Wgu Sat2 Leadership Task 1 And 2

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    Sat2 Contract

    Identify at least three team goals. 1. Pass the task on first submission 2. Work effectively as a team. 3. Timely completion of team goals and due dates as well as course deadlines. 3. Review and discuss weekly assignments and deadlines outlined below. Week | Weekly Assignments | Date Due | One | 1. Complete the Teamwork section of the course of study. 2.

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    Sat2 Leadership Task 2c

    SAT2 Leadership Task 2C Evaluation of Team Performance The following report will describe the team’s goals, specific motivation strategies, influence strategies, communication plan, conflict resolution strategies and over all possible improvements. Each area will be evaluated as to effectiveness in regards to the Leadership Handbook development. The team’s goals were: • Successful completion of Task 2.

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    SAT2 Leadership - Team Evaluation 1.Identify your team’s goals. Creating a leadership; handbook was a very large and detail oriented undertaking. To complete the task at hand our team needed to be very organized and stick to a very strict plan. Our first step was to clearly define the goals for our team and delegate roles for each member. We identified the following four goals that we would accomplish by the end of our project: 1.

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    Leadership Task 2

    WGU SAT2 Leadership Task 2 A. Leadership Style There are certainly several types of leaders, and both good qualities and bad qualities to every type. While I think most leaders cannot be pinned completely into any one label, my own personal leadership style most closely matches the participative style.

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