Education in America

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Sophia Andera-Cato

Education in America

In the words of American philosopher Will Durant, “Education is the transmission of civilization.” To me, this quote represents exactly what education should be in every society. Education is key to the expansion and prosperity of civilization and it is what keeps us, as a human race, growing. All over the world students are learning to improve themselves to eventually improve their society. The problem here is that not everyone values the importance of education as much as they should. From examination of completion rates and analysis of standardized tests, it is clear that America is falling behind many countries, Japan in particular. This disparity between America and Japan is shown not only in academics, but also in competition for jobs. The better the education people achieve, the more advancements the country can have, and the more successful that nation will be as a whole. America needs to refocus its value on education to emphasize its importance to avoid falling behind on a global scale of educated citizens.
One of the main reasons America is falling behind Japan is that the high school drop out rate in America is 1.2 million students a year, which is 6,000 students a day (The Broad Center). The fact that this many students are forfeiting their education everyday is disturbing. Students can just ease their way through and earn a high school degree; so dropping out shouldn’t even be an option. In Japan, the drop out rate is significantly lower and graduating high school is Japan is much more challenging. With all the resources available in American high schools, there is no excuse for why American students are dropping out. Why wouldn’t U.S. students just graduate from high school if it were that easy and improve their life so much more?
There are many reasons why students drop out of high school...

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