Performance Measurement Using The Balanced Scorecard R2I Case Study

  • Executive Summary- Balanced Scorecard

    balanced scorecard shows the specific strategies and key measurements that enable Diageo to deliver their commitment to the consumers and brand through the four different perspectives (Atkinson, Kaplan, Matsumura, & Young, 2011). The many stakeholders to include the consumer, the employees and the senior executive team utilize SMART objective to deliver their strategy, providing a distinct advantage to their competitors. This paper will examine the Diageo approach to be a world class

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  • A Balanced Scorecard

    confront difficulties. References 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. What About Measuring Supply Chain Performance by Larry Lapide 9. 2011 Financials for Southwest by Griffin Consulting Group

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  • Performance Measurement

    an attractive five years contract. In spite of the considered plan of expansion is perceived as a low-risk venture, the report will review the impact of accepting the contract using the given information and basing on financial (Return on capital employed (ROCE), Residual Income (RI)) and non financial performance measurement techniques, specifically the balanced scorecard approach. The following data is available for Santa division: Net profit before tax (PBIT) £ 3 mln per annum Net

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    comprises of on an integrated framework of performance measurements that aim to clarify, communicate and manage strategy implementation. The need to integrate financial and non-financial measures of performance and identify key performance measures that link measurements to strategy led to the emergence of the balanced scorecard. Only the critical performance measures are incorporated in the scorecard. The scorecard can provide top management with a fast but comprehensive view of the

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    P (1996b). “Using the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System,” Harvard Business Review, 74(1), January-February, 75-85. Parker, L D (1979). “Divisional Performance Measurement: Beyond an Exclusive Profit Test,” Chapter 25, in Emmanuel, C and Otley, D (eds.) Readings in Accounting for Management Control, 551-568. Olson, Eric M and Slater, Stanley F (2002). “The Balanced Scorecard, Competitive Strategy, and Performance,” Business Horizons, May-June, 11-16. A paper on "Implementation of Balanced Scorecard in China" found at

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    components for implementing a strategic plan have been managed separately, not collectively within one overall management system. As a result, everything has moved in different directions, leading to poor execution of the strategic plan. Like a marching band, everyone needs to move in lockstep behind one overall strategy. Therefore, you should think of the Balanced Scorecard as a management system, not just another performance measurement program. And since strategy is at the center of value

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    BALANCED SCORECARD The United State Postal Services Balanced Scorecard keys issues for discussion: How the voice of the employee supports improved internal processes (Voice of the Business), and how the Voice of the Business supports customer satisfaction (Voice of the Customer). The case at hand indicates only two components in its Balanced Scorecard – the internal perspective (through the voice of the employees) and the customer perspective (through the voice of the customers). The

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    balanced scorecard. The purpose of a balanced scorecard for Cyber Cafe is to be able to align the company’s business activities to the strategy’s and vision of the company. In this section Cyber Café will implement the use of a balanced scorecard to help understand and visualize the strategic objectives of the company. This will also help the company be able to analyze the performance of the employees and the business. The four quadrants of a balanced scorecard are: 1) Customer values 2

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    : Creating an organization-wide performance system. Memphis, TN: William B. Abernathy. Amaratunga, D., Baldry, D., & Sarshar, M. (2001). Process improvement trough performance measurement: The balanced scorecard methodology. Work Study, 50, 179-188. American Small Businesses (2003). Retrieved June 26, 2003, from infocus/smallbusiness Balanced Scorecard Institute (n.d.). Retrieved June 3, 2003 at Birch

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    commercialized nationally and abroad. Besides specialty hospitals, UPMC also operates several academic and community hospitals, as well as more than 400 outpatient centers (UPMC, 2013). This paper will measure UPMC's performance utilizing a balanced scorecard in order for the organization to focus on what they need to maintain or improve their future perspective and performance. UPMC's main objective is to remain the largest provider, innovator, employer while being a charitable organization. UPMC also

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    environmental and social performance of large Portuguese companies: a balanced scorecard approach‟, Business Strategy and the Environment, vol.14, issue.2, pp73-91 Do, H., Tilt, C.A. and Tilling, M.V. 2007, „Corporate Social Disclosure by Westpac Banking Corporations: A study of social impact reports (2002-2004)‟, Business Conference Paper, Paper 6, accessed 7 Sep 2010, Dowling, J. and Pfeffer, J. 1975, „Organisational Legitimacy: Social values

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    The Balanced Scorecard What is it? Definition: * The Balanced scorecard is a management system that enables organizations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate them into action. * Scorecard allows for actionable terms derived from company strategy. * Makes it easier for management to carry out strategy. * “A system that balances the historical accuracy of financial numbers with the drivers of future performance, while also assisting organization in

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  • Amazon Balanced Scorecard Paper

    The goals and measurements of those goals that were determined for Frozen Bliss LLC in the balanced scorecard were derived from the previously stated vision, mission, values and SWOTT analysis. The smoothie industry has many growth opportunities, particularly with the advent of the health conscious individual who is looking for convenient alternatives to fast food. The following categories are breakdowns of each goal and how it relates to the overall strategy of Frozen Bliss. Financial In

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  • Case Study- the Balance Scorecard

    The Balanced Scorecard - Solution at Peel Memorial Hospital Riiva Williams Kaplan University October 7th, 2013 Hospitals and regional health authorities across Canada are under siege. From mergers to forced closures to funding restraints, the healthcare industry is facing tremendous challenges. To make matters more complicated, add mediating cultural differences and the integration of non-acute and community-based services. At the same time, healthcare entities attempt to remain focused

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    The Balanced scorecard is a valuable tool available to management that allows management to translate the mission and vision statements of the company into identifiable objectives that can be measured, quantified and evaluated (Management Tools, 2013). The challenges of attaining the objectives identified in Nobel Oilfield Services mission and statements have been identified in the company’s balanced score card with clear objectives and metrics to measure the attainment of these goals. The

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  • The Balanced Scorecard

    market to enhance using “control” in strategy management and assure that its directly influencing strategic performance; In particular, two remarkable studies, in Palestine where found and publicly available on the net; one of them was made in Gaza called “Performance Evaluation of Palestinian Telecommunication Corporations by using Balanced Scorecard approach.” By “Mohammed N. Al Sheikh Ali” To study samples from Paltel and Jawwal, the study emphasizes on the efficiency of the BSC elements and

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    Management Tool - Balanced Scorecard The idea of using Balance Scorecard like a tool for management effective development, firstly was introduced by Robert Kaplan and David Norton. They called their operation Balance Scorecard, for stressing balance of this system, which should be measured by system called Scorecard. The meaning of this concept – embodies managers’ view in reality and link strategy with operative activity, and cost factors. Main purpose of BSC – this system

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  • Quality in Practice: Using the Balanced Scorecard at the Usps

    measures that might be included, using your knowledge of postal operations. Other measures that might be included in the US Postal Service’s balanced scorecard: According to our reading, ‘Customer satisfaction leads to the desired financial outcome, which in the case of the Postal Service is sufficient revenue to support the universal delivery service mission. (Evans 403) This is one measure that might be included in the USPS balanced scorecard. The balanced scorecard is an attempt to

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  • Strategic Plan: Balanced Scorecard

    Strategic Plan: Balanced Scorecard David Fitzgerald Strategic Plan: Balanced Scorecard Friday’s Hookah is a small but ambitious company looking for growth and progression. Fridays Hookah’s vision is to be the premiere location for university students, to study, unwind, and socialize in multiple locations through the state. This is only possible if Friday’s has the competitive advantage over the competition. With this understanding Friday’s developed a scorecard focusing on Company

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    pioneered by Robert Kaplan and David Norton in 1992 to offer a more comprehensive form of measurement for an organization (Bloomsbury, 2007). According to NetMBA, the traditionally used financial performance metrics provide a great deal of information regarding an organizations past financial results; however, these methods are not suitable for accurately predicting future financial performance or executing an organizations strategic plan (2007). The balanced scorecard offers organizations an

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  • Chipotle Balanced Scorecard

    more than 1,500 restaurants internationally. The following pages will present a balanced approach to the effectiveness of Chipotle’s strategy analyzing financial performance, customer satisfaction, employee/learning and growth, and internal process. Business Model Chipotle’s vision is to change the way people think about fast food. This is done by seeking the same quality and experience as a high end restaurant while maintaining the speed of fast food. Chipotle adopted the slogan, “Food with

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  • “a Critical Analysis of Balanced Scorecard as a Performance Measurement Tool: an Overview of Its Usage and Sustainability”

    found an innovative paper named “An integrated Balanced Scorecard strategic planning model for the non-profit organization” which is written by Jan L. Ronchetti. From this paper I have analysed the using of the Balanced Scorecard as a performance measurement tool by the non – profit organization. Besides, to cover and fulfil my objective of the study, I have analysed some reports on the Balanced Scorecard published by CIMA & WILEY. I have found from those reports that the Balanced Scorecard links

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    of the performance in every perspective. Balanced scorecard measurement for Eurasian Bank with scores | KPIs | Scores | Scores assignment | Total scores | | | 10 | 20 | 30 | 40 | 50 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | | Financial | Liquidity Ratio | 53-60% | 45-52% | 37-44% | 29-36% | 21-28% | 10 | 10 | 30 | 40 | 50 | 140 | | Total assets | 1-140B | 141-280B | 281-420B | 421-560B | 561-700B | 30 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 40 | 160 | | Operating income | 1-20B | 21-40B | 41-60B | 61-80B | 81

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  • Balanced Scorecard: Unum Case Study

    internal operations that create value for customers; (4) learning and growth, the people and system capabilities that support operations. A company’s strategy influences the measures it uses to track performance in each of these perspectives (Horngren, Datar, & Rajan, 2012, p. 470). UNUM’s success with its balanced scorecard has been the result of getting a number of fundamental things right (Building and Implementing a Balanced Scorecard, Case Study: UNUM Corporation, 1999, p. 13). Vision and

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  • Balanced Scorecard Paper

    balanced scorecard is a system that motivates the management and improves the objectives of businesses strategically preparing to succeed by using a measurement system of performance to gauge where they are in the customers eyes, shareholders minds and the world of business? References Norton, R. S. (1996). "Using the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System". Harvard Business Review, 76. Olsen, E. (2008, December 8). On Strategy. Retrieved from My Strategic Plan: http:\\ What is the Balanced Scorecard. (2014, June 5). Cary, NC.

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  • Performance Management and the Balanced Scorecard

    performing against their overall business strategy.” (p. 32) Relying too much on the data alone at the expense of careful analysis of it often misses the main goal of using the careful interpretation of this business intelligence in order to positively affect organizational performance. The Balanced Scorecard “What gets measured gets done” is a popular saying among proponents of performance measurement methodologies, and has been attributed at various times to a number of authors. And while

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  • Coors' Balanced Scorecard

    concept of the balanced scorecard significantly increases by having a well aligned set of business strategies with its vision statement. Question 2 Link the Coors Operations and Technology (O&T) department vision statement to the O&T strategies or “supply chain guiding principles”. Are there any gaps? Coors’ Operations and Technology Department’s vision statement seem to be well aligned with most of its developed business strategies but not as much in some instances. Simplification and

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  • Mgt 521 Balanced Scorecard

    Balanced Scorecard Aspect of Company Performance Factors to be Considered Organizational Goal Actual Performance Gaps Financial Quarterly Profit Results Return on Capital Employed $5,000 $4,000 $6,000 $1,500 Quarterly profits were higher than anticipated ($5,000 versus $6,000), while return on capital was lower than anticipated ($1,500 versus $4,000). Customer Customer Satisfaction Rate Customer Recommendation Rate (rate of new business generated by recommendations from existing

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  • The Balanced Scorecard

    Robert S. Kaplan ( is the Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School. David P. Norton (dnorton@ is the founder and president of the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, Palladium Group, in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Bjarne Rugelsjoen ( is a director at GoalFocus, a performance-coaching consultancy based in London. Managing Alliances with the Balanced Scorecard Fifty percent of corporate alliances fail. But you can

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  • Starbucks Balanced Scorecard Analysis

    ,” they discussed how Google is using recently acquired patents in order to block competitors in the emerging cell phone technology market. The article says that many entrepreneurs often associate the value of patent rights with the ability to protect the patent owners position in a given market. They do this by demanding royalty payments from competitors or excluding them from the market altogether. Patents can also create value for firms by opening doors to other markets. Google recently

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  • Balanced Scorecard Memorandum

    Robert Kaplan and David Norton as they determined key performance indicators to include: Financial, customers, internal business processes, innovation and learning. With the flexibility of the balanced scorecard performance indicators are easily tailored to the organization using the BSC (Horgren, 2011). WHY THE CHANGE Historically our organization has measured success purely based on our financial perspectives. Financials are certainly a large concern for our organization however they are

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    BALANCED SCORECARD APPLICATION IN LENDING/MICROFINANCING INSTITUTIONS: A STRATEGIC MAP IMPLEMENTATION IN THE PHILIPPINES CONTEXT This paper studies the application of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) as a powerful measurement and assessment system, in lending/micro financing institutions. Adopting the balanced scorecard (BSC) model, this exploratory study investigates the critical performance measures that lending/micro-financing institutions in the Philippines need to emphasize in their

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  • Performance Measurement

    adopted by the Kansas City Works is based on differentiation due to its cost disadvantages such as union labor costs and inefficient plant infrastructure. In addition to this inconsistency with the strategies of the company as a whole, the management control system put in place at Kansas City Works is holding the entity back from potential improvements in performance. The management at this entity is introducing a new performance measurement system to replace the old one that was based on

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    .  Products that will achieve the customer’s expectations efficiently. Outcome of using BALANCED SCORECARD in the control of a business The use of a scoreboard has been successful for a long period of time. The advantages include; • Creation of more unforeseen strategies. • Increased inspiration among the workers. • It is a tool that turns ideas into a real benefit in life situation. • It reduces the workload that the systems of the computer takes long period of time to process

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    Putting the Balanced Scorecard to Work Managers recognize the impact that measures have no performance but they think that measurement is an essential part of strategy. Effective management however is an integral part of management process. New strategies and process are being introduces to improve performance without examining whether old measures of performance are relevant or whether new one is necessary. The balanced scorecard combines an effective measurement system that help a company’s

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    measurement framework that added strategic non-financial performance measures to traditional financial metrics to give managers and executives a more 'balanced' view of organizational performance. While the phrase balanced scorecard was coined in the early 1990s, the roots of the this type of approach are deep, and include the pioneering work of General Electric on performance measurement reporting in the 1950’s and the work of French process engineers (who created the Tableau de Bord – literally, a

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  • Performance Measurement

    , useful, motivating, and trackable (NY Government, n.d.). The use of performance measurement is important because the stock market’s volatility has shown that financial measurement is not the only measurement. By using measurement techniques companies can compare themselves to established norms. In this discussion there will be a look at three different types of performance measurement systems, what they do and how they are used. These systems identified are the balanced scorecard, performance

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    Name: Course number: Professor’s name: Date: Balanced Scorecard The use of the balanced scorecard (BSC) is quite common management tool for most organizations. Some organizations has found certain drawbacks that have made them not to adopt this management tool. The use of this instrument requires proper training and understanding of it thus making it time-consuming. The process of using it also requires accuracy as any slight mistake leads to undesired results. Due to the complexities of this

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  • The Balanced Scorecard

    1. What is the research question of the article? This article examines judgmental effects of the balanced scorecard-specifically, how balanced scorecards that include some measures common to multiple units and other measures that are unique to a particular unit affect superiors' evaluations of that unit's performance. 2. What is the relevance of the article? / Why would we like to answer this question? The purpose of implementing the balanced scorecard is to expand the set of measures that

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    Balanced Scorecard (BSC) There has been a general claim that BSC is the most popular tool used by academics and ractitioners due to its holistic approach. BSC was initially introduced by Kaplan and Norton (1992) to overcome the incompleteness of traditional measures which focuses on lagging indicators, especially financial indicators such as Return on Equity (ROE) and Return on Investment (ROI). BSC has progressed from being a measurement tool to a management tool, and currently is an icon of

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    Harvard Business School and coined “Balanced Scorecard” in the early 1990’s, Kaplan and Norton’s method originally stemmed from the pioneering work of General Electric on performance measurement reporting in the 1950’s and the dashboard performance measures from French process engineers in the early 20th century (4) The idea behind this performance measurement tool developed from the fact that traditional performance measurement systems, mostly financial performance indicators, were insufficient

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  • Balanced Scorecard of Hul

    to diversity in a working environment where there is mutual trust and respect and where everyone feels responsible for the performance and reputation of our company. It will recruit, employ and promote employees on the sole basis of the qualifications and abilities needed for the work to be performed. They are committed to safe and healthy working conditions for all employees. They will not use any form of forced, compulsory or child labour. They are committed to working with employees to

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    measuring tape by which someone can determine whether the set goals have been met or exceeded. There are both advantages as well as disadvantages to using the Balanced Scorecard approach. One advantage in using this approach is by using this method and looking at all aspects of a company's performance, you really get a balanced view of overall company performance. Another advantage is by using the balanced scorecards it allows for stakeholders to determine the health of short, medium, and long

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    developed by Robert Kaplan and David Norton of Harvard University in 1990. The line of the balanced scorecard runs deep, and include the revolutionary and path breaking work of General Electric on performance measurement coverage in the late 1950’s and the work of French engineers in the early part of the 20th century in France. Due to the fact that balanced scorecard term is a generic, it is interpreted differently by different people, and in practice, there are wide variations in both understanding

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    book, we described the internal governance process by which the enterprise guides, monitors, and evaluates its strategic performance. We have a new case study on First Commonwealth Financial Corporation, and a new paper on how innovating organizations are using strategy maps and Balanced Scorecards in the governance process with boards of directors and even their public shareholders

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    area could be at the cost of another area. The authors spent over a year looking in depth at twelve companies and implementing their balanced scorecard to show that by using a wider array of data elements can provide a better overall evaluation of a companies performance. The target audience for this article is any business or company that is looking to improve their performance. The authors focus on one company and show how applying their balanced scorecard method can help a company

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  • Hotel Balanced Scorecard

    personal emergency issues (Nyheim, McFadden, & Connolly, 2005, p. 214). Although The Lady Star Five Hotels management implements competitive performance balanced scorecard information to help determine guest satisfaction and repeat business in addition to using the balanced scorecard, responding to corporate or regional offices hotel office managers must analyze and send several reports weekly and monthly, such as the flash report, GSI scores, or purchasing history in expectation that the

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  • Balanced Scorecard - Executive Brief

    . (d) The Strategy Execution Continuity. Used initially as a balanced performance measurement tool, Balanced Scorecard has evolved many years ago from its descriptive, reporter role to that of a prescriptive Strategy Execution system, ensuring that the business transformation model depicted through the aligned Strategy Maps and the Strategic Plan is monitored and adapted periodically, in order to reach the required execution performance sustainability. This periodic adaptation is mainly

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    potential in using the scorecard as a good performance evaluation tool. There is need to invest in researching on the use of the balanced scorecard since it is not only a new idea but also a profitable one. More researches would address different phenomena related to the scorecard and enhance its application with the emerging changes in the corporate world. It would create an avenue of new discovery of even better performance evaluation tools that address more perspectives that are believed to

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  • Balanced Scorecard

    scorecard was developed in order to provide managers with such a tool. The balanced scorecard can be described as a comprehensive framework that translates an organization mission and strategy into a comprehensive set of performance measures that provides the structure for creating a strategic measurement and management system. As a result the objectives and measures of the balanced scorecard are more than a collection of financial and non financial performance measures; they are derived from

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