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Individual Assignment Company Reports
Individual Assignment: Sales Strategy and communication – (20% of total marks available)
Due session 6 in class This individual assignment is designed to give the student a practical approach of how to find and qualify potential customers for an organisation they may be working for as a sales person.
It is also designed to highlight the importance of research in developing effective sales strategies.
You will also develop an understanding of why it is important to have a sound knowledge of both your company and the potential company you wish to sell to, the market in which you are operating and the competitive landscape. The objective of the report is to uncover essential and relevant information that can be used in your Sales Call and Sales Presentations In this assignment you are required to write a 3-4 page business report. This is a B2B report not B2C
You are required to choose a company whose product(s) you wish to sell (you will be assuming the role of a sales representative for the company you select)
This company will also be used for your Group assignment.
This is to be agreed upon by all group members prior to the commencement of this individual section. Then select the organisation that would potentially be a suitable candidate for your product (Buyer)
N.B., the company you select must not be already buying the product from the selling company.
Each group member is to select a different buying organisation for this section,
The most suitable buying organisation will then be selected to be used in your second assignment. You are required to research in detail both the selling and buying companies you have selected.
You will also be required to give an overview of the Industry/Market these companies operate in as well as their respective competitors You will also need to justify...

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