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    Art : 5 Tips for Choosing Artworks

    5 Tips for Choosing Art Paintings have never looked this delicious. As you browse our site, let us walk you through 5 helpful tips for choosing the perfect art piece that suits your taste. One of a Kind Imagine the prestige of owning an art work that has no other copy in this universe. All the advances in technology and automation will never surpass the genuine expressions and experiences of a living human being. These are all embodied in the artist's creation. You deserve the unique privilege

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    1malaysia: Beyond the Canvas

    1Malaysia: Beyond the Canvas The 18@8 exhibition signified the inauguration of Wei-Ling Gallery at Brickfields in 2005. Hermetic readings of every chapter for the past few years portrayed varied concerns channelled into different themes. This landmark exhibition has exhibited some of the most compelling works by many a local artist. An important milestone was created when this very same event was replicated beyond the shores of the country, bringing Malaysian Art to Karachi, Pakistan. A show that

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    Art, Freedom

    Art, Creativity and Freedom ''Art for Art's Sake'' view orginating from the early 19th century is a French slogan. It is also the slogan of Aesthetic Movement. Its original is ''l'art pour l'art'' in French. It appeared as a reaction to '' Art for Poeple's Sake'' view and its claims about art's being didactic, directive and morally appropriate. According to the this idea, purifying art from didactic, moral or utilitarian factors is necessary.The supporters argue that art has no certain aim and

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    Art Search One Pilar Denha Art Appreciation Baker College of Auburn Hills 7-1-2014 Art Search One The Sacred Realm * Title of the work of art: Assumption * Artist: Tiziano Vecellio also known as Titian * Date: 1518 * Page number from Getlein: p. 42 * Material: Primarily used oil-ground paint * Historical Art Movement: This painting represents the assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven body and soul. Titian imagined the way she died and all the angels gathered around

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    Art Critism

    Art Criticism Art criticism involves art description, formal analysis, interpretation and value judgment (Elkins, & Engelke, 2003). The paper gives an art criticism of a piece of art I saw at Lyman Allyn Art Museum by L.F Baeles titled On the Lake. [pic] Identification Title: On the Lake Artist: L.F Baeles Date: 1885 Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: Na Location: Lyman Allyn Art Museum Description On the Lake is a painting art done by an American artist L.F Beales in 1885. The painting

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    P.S. I Love You

    For this film critique essay I will be writing about the movie P.S. I Love You (2007). This paper will explore the storytelling, the actors as well as how they act in the film. We will explore the cinematography, editing, sound, and the style and directing for this movie. The last few things we will explore are the impact this film had on society (if any), the genre, what is the best way to analyze this film. When all these aspects of the movie are examined we will see how a script comes to life on

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    Film Summary: Richard Patton And The Vietnam War

    In 2003, the Library of Congress selected Patton for the National Film Registry for preservation. According to Library of Congress’ webpage, the National Film Registry is: “a list of films deemed "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant" that are earmarked for preservation by the Library of Congress. These films are not selected as the 'best' American films of all time, but rather as works of enduring importance to American culture. They reflect who we are as a people and as a nation

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    Jade Castro: the All-Around Gem

    1The All-Around Gem The all-around gem By Arielle Poblete He’s adaptable and an idealist. Jade Castro is the person behind numerous blockbuster hits of the contemporary Philippines cinema. He has won awards for such unique directorial and writing capability. As a director in the Rom-com phase of the Philippine cinema, Mr. Castro has helped revolutionize and create different kinds of plots through unique kinds of approaches, not only in rom -coms, but also for independent films. A bright future

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    3d Essay Evaluation

    still cameras were invented, as people realised that they could easily be adapted to produce stereoscopic images. The first major film 3D film release was Man in the Dark on April 9th, 1953, but it did not receive much of a positive response from critics nor the general population. However, since then 3D technology has improved massively. It could be argued that watching a film in 3D has many advantages over 2D. For studios, 3D films generally make more money ($381m) when compared to 2D ($89.5m)

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    La-La Land Speech

    age in the 60’s. During her speech for best actress in a musical or comedy, Emma Stone highlighted the importance of “dreaming” by stating, “I think that hope and creativity are two of the most important things in the world, and that’s what this movie is about.” Despite six

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