, and combined with the knowledge we gathered within class lends itself to an interesting assessment. It becomes quite clear that the most effective type of power is not a singular power type at all but a blend of power types to match the individuals being interacted with. Out of the power types that have been presented this week, I find that the reward, referent, and legitimate power

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  • Knowledge Sharing

    that information technology offers only limited potential for strategic differentiation.1 Similar points are starting to be made about e-learning, and knowledge management has been under fire as ineffectual for some time. The truth is that IT, e-learning, and knowledge management can provide strategic differentiation only if they drive genuine professional guilds. True, there has always been academic collaboration, but there is little systematic sharing of learning content, context, and

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  • The Importance of Information Sharing in a Supply Chain for the Supplier‘S Performance

    information sharing has high value for the supplier‘s performance. Huang et al. (2007), based on three simulation experiments according to the empirical practice of the three most representative Chinese companies in the steel industry, found that the bullwhip effect existed in this multi-echelon supply chain, and that the effect can be reduced by a control method they developed. Based on classical control theories and methods, combined with the empirical practices, Huang et al. (2007

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