Wynn Resorts Case

  • The Clinic and Resort Case

    and supporting the organizations strategy. In this paper, I will discuss the Resort and Clinic case. The paper will discuss what was learned from the both cases. I will provide the appropriate citing that will present the reason or reasons as to why I drew my conclusion. In addition, my citing will establish counterarguments that will support my conclusion. Lessons Learned In reference to the Clinic and Resort cases they both had disconnected systems within their organizations; however both

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  • Wynn Resorts Anaylysis

    Case 1: Wynn Resorts Q1: What are Wynn Resorts’ distinctive resources and competencies? As stated in the case study, “The greatest operational strength Wynn Resorts has is the founder himself”, Steve Wynn is the company’s biggest advantage. It is abundantly clear that people in the industry respect his decision making as can be seen when he left the Mirage, many senior executives joined him in his new venture. Without Steve Wynn to point the company towards his ultimate vision, the success of

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  • Green Mountain Resort Case Study

    head: Turnover Problem Green Mountain Resort (Dis)solves the Turnover Problem Introduction The beautiful Green Mountain Resort was a doomed business from the beginning. As the developer failed, the investment bank took it over to fix it up and resell it to at least get their money from it. However, they fell in love with it and made the decision to create a first class operation. The manager and part owner Gunter had a vision of the first class resort. The one thing that was halting this vision

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  • Rosewood Hotels & Resort

    2. What would you recommend to Rosewood Hotels & Resorts? Rosewood Hotels and Resorts’ management is considering a new brand strategy. They are hoping this will strengthen customer awareness of Rosewood Hotels and Resorts' other luxury hotel and make the brand more present in advertising. That is, until now they have kept the ‘Rosewood’ name out of all marketing and advertising at all their luxury hotels. In order to make a shift they need to create an implementation plan that is going to

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  • Wynn Resorts

    Case Study 1 Wynn Resorts LTD. Sean Brockert Palm Beach State College History 1967 complete renovation of Golden Nugget. 1989 complete renovation of Mirage. 1993 complete renovation of Treasure Island. 1998 complete renovation of Bellagio Mirage becomes part of MGM ($6.4 million) April 2005 Wynn Las Vegas resorts open. September 2006 doors open Wynn Macau. December 2007 2nd phase complete Wynn Macau. 2009 expected completion of encore Las Vegas. Internal Strengths and Weakness

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  • Royal Resort Casino Case

    In this case, the three divisions operating as a single firm outperform the three divisions operating as individual companies in the market. There is a synergy between the divisions where the combined result is better than the sum of the individual performances. In fact we could say that Entertainment and Hotel give support to the main income generator that is Gambling. As the beginning of chapter 4 of the book says Team Production is the key reason that firms exist. That means in this case that the

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  • Resorts

    Marcus Thigpen Grand Champions Resort is a new trend setting resort that will take vacation spots and family tourism to a whole new level. The property will be trend setting and state of the art for anything of its quality. The property will be a 5 star resort with 300 rooms and will 24 hour service. The property will be like any other 5 star properties as far as department make up, with all the departments that are essential in making a hotel hold a 5 star rate. In addition to

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  • Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

    Case Study 2: Rosewood Hotels & Resorts Problem Definition Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, a private hotel management company, wants to build a global reputation with its iconic luxury hotels such as The Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, Texas and The Carlyle in New York. These properties, among others, currently thrive on their own name and the marketing of it. They currently do not have any “corporate” association nor have they ever. Each of these properties is so distinct that there

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  • Case Study Disneyland Resort Paris

    Case Study 6 - What are the Disney resorts and parks aiming for? 1) The Disney resorts and parks were aiming for a market that focused on creating images, experiences and products to customers that emphasized fun, imagination and service. It aimed to provide a place where customers could escape the cares of the real world through the "magic" of legendary fairytale and familiar Disney characters. The market targeted families and children and the company had already built a popular brand that was

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  • Wynn Resorts Ltd

    W Y N N RESORT make their lives' fortune in "Sin City"; Steve Wynn is one of the lucky few who has. He went from humble beginnings in a family-run bingo parlor in Maryland to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of Wynn Resorts, Ltd. premium-destination world-class casinos and resorts. Seen by many in the entertainment industry as a visionary, Steve Wynn has revolutionized the city of Las Vegas one casino at a time.1 He started with small stakes in the Frontier Hotel in 1967 as a newcomer

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  • Steve Wynn Industry Leader

    Industry Leader Stephen Wynn Steve Wynn is an amazing casino mogul and is also one of the largest investor in Las Vegas his is the 512 richest person in the world today according to Forbes magazine. Stephen Wynn has been in the hospitality industry pretty much all his life because he was born into it. Wynn was born in New Haven Connecticut and his family owned bingo parlors through the eastern part of the United States. His last names was not originally Wynn it was actually Weinberg but his family

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  • Vail Resorts

    Vail Resorts is “the premier mountain resort company in the world and a leader in luxury, destination-based travel at iconic locations”. (Vail Resorts A) Vail resorts started over 59 years ago when work began in January of 1962 on their first ski area in Vail Colorado. By December 1962 Vail Mountain opens for skiing with two chairlifts, one gondola and only a $5 lift ticket for the day. In the first season of business the mountain recorded 55,000 skiers. Since 1962 Vail Resorts has grown tremendously

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  • Marketing for Beach Resort

    Introduction Zanzibar is an archipelago with two major islands of Unguja and Pemba. Panga Chumvi Beach Resort is situated next to the village of Matemwe, on the north eastern coast of Zanzibar. ‘Chumvi’ means salt in Kiswahili, and ‘Panga’ is a shortening of ‘pahala’ the place. So the literal meaning of the resort Panga Chumvi is the place of salt. Over the last 20 years Panga Chumvi has developed organically, working closely with the village of Matemwe, and they have been involved in supporting

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  • Blue Mountain Resort

    Gunter: Mr. Gunter, the organizational manager of Green Mountain Resort, contemplated over various issues that were hindering the growth process of his employee’s high turnover problem. As the developers begin planning the implementation of the facilities, the developers did not predict or foresee Green Mountain Resort staying in business for a long time (Palmer, Dunford & Akin, 2009). In the beginning Mr. Gunter was taking more of an image of change as a Director as he identified turnover as a

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  • Green Mountain Resort

    Green Mountain Resort Case Study HRMG314 – Managing Organizational Change Green mountain resort was a small resort that was not expected to be in business very long. The resort manager had other plans, as part owner he had visions of making Green Mountain Resort a first-class resort. The issue he faced with achieving his vision was the resorts turnover problem. He had tried many different strategies to reduce turnover including focusing on streamline

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  • Halina-Mountain-Resort-B

    Olmedo, Asucina T. BSA 1I Case Study: Halina Mountain Resort (B) Time Context September 1981 Abstract  Halina Mountain Resort, a family owned business, had been picking up during 1980 though it suffered a net loss of P335, 499.69 as shown in the financial performance of Blue Heights Realty and Development Corporation. Halina Mountain Resort is manage by Jun Herrera, son of the owner Victor Herrera together with his cousin Benjamin Estacio that acts as resort manager. Majority of the 32 permanent

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  • Starwood Hotels and Resorts Case

    monthly feedback to the manager or department head responsible for the improvement of the Sheraton Service Promise program. Top-Down Commitment: Top-level management commitment is crucial when implementing new quality standards and policies. In this case, high-level managers recognized the need for quality improvement and decided to start counter measures. It also plays in important role when monitoring the result, since they give the feedback to the department managers and are responsible for the

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  • Resorts World Sentosa Dolphins Case

    A Marine Life Park (MLP) whereby more than 100,000 living exhibits of marine life will is slated to start operations in 2012, at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). The aim of this MLP, as cited by RWS, is to ‘enrich public understanding of marine conservation’. It also wishes to serve as a public showcase for education and research of marine wildlife. The MLP houses 25 indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins as well. There will also be a whale shark exhibit at the MLP. However, before the opening of the MLP,

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  • Sandman Resorts

    This case study describes the lawsuit between Greg Mitchell, Sara Hartman, Dangerfield Inc., Continental Concessions and Sandman Resorts. Sara Hartman arrived at Sandman Resorts, where she planned on staying a week as a guest. Heavy snowfall was increasing at six inches a day and even though the driveway had been cleared earlier that day, snow continued to coat the pavement. Greg Mitchell, the valet parking attendant, gave Hartman a receipt that stated “The Management is Not Responsible for Damages

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  • Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

    Running Head: CASE STUDY Rosewood Hotels & Resorts Sonja D. White Marketing In The Global Environment Overview Rosewoods Hotels and Resorts have been operating for 25 years and possesses’ 12 hotel properties all over the world. The group of hotels has a well-built ability and power to raise value of properties by building unique, one of kind properties with a small ultra-luxury residential style. Emergence of new hotels has increased intense competition in the hotel industry

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  • Blue Mountain Resort Analysis

    Write Up. Case 1: Blue Mountain Resorts. The Service Quality Journey. Dave Sinclair, vice-president of human resources at Blue Mountain Resort (BMR), was considering his options concerning the company's service quality program. He gathered together a team of 25 BMR managers to identify opportunities to improve service quality. They had provided Dave with a number of specific proposals he wanted to evaluate and decide on a course of action. From all, Dave identified three proposals that required

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  • Resort

    in this class. My name is Tien. I have been living in PT city when I was born. Today, in my presentation, the purpose of my talk is comparing and contrast between 3 resorts in my hometown namely Novotel (4 star resort), Anantara and Sealink (5 star resorts). Nowadays, people go travel more and more popular. Choosing a quality resort is an important step. There are some similarities and differences between them. . I have devided this talk into 4 part. There are a number of points. I’d like to make:

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  • Resorts World Sentosa

    1 Executive Summary 2 Company Description Resorts World Sentosa is the biggest leisure and gambling integrated resort which located in Singapore Sentosa Island. It is operated since early 2010. Resorts World Sentosa contains the only casino in Singapore which is Resorts World Casino, also the attractions included Universal Studios theme park Marine Life Park, Maritime Xperiential Museum and FestiveWalk. In the resort, it provides six hotel include Crockfords Tower, Hotel Michael, Hard Rock

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  • Tropical Resort

    Bali & Java Resorts, Retreats and Pool Villas ElEgant REsoRts & Villas of Bali The island of the gods The island of Bali is among the most popular stops in Indonesia - the island’s people, culture, rhythmic dances, volcanoes, sculptured rice paddies, spectacular beaches, and beautiful scenery, combined with a stunning array of accommodations, make it a delectable place to visit. The Balinese dedicate themselves to a vibrant and elaborate set of beliefs and an intriguing culture. Scores

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  • Park Resort Case Study

    A Critical Review of ‘Park Resort’ Case Study Relating To Motivations of Employees Performance Introduction Motivation in work place is important since it is one of the key roles play in productivity growth, achieving goals and business objectivity (Stanton 1983; Vempati 2013) as well as a sign of successful organization (Huczynski and Buchanan 2013). When employees are highly motivated, they will put more effort on the job and enhance their productivity and the quality of their performance

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  • It Park Resort Cordova

    R1 R1 CEBU INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY – UNIVERSITY College of Engineering and Architecture ------------------------------------------------- Department of Architecture A PROPOSED IT PARK RESORT IN CORDOVA Basalo, Jhane Diane L. Cantal, Cheque L. Doron, Angelie G. Ar. Alyckhine De la Torre Technical Advisor Ar. Leonida De Vera Thesis Coordinator Chapter 1 The Problem and Its Scope 1.1 Introduction The world is constantly changing through the widespread availability

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  • Resort Management

    Animal World Safari is an amazing wildlife Safari that houses over 150 of the finest species from the animal kingdom. 8th Years, that’s 18th Years of Joy at A’Famosa Resort. We’ve came a very long way from a humble beginning. Here are some interesting fact about A’Famosa Resort. In the year 1992, A’Famosa Resort development project begins with its massive land fills and construction of Golf course. It was carefully crafted with great skill and vision by an Australian golf architect, Ross

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  • Rosewood Hotels and Resorts Case Study

    Rosewood Hotels and Resorts is a business that has 12 establishments worldwide. Until 2004, the company has run an individual branding strategy; but recent events, such as the adoption of a new President and CEO, have the company considering a corporate branding strategy. Rosewood seems to have hit a roadblock with their current strategy; they are concerned that their guests do not fully understand the Rosewood brand. Rosewood believes if they are able to adopt a corporate brand, that their guests

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  • Green Mountain Resort

    Introduction The troubles facing the Green Mountain resort are to do with staffing issues /concerns and the problem with turnover. Although the location of the resort is not ideal (located in the poorest area of the state), the management had attracted a group of hard working employees. Yet due to lack of promotion and advancement at the resort, the excellent members of the staff have moved onto other resorts leaving behind the novices and poorer workers. This is where the underlying problem arises

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  • Westin Resorts and Six Sigma

    Westin Resorts and Six-Sigma Six Sigma’s impact in the service industry, high quality products and performance are a top priority for any company. By implementing total quality management systems, businesses are seeking to improve the effectiveness of their performance. “Six Sigma is a process created to eliminate or reduce variations in the operation process”(Jacobs & Chase 301), often used in manufacturing industries. Through Starwood Hotels and Resorts, one of the top companies in the hospitality

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  • Vail Resorts

    Vail Resorts, Inc. (NYSC: MTN) June 22, 2014 Securities Analysis Vail Resorts, Inc. (MTN) Company Background (Life Cycle Analysis) Vail Resorts, Inc. is a Premium Luxury Resort company that resides around the mountains and their product would be the great outdoors. The outdoors activity is what brings people to the resort. Their mission statement is “Experience of a Life Time”. Vail Resorts, Inc. considers themselves to have 5 different stakeholders, first is the guest, second

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  • Green Mountain Resort

    acted as one, because he started liking his situation. Hospitality industry: In this case the hospitality industry is identified as a navigator, because they knew that turnover was a current problem that had to be changed and Gunter had to have the control about it. But they also said, turnover is always there and it is something to be endured and even could be only controlled little. Consultant: In this case the consultant is identified as an interpreter, because it was actually not an expert

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  • Resort Proposal

    Resort Proposal Learning Team C Yleanna Mata, Rachael Toel, Shaunte Vargas ECO/365 Todd Meyer Resort Proposal Free Yourself Resorts Corporation is a make believe brand of resorts that is based in the United States. Free Yourself Resorts provides themed escapes for individuals and families to be rid of the daily hustle and bustle and indulge in a dream vacation. With the economy recovering and increased societal confidence in the economy, people are taking more vacations. Not only are

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  • Wynn

    Case: Wynn Rui Chen 303208144 Q1. The competition of gaming industry in Macau is intense as explained by 5 forces model as follows: 1. Suppliers: because unemployment rate in Macau is low, it is difficult for Macau to recruit new employees to support business expansion. In particular, employees who work as junket operators have to be professional. Moreover, their commissions are high, and perhaps, Wynn has to pay higher incentive to attract junket operators to work in the company. 2. Buyers:

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  • Balderman Resorts

    BUS/475 Balderman Island Resorts Balderman Island Resorts is a self-contained, all-inclusive resort destination, which is in experience all within itself. Balderman Island is a place of relaxation, indulgence, and a place where you have every need taken care. Balderman Island prides themselves with their fine dining, surrounding hotels, Oasis Spa, William C. Martin Botanical Gardens, and many additional amenities. These amenities designed to take care of the patron, but they been designed

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  • Outrigger Hotels and Resorts

    Outrigger Hotels and Resorts: A Case Study Overview: Outrigger hotel and resorts is a midsize, privately owned hospitality firm. This firm expanded through construction and acquisition in the first two decades thanks to the centralized management strategy. In the following years Outrigger adopted geographical diversification strategy and grew internationally through various entity forms as well as product portfolio. Outrigger also develops its IT infrastructure and IS as competencies to deal with

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  • Resorts and Climate Change

    Resorts and Climate Change Name: Institution: Date: Resorts and Climate Change Introduction Resort business is affected greatly by different climatic conditions. The purpose of this report is to identify and discuss the potential impact of climate change on beach resorts and destination resort marinas. The report will: evaluate the fundamental issues and trends that relate to developing, managing, and operating beach resorts and destination

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  • Green Mountain Resort

    Green Mountain Resort Group 1. Which of the six change images discussed in this chapter can be identified in the assumptions about managing turnover that were held by? a. Gunter? In the case of Gunter, the change image that can best is Image 1 – Change Manager as Director. This best matches up with Gunter because he wanted to have the ability to have complete control over the actual turnover rate within the scope of his organization. Gunter viewed the turnover rate as having a negative impact

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  • Gardenside Resort Case

    GARDEN SIDE RESORT CASE Garden Side Resort was established in 2001 by Mr. and Mrs. Garcia. The resort has two (2) large pools, a hotel with five (5) family suits and 20 ordinary rooms, has a restaurants, a bar and a function room for any occasions that can accommodate 500 pax. At present the resort is planning to expand to include additional room and other amenities. However for the past years, the resort experiences fast turn-over of staff started when the President of the employees Union resigned

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  • West Indies Yacht Club Resort Case

    problems and root causes that the resort faces. At this point in time, learning more about the root causes can help you overcome the problems faced by the resort now and to improve your management efficiency in the future.\ In the short term however, as the Christmas season is about to begin, the company should focus on trust building and improving team working. In the long run, attention should be placed on improving the communication and relationship between the resort and the headquarters in order

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  • Case Analysis: Exclusive Resorts

    I. INTRODUCTION Founded in 2001, Exclusive Resorts created a totally new concept in high-end luxury travel segment. The following years were extremely successful and by 2004, the Denver based company, was considered the leader in the luxury residence club industry .However, over the years, competition in the industry increased and many established brands e.g. hotel sector, started to enter the market. Facing these changes and the customers’ demands for more exotic destinations abroad, resulted in

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  • Rosewood Hotels and Resorts Case Study

    Rosewood Hotels and Resorts is a business that has 12 establishments worldwide. Until 2004, the company has run an individual branding strategy; but recent events, such as the adoption of a new President and CEO, have the company considering a corporate branding strategy. Rosewood seems to have hit a roadblock with their current strategy; they are concerned that their guests do not fully understand the Rosewood brand. Rosewood believes if they are able to adopt a corporate brand, that their guests

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  • Ski Resorts-Case Study

    SKI RESORTS IN THE USA CASE STUDY Table of Contents: 1. Abstract…………………………………………………………………..3 2. Question 1: What are the most important changes in the environment that have contributed to the drop in revenues?..................................................4 3. Question 2: Why is management a more important success factor for ski resorts now, compared to 20-30 years ago?................................................5 4. Question 3: How is competitive environment

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  • Wynn Resorts Case

    Case 1: Wynn Resorts What are Wynn Resorts’ distinctive resource and competencies? Resources: 1. Steve Wynn- A most important Key resource is Steve Wynn himself. It is clear that he has a great instinct for the business and has immense passion for his trade. His vision for where the business is heading and his instinct for what his customers would love made him a billionaire in a relatively short time. In addition, he is not just a strategic, “big picture” kind of a person. He also is a hands-on

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  • Ski Resort

    HarvardBusinessSchool 9-395-019 Rev. January 24, 1997 Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation As Charlie Mayfield, vice president of Marketing for Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation (SSRC) in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, looked out of bis office and saw the lines at the ticket windows on a warm, sunny day in March 1993, he smiled to himself. SSRCwas having its best year ever and had maintained its position as one of the premier North American ski resorts. SSRCwas not, however, immune to the difficulties faced by

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  • Ski Resorts in Usa

    SKI RESORTS IN THE USA CASE STUDY [pic] TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Abstract……………………………………………………………………...3 3. Question 1…………………….……………………………………………4-6 4. Question 2……………….…………………………………………………6-8 5. Question 3…………………….……………………………………………8-9 6. Question 4….…………………………………….…………………..……9-10 7. Conclution…..………….………………………………………………….…10 8. References……..………………………………………………………….11-12 Abstract This case study focuses

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  • Wynn Resort

    bureaucratic waste; Synchronous, a top-down process engineering program; and GMS, the company’s version of the lean production system that has made Toyota and other Japanese manufacturers ascendant.  Current and former employees say that in all those cases, GM struggled to impose cultural change across the highly bureaucratic company in which brands, departments and regions operated like self-governing and competing states within a federation.  “I’m not sure that we didn’t have too much of segmentation

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  • Wynn Resorts, Ltd

    Title: Wynn Resort Executive Summary Wynn resorts, Ltd. is a premium destination world-class casinos and resorts owned and managed by Steve Wynn. It also owns and operates the Wynn Las Vegas, a casino resort that is located at 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. South, The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada and a casino resort located in the Macau special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. Problem Identified 1. The expansion in China and Macau has the right to take control of

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  • Green Mountain Resort

    Turnover at Green Mountain Resort Matthew J. Riley Colorado State University – Global Online Campus Which of the six change images discussed in this chapter can be identified in the assumptions about managing turnover that were held by; Gunter: I believe Gunter took more of an image of change as a director in the beginning. Acting as a director, he immediately identified vast turnover as a problem at Green Mountain Resort and set a goal to fix the “problem” he realized. As Gunter enlisted help

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  • Baderman Resort

    a. They can go public through an IPO Baderman Island Resort is a self-contained resort, surrounded by Kelsey Island. It is all inclusive resort that offers almost unlimited activities for entertainment as well as relaxation. The resort has plenty of opportunity for expansion but they have to decide which option is best for their organization. One option is through an IPO (Initial Public Offering). A SWOT analysis is the best way to investigate this option. Strengths: An IPO brings new capital quickly

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