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500days of Summer

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Do Hoon Kim
Professor Dr. McKowen
ENGL 106
21 September 2011
Film Paper : (500) Days of Summer Have you ever fallen in love or dated someone? If so (500) Days of Summer will appeal to you. It is a Fox Searchlight Pictures production, Marc Webb is the name of the chief director, and the cast includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tom Hansen and Zooey Deschanel as Summer Finn. The film was released on 7th August 2009. For some people who have not watched the film, I would strongly recommend them to watch. Regardless of gender, I am sure that anyone who has had an experience of a relationship or love could sincerely sympathize with the story of the film. As the movie progresses, the audience can see emotional growth in Tom, disbelief about destined events, and a change of mind in Summer Finn about love and relationship.
The movie starts with the narrator’s saying “this is a story that a boy meets a girl.”, and a scene shows Summer is putting her hand over Tom’s hand and smiling. According to the narrator, Summer is just another girl of average except she wasn’t. Tom meets Summer on January 8th, finding her from 400,000 office buildings, 91,000 commercial buildings and 3.8 million which can be explained by a word, “fate”. When Tom meets Summer on the first day, he feels that Summer is the one who he has been looking for. On the 4th day, Tom meets Summer in elevator and Summer shows an interest in music, she likes Smiths which Tom was listening. On the 8th day, during the company party celebrating Millie’s engagement, Tom and Summer had a conversation, talking about where Summer was from, how long Tom has worked for the company and Tom’s major in college. Tom said that he majored in Architect and Summer was wondering why Tom works in greeting card company. On the 22nd day, Tom was whining to McKenzie and Paul about Summer that it has not been working out well between

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