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13th Amendment Definition

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In 1865, the time where enslaved African-Americans were liberated, reconstruction began. Reconstruction in the United States of America started when the 13th amendment was established. The thirteenth amendment was considered a reconstruction amendment along with the fourteenth and fifteenth amendment. The thirteenth amendment purpose was to ban slavery and involuntary servitude. The fourteenth amendment defined natural citizenship and granted every citizen equal rights. The fifteenth amendment declares every citizen the right to vote. The reconstruction amendments are viewed as a constructive apparatus for the United States judicial system. However, the thirteenth amendment includes exceptions to who's granted freedom rights. “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as …show more content…
The thirteenth amendment allows slavery in correctional facilities, whereas the slave owners are the authority and the slaves are the inmates. It seems as if slavery has not been revoked but reinvented instead. Researchers have found an increasing number in the prison population since the Reconstruction Era. Currently, the United States makes up 5% of the world’s population but holds 25% of the world’s prisoners. Also, according to the NAACP, “African Americans are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate as whites.” (NAACP, 1). When one analyzes all the evidence, the idea of slavery being reinvented in America is substantial. The impact of the thirteenth amendment clause on society as a whole, has been negatively effective. However, the impact of the thirteenth amendment clause on the African American society has been overwhelmingly unfavorable. Many African Americans are not aware of this disadvantage. The clause has been constantly praised in the African American community, therefore it is not viewed as a disadvantage. The appraisal began in

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