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A Most Impressive Place I’ve Ever Been


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A most impressive place I’ve ever been
After seeing so many views, a place kept occupying the most in my heart, which is named after Phoenix. A county of western Hunan province on the Luxi province border , at the south of Huaihua zone, covered an area of 1759.1 k㎡.
Because of the rain, it has already turned into dark when we arrived. A blast of wind firstly blowed the smell of Phoenix County, mixed with the flavor of wet earth and grass, into my nose. It refreshed me soon and took all the discomfort away. As soon as I placed my luggage, I flew out from the hotel and couldn’t wait to unveil the view any more.
In the dim light, I began to observe this lovely village. Even though it was evening, the phoenix was still shining and touching. On the both side of the road, fascinating bars lined abreast. Happy laughers and cheerful voices came out, enticing smell of food drifted in the air. A range of ethnic goods displayed at the roadside stands. The Tuo River just goes across the county from the west side to the east side, separating this town into two parts. However, those two parts are connected by a special kind of bridge, called ‘hundred- step bridge’. Strictly speaking, it’s not a bridge but a construction built with hundreds of respective stones. My foot stamped down on those stones as discreet as possible. Noises continued spreading from side to side until the night was filled with boisterous scenes. Bright lights reflected upon the water, breezes swept over causing many tiny ripples which, anyway, was destroyed by raindrops. I stood at the edge stone of this bridge quietly for a while to discern, seemingly found the same view in Shen chongwen’s eyes and the same beauty under his pen. Weicheng, a book written by Shen, was the reason I came here .Therefore every time I thought it, I could always exude an air of ineffable thrill, isn’t it wonderful that I’ve been a part of my favorite book. The day I left Phoenix County was still raining. Fog hanged over the top of mountains in distance, and the whole town was dyed with inky color. I said goodbye to this marvelous scenery, breathed the scent in the air once more and took on the bus eastward.

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