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Q3W4 Day 1 - 4 :

Duration : 1 hour

Resources : chalkboard, pentel pen, cartolina, chalk, copy

Reading Reference : I’m Glad a Little Guy by Carlos P. Romulo, I am a Filipino by Carlos P. Romulo

Objectives : At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:

Employ a variety of cohesive devices in composing short written personal discourse.

Organize information gathered from primary and secondary reference.

Compose a capsule biography of person interviewed using appropriate literary and cohesive device.

Use predictive and anticipatory devices/tasks to activate prior knowledge about the topic reading/viewing selection.

Respond to ideas, issues, and concerns presented in a reading or viewing selection in creative form.

Arrange words in clusters.

Use variety of expressions to affirm, to negate, to see further clarification and to summarize points in a dialogue or interview.

Note specific details of text listened to. Formulate assumptions and predictions about the content of the narrative text.

Prepare a list of available primary and secondary information resources concerning a particular topic.

Introduction : Show students a picture of a small guy and a big guy. It may be a small guy carrying a heavy load and a big guy carrying small load.

Ask students to describe/say something about the picture. List down all the words they have given.

E.g small big strong little tall hercules dwarf giant mighty

Have students arrange the words in clusters

Task 1 Look for words in the puzzle that mean the following.

a. Noticeable b. Weaker party c. Obstacle d. Looked down e. Tell secrets f. Popular

C |O |N |S |P |I |C |U |O |U |S |B |C | |E |U |Y |L |M |P |I |C |U |O |U |S |U | |A |B |N |D |R |O |M |C |O |P |K |P |C | |H |I |N |D |R |A |N |C |E |B |C |D |O | |D |O |L |C |E |L |E |B |R |A |T |E |D | |B |U |N |D |E |R |R |A |I |E |D |N |O | |M |N |D |O |I |L |D |G |H |J |I |L |M | |U |N |D |E |R |B |O |G |O |W |I |S |E | |C |O |N |F |I |D |E |L |G |Y |M |U |T | |
Task 2:

Have students read the text “I’m Glad I’m a Little Guy” by Carlos P. Romulo

Analysis: Group Work

Have students answer the following:

Group 1 Point out reference to Carlos P. Romulo’s height. What did Mr. Vishisky, the Soviet delegate said to Carlos P. Romulo? Why did Romulo consider this an insult?

Group 2 How did Romulo take it? How would you characterize Romulo in his response to Vinshinkys insult?

Group 3 Cite three instances in the selection that show Romulo’s wit and humor.

Group 4 What does Romulo mean by the following, “Beethoven and Admiral Wilson were both five feet four inches tall, but they were giants, like the philosopher Kant who stood a bare five feet high”?

Group 5 Enumerate events in the life of Romulo that had to do with his littleness.



If you were Carlos P. Romulo, would you protect the dignity of our country the same way he did? Why?


Imagine that you were born in Carlos P. Romulo’s time. Pretend you were his friend. Write a short note/paragraph about Carlos P. Romulo and how he is different from others.


Reseach on the life of Carlos P. Romulo or the life of your favorite Philippine Hero.

Day 2

Reading Reference: I am a Filipino.

Introduction :

Show students pictures of the different Heroes.

Apolinario Jose Rizal Carlos P. Romulo Ninoy Aquino Me Mabini

Ask: 1. Who are the pictures above? 2. What is common about the pictures?

Task 1:

Choose the letter of the correct meaning of the underlined word.

1. Every Filipino should look at the land as hollowed spot. a. Sacred b. useful c. critical 2. The office with all the appurtenances was used to the foreigner. a. Personnel b. equipment c. records 3. Inexhaustible wealth can still be found in Philippine forests. a. Unimportant b. not used up c. meaningless 4. Filipino should shake off the lethargy in them. a. Ignorance b. hostility c. indifference 5. Some look at the Filipinos forlorn figures. a. Exploited b. deserted c. useless

Task 2: Have students answer the following: 1. Why is the land hallowed spot to the writer? 2. Give examples of great Filipino heroes who fought for freedom of the people. 3. Why is the Filipino referred to as the marriage of the East and the West. 4. State the authors pledge. 5. Based on the essay, what description of the Filipino can you make?

Have students read the essay “I am a Filipino”

Discussion of Parallelism

Parallelism is a device used to emphasize the importance of ideas by repeating the same grammatical structure in a series of words, phrases, clauses or sentences. Observe the use of parallel structure in these examples taken from the essay:

a. Inferior of a glorious past, hostage of the uncertain future b. The task of meeting my responsibility to the past and the task of performing my obligation to the future.

Group Work

Group 1. Can we consider Carlos P. Romulo as one of the greatest Filipino? Why? What positions in the government did Carlos P. Romulo hold?

Group 2. Study the following lines taken from the essay. What two separate ideas are expressed? a. Inheritor of a glorious past, heritage of an uncertain future. b. The task of meeting my responsibility to the past and the task of performing my obligation to the future.

Group 3. Look for examples of parallelism taken from the essay

Group 4. Enumerate some historical references mentioned in the essay.

Group 5. What should we be proud of as a Filipino?


How will you show that you are proud of being a Filipino? Enumerate ways.


Create a short paragraph showing how proud you are for being a Filipino. Start your paragraph with…

I’m proud I am a Filipino…


Compare yourself with Carlos P. Romulo. Write a short paragraph that shows comparison and contrast between you and Carlos P. Romulo.

Day 3


Task 1:

Show students a blank personal data sheet. Ask them to fill up a personal data sheet. Show students personal data sheet of Carlos P. Romulo.

Ask the students the difference of the two PDS.

What details can you find in Carlos P. Romulo’s PDS which you cannot find in your PDS? From Carlos P. Romulo’s PDS, what can you say about him?

Task 2:

Analyze the following sentences:

1. The graves, however, were all around them as a reminder of their struggles and loss.

2. First, he would have to have the roof fixed, or they would not be able to stay there for long.

3. Myca is beautiful, but she is greedy.


1. How would you call the underlined words?

2. What are cohesive devices/transition devices?

3. What is/are functions of cohesive device?


Cohesive Devices are transition device/transitions. Transitions connect ideas by establishing relationships, such as time, contrast, result, and addition, between the ideas.

Transitions Grouped by Kinds of Relationship

Time Contrast

After final at last finally however on the other hand
Afterward first soon sooner or later in contrast yet
Before later next at this point indeed but During meanwhile once at the same time instead nor
Earlier since in time nevertheless nonetheless
Then until eventually on the contrary otherwise

Result Addition or Example
As a result so also in addition
Because then and moreover
Consequently therefore besides too
On account of thus for example
So furthermore

Task 3: Listening Text:

Listen as the teacher reads the biographical sketch of Carlos P. Romulo. Have students look at Carlos P. Romulo’s PDS while listening. Have students take note of the cohesive device markers used in the listening text.

Analysis: Guided/Controlled Grammar)

Pick-out the transitional device used in the following sentences:

1. We played ten innings of softball on the field. Later in the afternoon, we piled into the tractor for a ride to the pond.

2. The dragons in Tolkien’s books are dangerous enemies of people, elves and dwarves. McCaffrey’s dragons are loyal, obedient, companions to the men and women who ride them.

3. The cable cars stopped running at midnight. Consequently, the tourists walked ten blocks up and down and the hills to their car.

4. Many writers of science fiction use imaginary world to make serious comments about modern problems. Startrek, for example, often focused on the problem of competition for natural resources.

5. Terri finished putting the final coat of paint on the house. Afterward, her father helped her return the equipment to the garage.


Using the students answer in the different activities, ask students the importance of cohesive device/transitions in writing a composition.

Application: (Extended Grammar)

Combine the two ideas using appropriate cohesive device.

(Result) 1. Kurt had not made a single mistake when he finished his routine on the parallel bars. He received a perfect score from the judges.

(Time)2. We waited at the train station for over two hours. Poor Marie was looking for us at the bus depot.

(Contrast)3. The crisp cool air and colorful foliage make autumn my favorite season. I’ve always liked the warm breezes and fresh green of spring.

(Addition)4. We may soon be eating foods that come from sea farming. Algae is a high-protein crop now being harvested.

(Result)5. The snow continued to fall through the night to fall through the night. School was cancelled the next day.

(Contrast) 6. Some of the city workers travel to their jobs by car. Many workers prefer a more economical form of commuting such as the bus.

(Addition)7. The country’s citizens protested the high unemployment and the low standard of living. Many believed the ruler had accumulated riches at their expense.

(Time)8. Some animals left their imprints in mud long ago. The mud with the imprints hardened forming fossils.

(Result)9. Mark stayed up half the night to cram for his biology exam. He fell asleep in the middle of the test.

(Addition)10. Rattlesnakes release a deadly poison through their hollow teeth or fangs, when they bite. Copperheads and water moccasins are poisonous.


1. What is a biography?

2. Research about the biography of your favorite Philippine National Hero.

Day 4


Ask students to take a look at the PDS of Carlos P. Romulo and compare it with his biography. Answer:

1. What ideas/information can you get from the biography which is also present in the PDS?

2. What ideas/information can you get from the PDS which is not present in the biography?

3. How would you differentiate the two? (PDS and biography)

Task 1

Have students answer the following:

1. What is a biography?

2. What information can you get from a biography?

3. Study the Biography of Carlos P. Romulo.

4. What transition devices are used in the text?

Task 2

Have students fill up an information sheet.


Have them exchange information sheet and try to construct a biography of their classmates using cohesive device/transition.

Let the students give the biography to their partner to identify the different cohesive device used in the biography.


Have them return the biography to their partner for revision.


Make a personal essay about your favorite national hero using transition devices.

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