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Abortion Is Always Wrong

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“Abortion is always wrong” Discuss.
There are situations that even the actual birth of the baby will cause a serious problem to the mother. If we think about the case of a young teenage girl who get pregnant early, or the situation of a middle school girl who was rape, we would see it's very dangerous to force her to keep the baby. There could be serious repercussions if she does not get the nutrition she needs during her pregnancy or correct pre-natal care. Death rate during birth and chances for a premature or otherwise unhealthy baby is also dramatically higher among young mothers. We have no right to ask her to take a great danger just to give birth to unwanted child. We should respect her decision whether or not she will keep the baby.

If the woman doesn't want the baby but she does not have an abortion, and she is forced to give over her body as a life support system to something else, she may resent the child unfairly for the burden it has placed upon her. When the child is being born by a mother who does not want it or at least is not ready to have it, that may lead to child abuse or mistreating, the child can not live in a good environment eventually will become a burden for the society. That's why forcing the woman to give birth to unwanted child not only ruin her life but also create unfortunate future for the child.

The right to a legal abortion is one of the few subjects on which nearly everyone has an opinion. Those who think abortion should be readily available are called "pro-choice", while those looking to restrict the rights of women are called "anti-choice". There are many incorrect arguments used by anti-choicer as propaganda. The most common of all is to say that abortion is murder. This is quite unreasonable. The definition of "murder" is to bring an end to the life of a living thing. Using the anti-choice analysis, the use of…...

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