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1. Review the history of Alphatec from 1989 through 1996. What was Charn Uswachoke’s long term business strategy for Alphatec? Do you think it was a well-founded strategy?

-He wanted Alphatec to provide fully integrated turnkey Integrated circuit packaging and testing services at competitive rates and high quality.
-They hoped to develop long-term strategic relationships with leading semiconductor manufacturers
-Wanted to capitalize on two trends: subcontracting of packing and testing, attractiveness of Southeast Asia due to their low operating costs and heavy concentration of tech manufacturing in the area.

2. How was the Alphatec group structured as of 1996? What was the scope of its businesses and what was its financial condition? How well-governed was this business from the viewpoint of public company shareholders?

3. How did Charn react to the growing financial troubles at Alphatec? What steps did Alphatec’s board of directors take?

4. Besides negotiating with creditors, what kinds of problems did the new top management team of Mollerstuen and de Vries encounter in running the distressed company? 5. Why were Mollerstuen and de Vries so persistent in trying to keep Alphatec from liquidating? 6. As of late 1997 Alphatec was clearly unsound from a financial standpoint. Was it also unsound from an economic standpoint. That is, given appropriate financing, could the company return to profitability after reorganization?
7. How does the Thai bankruptcy law work? How did the 1998 amendments change the law?
8. Why was it so difficult for the various interested parties to agree on a restructuring plan for Alphatec?

• History of alphatec group o Creates submicron, to be Thailand’s first state of the art wafer fabrication facility at a cost of 1.1 billion. Initial financing includes $350 million of debt provided by 26 banks and

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