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W. P. Carey MBA Admissions
Essay Questions – Evening MBA and Online MBA

MBA Applicants are required to submit answers to essay questions during the online application process. Essays may be typed in the document below, saved and uploaded in one document when requested during the online application. Responses to each essay question should be no more than two pages using 1.5 line spacing. Please begin each question on a new page.

Essay Question #1
Explain how your past accomplishments have prepared you for the W. P. Carey MBA.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” A famous saying from the movie Forrest Gump pretty much describes my situation. In my earlier life, I never thought I would come to US for my master of engineering, work as an electrical engineer at Force10networks (it was acquired by DELL recently), and now pursue an MBA. My past accomplishments that have prepared me for the W.P. Carey MBA include teaching mathematics in Taiwan, coming to US to improve myself, earning my engineering masters at the University of Arizona, and working as electrical design engineer at force10networks.

Before I came to US, I had taught mathematics from high school level to college calculus for seven years. The reason that I like teaching is I like to sense students’ issues of learning mathematics. I like to communicate with them, and to help them succeed in achieving their mathematics grades. The teaching experience made me learn to listen to students’ needs, to develop an efficient and easy way for students to learn mathematics, and to become a good mentor. As I believe, having the ability to sense people’s needs and to develop a solution to make people happy made me a popular and successful teacher in Taiwan. At that time; I was satisfied with my

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