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A Merging Issue in Human Services


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A Merging Issue in the Human Services Field

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Medical Marijuana

Can Marijuana Be a Medicine?

“In April 2010, the Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Interim Committee decided to review issues related to the Montana Medical Marijuana Act. The committee acted in response to questions being raised across the state because of the growth in the number of people registered to use medical marijuana and to grow marijuana for medical purposes.” According to what I have read and understand from this committee in Montana, they wanted to try and have stricter rules placed as to how much a person can receive medical marijuana a month, who can grow it and dispense it, where it can be used by the patients, and the qualifications needed to use it. These are just the few things they wanted to look into, changed and got approved. Given what I have just learned from this I do not see the problem with medical marijuana. It is like all other medical drugs being given to patients. People complain that it should not be legalized because it is addicting or it will make it easier for people to obtain. You’ll hear about people lying to their doctors in order to get a hold of it and sell it. The thing is that it is no different from many other medical drugs. Many drugs, like Oxycodone/Acetaminophen (Percocet), are very addicting drugs. Marijuana is more of an emotional addiction compared to medical drugs that can cause a physical addiction. Drugs like these are obtained by many people who complain about pain but in reality they sell it to people who are addicted to it. Yet, doctors and the community have no problem or complain about it being prescribed. It is something people use to help them feel better from whatever strong pain they have. A Percocet can really help someone who really does need it.Same goes for medical marijuana; it used to help someone who is really sick and ill. The same way marijuana is in the streets, is the same way you can find Percocet’s in the streets. People have a bad perception about marijuana; so, to think of it as a medicine might be a little much for people to take in. I think that it will take time for people to start adjusting to this type of medicine. If the government can place all the right regulations it should not be a problem. The same way there are laws for all other medical drugs there should be laws and regulations for medical marijuana.


Emerging Issue: Medical Marijuana. (2013, March 6). . Retrieved July 23, 2014, from

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