Riordan Virtual Organization And Environmental Scan Paper

  • Environmental Scan- Toms Shoes

    Environmental Scan- Project #1 TOMS Shoes: The One for One Project Kimberly L. Barron Marketing 314 September 17, 2012 “I was so overwhelmed by the spirit of the South American people, especially those who had so little. And I was instantly stuck with the desire- the responsibility- to do more.” (TOMS Shoes. 2012) These are the words of Blake Mycoskie, founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS Shoes on his inspiration for a business that has taken consumers from all different parts of the

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  • Environmental Scan

    Environmental Scan and Summary Kudler Fine Foods is local specialty store located in the San Diego area of California. Kudler isn’t the average grocery store; the company has been compared to Whole Foods and Trader’s Joes. Kudler is known to sell the finest food and wines. Currently, the company has three locations under the management of Kathy Kudler, the owner. The company wants to expand. Before the company can make the move to open a new store or expand a current location, it important to

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  • Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization

    this up and letting the journal know and giving them the real results was a good way to handle this, but taking direct action against the accused was necessary as well, but it was risky. I found out that sometimes the best discoing on paper is not always the best one, taking things into consideration is important, this helped open my eyes up to my own place of business and making sure my employees are aware of harassment and how to handle that without problems. Very good skills to learn. *

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  • Environmental Scan

    Environment Scans for Apple, and Barnes and Noble Nylor P. Coleman MGT/498 January 16, 2013 Robert Consonery, Facilitator Environmental Scan: Apple Inc, and Barnes and Nobles Environmental scanning indentifies the external and internal trends that influence the future direction of a business. This process provides the tools for evaluation within the three companies and how the process works. This paper will provide research regarding the

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  • Environmental Scan

    Environmental Scan MGT/498 January 23, 2013 Fernando Bernal Abstract Environmental scanning is an opportunity for a corporation to take a step back and evaluate the internal and external factors of the corporation. The evaluation process includes a SWOT analysis but at an environmental level. Target and EBay have taken environmental scanning to a different level which will be discussed and their stakeholders play a big role in it. Environmental Scan Environmental

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  • Environmental Scan

    Environmental Scan MGT/498 Environmental Advantage One of the fundamental requirements for a company to succeed is to understand both the internal and external environments. The companies must understand these environments and apply the knowledge to a strategy that will give the company a competitive advantage. The competitive advantage must be measured to fully understand how the strategy is being implemented and to what extent the strategy is creating a competitive advantage

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  • Virtual Organization

    Virtual Organization for Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization for Riordan Manufacturing Many companies today are looking to create virtual organizations for their businesses because of the innovation and organizational improvement it can provide. Creating an intranet in a virtual organization to hold shareable company data is the best form of communication between all employees. The intranet can be protected from outside interference by using the correct security measures. While

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  • Riordan Virtual Organization and Environmental Scan

    Riordan Virtual Organization and Environmental Scan Strategic Management- MGT/498 Riordan Virtual Organization and Environmental Scan In today’s workforce, much research is being done to find ways to improve work conditions and in turn, productivity that can yield higher profits. Innovative companies intend to keep up with the times and with their customers, providing unconventional ways to improve the environment of the workplace to increase thinking

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  • Boeing Environmental Scan

    June 27, 2013 Environmental Scan Southwest is committed to continuing to lead the in emissions reductions through fuel efficient operations are the hallmark of their Company and the foundation of their environment commitment. “The planet sustains us all, so we feel it’s our responsibility to protect it. This focus on efficiency not only makes good business sense, it is the right thing to do.” (Environmental Initiatives, 2012). Reducing the Environmental Impact Southwest is committed to

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  • Environmental Scan

    Environmental Scan MGT/498 Environmental Scan Environmental scans help companies to assess the market they are doing business in, assess the company’s performance and, assess the competition. The first step in the environmental scan process is to conduct a SWOT analysis to determine internal and external strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for growth and trends in the market place. Once the SWOT analysis is complete, it can be reviewed and evaluated to determine areas that the company

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  • Environmental Scan Paper

    Travis Ririe Ethics Paper MGT/498 Kathleen Collins Introduction Understanding the role of ethics and social responsibility when developing a strategic plan are essential to a company’s ultimate success in both the short and long-term. The ethics of a company and the stance it takes in terms of social responsibility will help define how its decisions will be made. All stakeholders within the company will need to decide what type of an organization the company will be when developing a

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  • Environmental Scan Paper

    Environmental Scan Paper Tyrone Brown MGT/498 April 8 2013 John Gaze Environmental Scan Paper In today’s paper I intend to take an in depth look into two organizations and conduct an environmental scan on both companies. An internal and external scan on the companies will be used in determining what type of competitive advantages each company has in their perspective market. I also intend to look at the different types of strategies each companies use to meet their goals. I also intend

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  • Environmental Scan

    Environmental Scan Jeffery McDonald MGT/498 Professor Thomas Hughes April 20, 2013 University of Phoenix Environmental Scan Environmental scanning is the monitoring, evaluation, and dissemination of information from the external and internal environments to key people within the corporation. A corporation uses this tool to avoid strategic surprise and to ensure its long-term health (Wheelen & Hunger, 2010, p. 254). When scanning the external environment a company looks for

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  • Virtual Organization

    Virtual Organization: Riordan Manufacturing Learning Team B August 3, 2013 FIN370 Prof. Putnam, Richard There are many factors of strength that can be found in a company who’s going public, as well as the company understands that with going public, their real capital can be created. This capital can allow more money to go towards research and development, pay for current capital expenditures, or even help pay off existing debts (Investopedia, 2009). When an organization is publicly

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  • Environmental Scan

    Environmental Scan Dwayne A. Haynes MGT/498 August 12, 2013 Michael Medoro Environmental Scan Internal and external environmental scanning helps shape strategic management and planning. Companies use business strategies to create value and secure competitive advantages. Measurements verify the company’s strategic effectiveness. This essay is a brief overview of the internal and external environmental scans, competitive advantage, value, and measurements used at Wells

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  • Environmental Scan Paper

    be. The Environmental scan is the beginning of the strategic management process. This process involves the monitoring, evaluating, and disseminating of the information from the external and internal environments to key people within the organization (Wheelan & Hunger, p. 19,  2010).The purpose of this step in the process is to disseminate the strategic factors, whether they be internal or external factors that will help the company in the future.A SWOT analysis or analysis of the company’s

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  • Environmental Scan

    Environmental Scan Paper Xxx xxxxx MGT 498 September 18, 2013 Professor xxxxxx xxxxx Environmental Scan Paper The vigilant monitoring and firm’s evaluations of internal and external environments to detect signs of early threats and opportunities that influence planning is Environmental scanning (Deresky, 2010). In order to help an organization understanding internal and external factors of the environment that they are requiring for their long-term goals, strategic planning is of the

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  • Environmental Scan Paper

    Environmental Scan Paper Aude Marie Nugent MGT/498 September 15, 2013 John Vincent Environmental Scan Paper What is environmental scanning? According to (Wheelen & Hunger, 2010, pg. 98), “Environmental scanning is the monitoring, evaluation, and dissemination of information from the external and internal environments to key people within the corporation.” The external and internal elements that form an organization assist in determining the rate of an organization’s success and

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  • Environmental Scan

    Environmental Scan Strategic Management MGT/498 October 21, 2013 Eligah King Environmental Scan In the business world today there are internal and external environments. Using a competitive advantage and strategies can help a company succeed or if it is not very good help it to fail. Everyone is familiar with the Enron scandal this is obviously a company that did not feel that company values was important because they deceived the public and ended up filing bankruptcy and going

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  • Virtual Organization Paper

    organization focus on the same goals and are on the same page as each other. Riordan being a manufacturing company means the organization benefits and needs a strategic plan more than many other companies due to the hostile nature of the industry and having to keep up with heavy demand. It is important for any organization to keep up with demand, but manufacturing especially has to be able to keep up because an organization that does not will be dropped quickly by other companies or consumers. A strategic

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  • Dell Environmental Scan

    environmental factors that were uncontrollable and the factors were social, economic, political and legally, technological, competitive, and institutional environments. Naturally, Dell is one of the most leading consumers of brands that are durable. Dell marketing mix is known to talk about the way that Dell has improvised to have gain for its competitive position. Dell computers ranges from different prices and the prices are based upon the change of the products that pass through the lifecycles. Dell

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  • Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization.

    Riordan’s Manufacturing Strategy According to "PWC" (2008), “today, business strategy and talent management are linked as an integrated talent management framework combining organization, business process and technology. Riordan’s Manufacturing manages their human capital and talent as strategic assets. They achieved by aligning the workforce with business objectives and by use performance metrics to drive decisions, monitor and improve results. This strategy shows how Riordan Manufacturing can

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  • Riordan Virtual Organization

    Riordan Virtual Organization The Riordan Manufacturing Organization has recently redesigned its operational format. These changes will now be in need of new operational processes. It has been the charge of this work group to have an open discussion on the possible new design plans for this company and the pros and cons of each of these new options. San Jose has a license for a fully integrated Windows based ERP manufacturing, distribution and financial management software

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  • Environmental Scan Paper

    Environmental Scan Paper Environmental scans are critical to have in the business industry. An environmental scan is an examination of the internal and external environment of the organization. It is necessary to conduct an environmental scan in order to determine the organization’s goals and what steps to take to reach those goals. Environment scanning is processed to determine development and forecasts of elements that will influence the success of the business. According to an article by

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  • Environmental Scan

    Environmental scanning is the first portion to an organization’s strategic management and is very important to the corporation. Environmental scanning is gathering information for the external and the internal of the company. A SWOTT is the best way to gather the information. A SWOTT is determining the strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities, the threats, and the trends of the organization. Starbucks is a coffee shop that sets out to be different from the competitors. The

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  • Environmental Scan

    Businesses large and small are affected not only by their own internal factors, but also by environmental factors over which they have little if any control. Marketing decisions must take into account these environmental factors to create an accurate picture of the marketplace. To ignore the outside factors is to set yourself up for failed marketing and lost revenue that can, in turn, affect the success of your entire brand and or company. The first environmental trend I would like to discuss

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  • Environmental Scan Mgt 498

    Environmental Scan: AAMCO Transmissions, Inc. Thomas Scotti MGT / 498 January 27, 2014 Dr. Chris Mendoza Environmental Scan: AAMCO Transmissions, Inc. Aamco Transmissions, Inc. (ATI) is a national company that has a majority of its store open and operating through a franchise network of individual owners and operators. Currently the franchise chain has approximately 750 open and operating stores, with about 5% (37) of those being company run stores. Aamco Transmissions, Inc. offers a

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  • Environmental Scan

    Environmental Scan Paper MGT/498 November 26, 2013 Environmental Scan Environmental scanning is an essential element in monitoring and analyzing trends that can affect an organization. A tool used as a part of environmental scanning is the SWOT analysis which pinpoints the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of an organization. This paper will present a SWOT analysis of three companies from three different industries, Starbucks Coffee, southwest Airlines and

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  • Virtual Organization on Riordan Manufactururing

    Market Structures in Kudler Gerard A. Brady ECO/365 November 7, 2013 PH.D. Sol Dresher Market Structures in Kudler Currently, KFF has minimal competition and owns a substantial portion of its market share. From the 2010 and 2011 customer marketing surveys, strengths and weaknesses of KFF strongly identify with the consumers view. The 2010 market survey shows KFF’s strengths to be convenient store hours, appealing atmosphere/décor, attractive displays, merchandise satisfaction, and the

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  • Environmental Scan

    its ability to discover and meet the tastes and preferences of the regions the company is entering and making sure that the company can meet those tastes and preferences in a timely manner. Internal scanning involves identification of the basic strengths of Kudler Fine Foods. These strengths are important in global operations because they tend to be the characteristics of the organization, in which host nations value. Within the internal scan, Kudler Fine Foods’ resource strengths and global capabilities will be analyzed. The

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  • Environmental Scan

    to trends in the social, technological, economic, environmental (i.e., ecological), and political spheres. Another approach, the "directed" mode, relates to specific trends an organization is already aware of. Here the goal is to learn more about how a trend will affect its industry or profession. For example, in directed mode the scanner drills down to discover the implications of a trend for suppliers, competitors, customers, and downstream beneficiaries. It's important to remember that no

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  • Environmental Scan Paper

    Environmental Scan Paper MGT/498 December 10, 2014 Dr. Pamela Linden Environmental Scan Paper Environmental scanning plays a critical role in the strategic management planning process. The environmental scan provides important information, which may be useful in forecasting changes for the future. Environmental scanning is, “the monitoring, evaluation, and dissemination of information from the external and internal environments to key people within the organization.” (Wheelen and

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  • Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization

    Scenario 1: Most employee handbooks come with rules and regulations and terms of contract of the employment that any reasonable person can qualify as an expressed and implied contract. This is so because procedures, policies, and promises are present in an employee personnel manual. For instance, once an employee receives a handbook from the employer, the interpretation of this action constitutes contract. Therefore, Grey has a case if he chooses to sue NewCorp for a breach of implies

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  • Environmental Scan Paper

    Environmental Scan Paper Environmental Scan Paper According to, “an environmental scan is the vigilant monitoring and evaluation of a firm’s external and internal environments for detecting early signs of opportunities and threats that may influence current and future plans” (, 2011). In strategic planning, an environmental scan can help an organization increase understanding of the internal and external environmental factors that are required

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  • Environmental Scan Paper

    Environmental Scan Paper Jessica Swindler MGT 498 April 7th, 2015 T. Dunning Environmental Scan Paper A strategic plan helps a company excel during good times and maneuver through tough times. However, having a plan does not always determine the direction the company will go, the strategic plan is more like a map or GPS for the company. There are tons of other variables that drive a company. For instance, having great internal and external environments play a role on how the company

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  • Environmental Scan Paper

    Environmental Scan Paper MGT/498 June 18, 2015 Environmental Scan Paper The purpose of an environmental scan is to examine the internal and external environment of a company, in an effort to identify needs, plan improvement tasks and monitor the changes. This process is essential when the company is planning to conduct a reorganization in an effort to improve productivity and reduce costs. If the environmental scan is conducted properly, it will help to align the organization with the

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  • Virtual Organization E-Business: Riordan Manufacturing

    Virtual Organization E-Business: Riordan Manufacturing BUS415 Virtual Organization E-Business: Riordan Manufacturing A global plastics manufacturer, Riordan Manufacturing employs over 500 people with projected annual earnings of $46 million. Riordan Industries, Riordan Manufacturing’s parent company is a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess of $1 billion. Riordan's major clientele include automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, the Department of Defense

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  • Environmental Scan

    and namely organic is costly to those with families or limited income. Therefore leadership at Whole Foods is aware of this and factors it as part of their external environmental scan. In an effort not to alienate customers from all demographics, management offers customers recipes and resources through their website. Whole Foods as an organization is aimed at the health conscious consumer and therefore is not competing with discount grocery stores. Other external factors to consider in their

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  • Riordan Virtual Organization and Environmental Scan Paper

    ) Establish the internal resources needed to achieve their organizational goals and objectives. D) Establish the vision and strengths to identify the companies’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. (CPS Human Resource Services, 2007). To show the importance of environmental scanning and the competitive advantages that could arrive from using this assessment tool, this paper will conduct an environmental scan on Nike Inc., and A.O. Smith Water Products Company. The environmental scans

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  • Environmental Scan Paper

    effectiveness of each plan. The intention of this study will be to examine each cola giant in order to describe the internal and external environments of each one and develop an understanding of how each company uses environmental scanning. Furthermore, a discovery of competitive advantages will be uncovered by examining strategies, such as creation of value and sustain, measurement guidelines, and the effectiveness of the measurement guidelines used by each company. Environmental Scan The

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  • Environmental Scan Paper

    Environmental Scan Paper MGT/498 July 22, 2015 Environmental Scan Paper The evaluating, monitoring, and disseminating of information from internal and external environments to key people within the corporation is called environmental scanning. (Wheelen and Hunger. 2010) Environmental scanning helps an organization identify relevant factors and use those factors to obtain a competitive advantage within the environment. The author will discuss how an organization creates value and

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  • Environmental Scan

    Environmental Scan Paper MGT/498 January 25, 2016 Environmental Scan Paper A critical part of the strategic planning process is to perform a scan of the internal and external environment. Environmental factors internal to the firm usually can be classified as strengths or weaknesses, and those external to the firm can be classified as opportunities or threats (QuickMBA, 2010). The analysis of the strategic environment is also known as a SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis will be used for

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  • Integrative Problems and Virtual Organization Strategy Paper

    Integrative Problems and Virtual Organization Strategy Paper Meline Constantin, Angela Currier, Brett Kinney, Nicole Mcclelland, James Schmidt, and Kevin Sult FIN 370 June 20, 2011 Cheryl Heath Integrative Problems and Virtual Organization Strategy The medical world has started to join corporate America. Large companies run multiple hospitals and medical facilities across the world and it puts smaller community hospitals in a position that is

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  • Environmental Scan

    meet and if not what changes need to be made in order to stay on course. Developing a strategic management plan can be difficult. Implementing an environmental scan will help identify both internal and external problems and influences used to build or change and existing strategic management plan. Several factors can influence the planning process. Many of the factors can be identified and taken into consideration when planning for the future. No matter how well an organization builds their

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  • Virtual Organization Finance Paper

    Prepare response to Problems 1–4 (Ch. 22) of Financial management: Principles and applications . (22-1. What additional factors are encountered in international as compared with domesticfinancial management? Discuss each briefly.) See Above Questions... Select a Virtual Organization using the student website. Assume your organization is privately held, wants to expand operations, and is faced with three options for expansion: • Going public through an IPO • Acquiring another organization in

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  • Costco Environmental Scan

    Environmental Scan Carlos Perez MGT/498 May 10, 2012 Jose Madera Abstract In business, there is paramount importance in measuring internal business with external business. This procedure provides an advantage for shaping the future of a business. Therefore, the process of developing strategies will benefit from performing environmental scans. Environmental Scan Creating and building on value is a necessary strategy when keeping a competitive edge. Among many strategies in

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  • Environmental Scan

    Running head: ENVIRONMENTAL SCAN Environmental Scan The current economy has become known as the Great Recession, since it is the deepest and longest since the depression of the 1930s. There are high rates of unemployment and underemployment. Technically the recession is over; however world events and dependent economies of other countries could reverse this progress. The purpose of environmental scanning is to anticipate and strategize for the opportunities and challenges that could

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  • Environmental Scan Paper

    Environmental Scan Paper MGT 498 Environmental Scan All businesses regardless of their particular industry will be faced with the challenges of dealing with different environments. A couple of companies that will be discussed throughout this paper are Apple, Inc. (Apple) and Dell, Inc. (Dell). Both are successful technological companies. Operating in the technology field they pay a great deal of attention to technological factors and trends in the industry. Their internal and external

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  • Integrative Problems & Virtual Organization Strategy Paper

    Integrative Problems & Virtual Organization Strategy Paper There are mainly three options for expansion when a company is privately held and wants to expand their operation. This paper will discuss three specific options that a privately held company would have if they were to expand. First of those options would be to go public through an IPO or Initial Public Offerings. The second option would be to acquire another organization in the same industry in order to expand the business. The third

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  • Environmental Scan Paper

    University of Phoenix Nana Offei MGT498 Strategic Management Abstract Environmental scan is the vigilant monitoring and evaluation of a firm’s external and internal environments for detecting early signs of opportunities and threats that may influence current and future plans. In strategic planning, an environmental scan can help an organization increase understanding of the internal and external environmental factors that will require reaching the long term goals of the company. Pepsi

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