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Application Letter
April 14, 2006
Mr. Dominico Chua
Employment Manager
MILY Corporation
13764 Linda Blair
Roanoke, VA 24019 Dear Mr. Chua:
From your company's web site I learned about your need for a sales representative for the Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina areas. I am very interested in this position with MILY’s, and believe that my education and employment background are appropriate for the position.
While working toward my master's degree, I was employed as a sales representative with a small dairy foods firm. I increased my sales volume and profit margin appreciably while at Farmer's Foods, and I would like to repeat that success in the pharmaceutical industry. I have a strong academic background in biology and marketing, and think that I could apply my combination of knowledge and experience to the health industry. I will complete my master's degree in marketing in mid-May and will be available to begin employment in early June.
Enclosed is a copy of my resume, which more fully details my qualifications for the position.
I look forward to talking with you regarding sales opportunities with MILY’s. Within the next week I will contact you to confirm that you received my email and resume and to answer any questions you may have.
Thank you for your consideration.
Jhames Bond
Sales Letter
Digital Product
# 457 Ayala St.
Makati City
July 15, 2007
Dr. Jean Sasan
School Administrator
Saint jean College
Pasay City
Dear Dr. Sasan:
Busy executives stay ahead of paperwork even when they are out of the office. They do with Digital Product’s remarkable new vest pocket secretary.
It’s so small and light you can slip it in your pocket and take it anywhere. Yet it packs full-hour ideas, letters, memos and reports on a Single Micro-Cassette. You can hear the recording with astonishing clarity – all with a touch of a single button.
Digital Products are sold just about everywhere.
See your Digital Product dealer for additional information or a demonstration.
Sincerely yours,
Vincent Linloln
Marketing Director

Order Letter
August 6, 2001
Mr. John Loid
#415 Greenhills Street
San Fernando, Pampanga
Dear Mr. Loid:
Will you kindly send me two of the portable lunch boxes – order number 2b36 – as advertised in Daily Inquirer of yesterday, August 5. Please charge this purchase to my account.
I shall especially appreciate your usual prompt delivery, as I plan to give one of the lunch boxes to my daughter, who is leaving on a vacation within three days. One is to be delivered to me at my address, above, and the other to 124 Meadow Street, San Juan, Pampanga.

Very truly yours,
Victoring dela Cruz

Claim Letter

3000 East James Road
Alexandria, VA 22303
July 20, 1997

Mr. Rodolfo Tumbaga IV, Manager
Professional Computing, Inc.
2500 Leesburg Pike, Suite 10
Alexandria, VA 22300

Dear Mr. Tumbaga:

I am pleased with the Pentium computer that I purchased from you on July 10, 1997. However, I have discovered one problem that needs to be corrected.

When I purchased the computer, I requested a Matrox Millennium graphics accelerator with a 4 megabyte base board. When I picked up the computer, I signed a statement on the invoice that the computer was configured properly. However, as you can see from an attached copy of the invoice, it does not make clear how much memory was installed with the accelerator. Before signing the statement, I asked about the amount of memory that had been installed. Your salesman, Richard Riley, told me that my system contained a board with 4 MB of memory.

Unfortunately, I have since discovered that my system has only 2 MB of memory. I am upset about the lack of memory since I am unable to produce the project for which I specifically purchased my new computer.

I need to have the memory installed as soon as possible, or I will return the computer within the 30-day period allowed in the sales contract. Please let me know when I can bring the computer in for service. You can reach me at home (572-3304) or at work (634-6803).


Iya Santos
Adjustment Letter
August 1, 1992
Shaine Maglin
MCE Enterprise
Sta. Cruz, Lubao
Dear Mr. Maglin:
Thank you very much for writing us as you did in your letter of July 15, concerning the teaspoons which you sent us about a month ago for exchange.
Surely, there is no excuse whatever for our keeping five teaspoons for one month for the simple matter of changing the finish. We are frank in confessing that a mistake in our repair department is responsible for this delay, and that we have accordingly taken this department to task.
We are sending you today five teaspoons, French finish, no charge to replace the five teaspoons, bright finish which you sent us.
We are mighty sorry that this delay occurred. You may be sure that we shall make every effort to see that it does not occur again.

Very truly yours,
Xune Hong
General Manager

Inquiry Letter
July 2, 2008
Mr. Rodrigo Negor
Personnel Director
Technote Corporation
3152 Bridge Avenue
Boston, MA 02154

Dear Mr. Negor:
May I ask a favor of you? Randy del Lunan, a representative of the Leverage Company, recently told me of your success in managing Technote’s training program for the hardcore unemployed. Our firm is presently planning such a program, and we would appreciate information about the mind-set section of your program.
We expect to begin our training sessions on approximately August 1. I believe we are prepared for the remedial-education and job-skills portion of the program, but we need help with mind-set section. Specifically, we would appreciate knowing who you employed to teach that section, the major emphasis in the section, and the length of the section in relation to the entire programs.
I congratulate you on your success in managing Technote’s program, and I believe your ideas would help us solve this long-neglected problem, also. I look forward to hearing from you.

Very truly yours,

Barbie Reanclon
Managing Director
Reply Letter
2720 Euclid Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19110
April 15, 2012
Jams Kim, Assistant Director
Philippine Association of Community Service Organizations
7210 Quezon Avenue, Suite 223
Manila, DC 20036
Dear Mr. Kim:
I enclose my resume in response to your announcement in The Washington Post for a Community Research Analyst.
I am especially interested in this position for several reasons. First, I have six years of thoroughly enjoyable experience in working closely with community service organizations at the local and state levels. Second, I have conducted several practical studies of community service organizations which have resulted in strengthening their roles at the local level. Finally, my research work has placed me at the center of the policy process where I have worked effectively with government officials and other community groups.
I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my experience might best relate to your needs. My combined research and community relations approach may be of special interest to you since it has resulted in some innovative approaches to community action. I will call your office on Tuesday morning April 22, to see if your schedule would permit such a meeting.
I look forward to learning more about your research needs and sharing some of my experiences with you.

Stella Wang

Appointment Letter
January 20, 2010
Richard Stark
Head, Human Resources Department
Red Box Advertising
84 Lafayette Drive,
Dallas, Texas e-mail:
Bush Lambert
35 Penny Avenue,
Boston, Massachusetts
Dear Mr. Lambert,
As you know, our company is currently looking for talented, dynamic and motivated individuals to become part of our creative team. After assessing your application for a position in our organization, we are pleased to inform you that we are considering you for the position of copywriter. As part of the initial screening process, we would like you to come to our offices on January 25, 2010 at 2 pm for testing and a preliminary interview. Look for Mr. David Richman at Suite 452. Please bring your resume and a portfolio of your past work with you to the interview.
If you cannot make it on the above dates, please call Ms. Sheila Benson at 050-862-1458 to reschedule the interview.
We look forward to meeting you!

Respectfully yours,
Xuennie Magallano
Ph Director
Acceptance Letter
May 28, 2010
Molly Culles
Brown Street Boulevard
San Antonio, Texas 4038

Dear Ms. Culles,
Good day! In behalf of the Brix Company, I am writing to acknowledge your letter of resignation. Your resignation from the position of Assistant Manager of the Planning Department effective from July 1, 2010 is accepted.
Your contract of employment states that you will work until June 25, 2010. For the separation details, we are giving you a severance pay equivalent to three months salary. We will also be extending your other health and medical privileges for six months.
In behalf of the BrixCompany, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the effort and contribution that you have given to the company. You are truly one of the most loyal and excellent employees we have.
Until then, we wish you well in all of your endeavors. Thank you very much and have a good day.

Yours sincerely,
John Brix
Executive Director
Refusal Letter
Iya S. Tumbaga
4023 Alexander Drive
Denton, TX 76201 Dear Mrs. Tumbaga,
We regret to inform you that your recent request for a leave of absence has been denied. After reviewing your request, we have determined that it would not be possible to accommodate your request at this time.
During the time you requested your leave of absence, out business experiences the highest level of volume throughout the year. It would just not be practical for us to give up one of our best workers during this time. We have trouble making it through this period every year, and without you, we don’t think we would be able to make it through.
We strongly suggest you resubmit your request, but with a different time period attached.

The Management

Invitation Letter
November 29, 2008
Mr. & Mrs.Navarro
Gabon, Abucay, Bataan

Dear Mr & Mrs. Navarro:
Greetings of Peace and Good Will.
We are pleased to inform you that BATAAN HEROES MEMORIAL COLLEGE is celebrating her 30th (Pearl) Anniversary on December 7-11, 2008.
For the steadfast confidence and unwavering loyalty you and your family have reposed to BATAAN HEROES MEMORIAL COLLEGE by entrusting to her the education of at least three (3) of your children and who are now successful practitioners in their respective fields, the college administration deems it proper and fitting to award you with a Plaque of Recognition.
In this regard, may we cordially invite you together with your professional alumni children to receive your award in a program for the alumni and parents on December 7, 2008 at 3:00 pm at Joyous Resort and Restaurant? (Please present this letter to the Registration Officials when you come to Joyous Resort and Restaurant on December 7, 2008 at 3:00 pm).
We hope to deserve your attendance. BHMC shall be deeply honored with your presence in this once-in-a-lifetime affair.

Very truly yours,
Dominico Chua
College Administrator
Regret Letter
December 9,2012

Tom Atkinson
14 Edith Street,
Hackney West,

Dear Jerome Lunan,

I was pleased to receive and examine your proposal on June 10. Thank you for your interest in rendering cleaning services at our construction sites.

I regret, however, that we are unable to accept your proposal. Although I find the services outlined in your proposal to be of high quality, we are currently under two-year contract with Jean's Disposal for similar services. After the contract expires, however, we will be pleased to discuss the possibility of doing business in the future.

Thanks again for your proposal. I do appreciate your time and effort and wish you the best in the future.


John Loid Madamba

Introduction Letter
Coach Daniel Wilson
P.O. Box 3340
Collegedale, State 11220-3340

Dear Von Human,
My name is Smith Tumbaga. I am a high school junior, class of 2012.
I have recently started my search for a college to further my education. Blink University is high on my list of choices.
I wish to continue playing baseball in college. It is my hope to do so for a program like State Baseball.
I have enclosed a brief attachment which outlines my personal, academic, and baseball information.
It is my understanding that NCAA rules do not allow contact with a high school baseball player until July 1, after his junior year. It is my hope that you will have this information at the appropriate time.
Please send me any information regarding the Tiger baseball program, school admission requirements, financial aid, upcoming camp schedules, or any other helpful information.
I look forward to learning more about Blink University, and the Tiger baseball program.

Sincerely, Smith Tumbaga
110 Evergreen Drive
Cityview, State 16607

Recommendation Letter
To Whom it May Concern: Antita Job was employed as an Administrative Assistant from 2002 – 2005. During her time at Inatech, Antita was responsible for office support, including word processing, scheduling appointments and creating brochures, newsletters, and other office literature.
Antita fulfilled employment responsibilities with little supervision. The position required interaction with the public, as well as the ability to liaise between different departments. Success was dependant on strong communication and interpersonal skills.
I am happy to act as a reference for Antita and can speak to her customer service skills, work ethic, computer literacy, and professionalism. Please feel free to contact me should you require further information. Sincerely, Tom Jones
Community Involvement Coordinator
123 Clipnton Street
Referral Letter

Iya Santos
Main St. Company
123 Main St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103 January 4, 2012
Mr. Rodolfo Tumbaga
Acme Company
456 Main St.
Philadelphia, PA 12345

Dear Mr. Tumbaga,
It is my pleasure to recommend Misla Applicant, his performance working as a consultant for Main St. Company proved that he will be a valuable addition to any company.
I have known Misla for two years in my capacity as Assistant Manager at Main St. Company. Misla worked for me on various projects as a consultant, and based on his work, I would rank him as one of the best consultants we have ever had.
Misla distinguished himself by consistently submitting exceptionally well-researched and well-written reports on our clients. Misla is highly intelligent and has good analytical and communication skills.
If his performance in our company is a good indication of how he would perform in yours, he would be an extremely positive asset to your program.
If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,
Iya Santos
Resignation Letter
January 3, 2012
Ms. Martha Linda
ABC Company
15 Main St.
Sometown, MA 55555
Dear Linda,
Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from my position as staff accountant. My last day of employment will be June 22, 2012.
I received an offer to serve as senior accountant of a Fortune 500 company, and after careful consideration, I realize that this opportunity is too exciting for me to decline.
It has been a pleasure working with you and your team over the last three years. One of the highlights of my career was collaborating with you to automate ABC Company’s accounting, financial and balance systems and setting up your accounting infrastructure. Your company is poised for continued growth and I wish you much success with your upcoming acquisition of XYZ Company.
I would like to help with the transition of my accounting duties so that systems continue to function smoothly after my departure. I am available to help recruit and train my replacement, and I will make certain that all reporting and records are updated before my last day of work.
Linda, thank you again for the opportunity to work for ABC Company. I wish you and your staff all the best and I look forward to staying in touch with you. You can email me anytime at or call me at 555-555-5555.

Sincerely, Riko Blanco

Termination Letter
Trixy Pom
HR Director
ABC Company
123 Anywhere Street
Somewhereville, Best State 88889
January 1, 2011
Mr. Ryan Bekham
456 Somewhere Road
Best Town, Best State 88888
Dear Mr. Bekham:
We regret to inform you that your employment with ABC Company is hereby terminated immediately.
Despite verbal and written warnings about your performance, you have not obtained the performance objectives we set on 11/5/2009 and reviewed again on 12/10/2009. Please return your desk key and id badge to the security desk.
As part of your separation from ABC Company and per company policy, we will be providing you with two weeks’ severance pay. Please also note that all other benefits will end on the termination date including your health and dental insurance. Please contact the health insurance company directly for information on COBRA options.
Should you have any questions about your benefits or other details about your termination, please contact Jr Santos in HR at (123) 456-7890.
ABC Company wishes you the best in your future employment. Sincerely, Trixy Pom
Congratulation Letter
Lantert Company
1332 Quezon City
Quezon, Lina
December 6 , 2011
Rodya Tumbaga
1332 Agapita St. Val. City
Quezon, Lina

Dear Riza,
Congratulations on completing the requirements for your Certification.
Doing all that extra work while continuing in your full time position was extremely ambitious, and took a lot of effort and dedication on your part.
I'm sure it was worth it all, knowing that your achievement will make such a positive difference in your career path. Well done!

Rodya Tumbaga
Condolence Letter
December 31, 1998

Dear Margaretta,
I was so sorry to hear about the death of your sister. I know how close you were to her, not just as sisters, but also as best friends. I am so sad for your loss.
While nothing that I can say will make you feel better at this time, I would like you to know that I am here for you and available if you need me. A family death brings a lot of new responsibilities and I can help.
I’ll be happy to babysit your kids if your regular caregiver is unavailable. I’d also be happy to make phone calls or help you make arrangements. I plan to bring over several casseroles that may help tide your family through the funeral and all of the following activities so you don’t have to worry about cooking.
I’ve spoken with Jessica and Sarah and they are also planning to bring food over. All of us are just looking for a word from you so that we can help you through this tough time. If you’re just looking for a shoulder to cry on, we are also available.
Is there anything that you have hanging over your head at work that we can help you out on? We’ll be happy to pitch in here, too. Just let us know.
Again, my deepest sympathy to you and your family during this sorrowful time. Please let me know how I can help.


Appreciation Letter

Quezon, Lina
December 1,2011

Rodolfo Tumbaga
ASD Company
1332 Valenzuela St. Marulas City

Dear Mr./Ms. Lunan,
Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing my career goals and recommending strategies for achieving them. Your advice was very helpful and gave me a new perspective on available opportunities.
I especially appreciate your offer to connect me to others in your network. I plan on following up with the contacts you emailed me right away. I will also use the online networking resources you recommended to further my job search.
Any additional suggestions you may have would be welcome. I'll update you as my search progresses.
Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.

Best Regards,

Rodolfo Tumbaga

Instruction Letter
Mary S. Tumbaga
4468 Straford Park
Owingsville, KY 40360 Dear Mary,

If you are reading this, it means I have passed away. This is not supposed to be a sad time but a celebration of the life I have lived…
I want to distribute the following assets to the following people (this will all be verified by my will)
- I wish to give my house to my daughter, Iya. She always loved that house, and I think she would be the best caretaker of it when I am gone.
- I wish to give my two (2) cars to my son Raymond. He always loved driving to the farm with me in them.
I wish for everyone to enjoy these gifts.

Rodolfo Santos
Notification Letter
Clinsi K. Patchen
858 Saint Francis Way
Brookfield, WI 53005 Dear Mr. Patchen,
You are hereby notified that a lawsuit in the name of Geraldin D. Anderson has been filed against you. Geraldin D. Anderson is a client of ours, and we are going to be representing them in future legal proceedings.
Geraldin D. Anderson’s claims against you include: - On November 23rd, 2009, You, Mr. Patchen, damages a 2004 Chevy Camaro that was sitting in Geraldin D. Anderson’s driveway at 3007 Pinnickinick Street - When approached on November 24th about the incident, you pushed Geraldin D. Anderson to the ground, causing pain and suffering
To respond to these claims, we highly suggest you hire legal representation. You will be receiving more information soon as to when the discovery hearings will be taking place.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 342-342-6544
Pace Law Firm
Solicitation Letter
November 25, 2010
Gid’s General Merchandise
Roxas Blvd. Quezon City

Dear Sir/Madam:
Rolly Inc. will hold its Christmas Party on December 22, 2010. On this particular and special day, we would like to ask your kind assistance to support this activity.
Any amount or good that will be given to us will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance and may the good Lord shower you more of His blessings in the coming years.
Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Sincerely yours,
John Patricko

Credit Letter
February 27, 2004
Ms. Ann Hope
LA Gadget Emporium
119 S. Vineyard Ave.
Ontario, CA 91761
Dear Ms. Hope:
Thank you for your credit application and your order. We appreciate your business and the fact that you have chosen Better Widget Makers, Inc. as your primary source for
Widgets and Widget accessories. More and more people are recognizing our excellent reputation for fine products and quality service.
We offer convenient credit terms to qualified applicants with the intention of developing a satisfying long-term business relationship. As you know, completing a credit check can take 2-3 weeks. Please bear with us[we are processing your credit application as quickly as possible.
Our company policy requires that all first-time customer orders be shipped COD. This restriction on your account is temporary and will be removed as soon as your new credit line and Net 30 terms have been established.
Pending approval of your request, please accept the introductory 10% discount we have already applied to your current order, and please take advantage of this discount on every order placed with Better Widget Makers, Inc. throughout the month of March.

Meynard Molina
Credit Department
Collection Letter
July 20, 2010
Gold Times Savings and Loan Corporation
Jacksontown, New Orleans
Mr. Richard Corps
325 Privet Avenue
Smithville, New Orleans
Dear Mr. Corps,
According to our records, you have an unpaid balance with us of $8,256.23 for the billing period June 15 to July 14, 2010. As this may be an oversight on your part, we urge you to settle your account with us by July 30 in order to avoid the inconvenience of legal action being taken against you. If you have any questions, you may contact Dean Driver at 025-314-5302.
If you have already paid your overdue balance, please ignore this notice.
Thank you for your prompt action on this matter.

Respectfully yours,
Rodolfo Magallano
Head, Collections Department
Gold Times Savings and Loan Corporation

Remittance Letter
Amsterdam, 16 September 2012

To: Mikka Furniture
Quezon City

Dear Mam,

We thank you for your consignment of garden furniture on the 15th September 2001, the goods have been received in good condition.

We enclose a cheque for EUR Php1000, in full settlement of account towards supply of goods as per your invoice number 82615.

Please acknowledge the receipt of the above mentioned cheque and credit us with the amount. Thanking you in advance.

Sincerely yours,

Rodolfo Tumbaga
ASB Manager Acknowledgment Letter

Dear Benedict,

We have received the Faber Castel that you have returned to our store. The pen is one of a small batch that was damaged during shipping and we have already issued recall notices to other customers who have purchased the product.

We are sending a replacement Faber Castel to you by courier and it should arrive within five business days. Please accept once again our apologies for any inconvenience the product has caused you and we hope to continue being of service to you in the future.

Respectfully yours,

Rodolfo Tubmaga

Transmittal Letter
Dr. Corazon C. Aquino
University Research and Development Office
Technological University of the Philippines
Ayala Boulevard Ermita, Manila

Dear Dr. Aquino:

In compliance with the fulfillment of the requirements on the subject “Technical Communication”, the proponents would like to present the proposal entitled “Proposed Mechanical Flash Dryer”, in accordance with your instructions.

The main purpose of the document is to propose a Mechanical Flash Dryer for small holder farmers. This will help reduce post harvest losses and therefore increase farmer’s productivity.

We hope that this proposal will meet your approval.

Very truly yours,
Mechanical Engineering Group

Proposal Letter
Shaine Santos
Sun Beam Association
69 Marley Point Road
May 14 2010

Dear Mrs.Santos,
QuikPrint Publications is pleased to forward this proposal letter to you, informing you that you have been shortlisted as a potential writer for our established organization. As a publication house, we have a post of 4 writers to fill at the moment and we would be happy to have you join this team.
We require at least 25 non-fiction books annually with partial advance payments at the start of the job and balance payment upon project completion.
If you are agreeable to the job conditions stated, please indicate your price per book and how many copies you can complete within a time frame.
Feel free to contact us at QuikPrint via mailer or telephone for further clarifications. We look forward to hearing from you positively on this proposal.

Yours sincerely,
Rodolfo Tumbaga
QuikPrint Ltd Approval Letter
March 10, 2010
Fisher Associates
Marilao, Bulacn
Jean Contreras
Legal Department

Dear Mr. Contreras,
We have considered your request for a leave of absence to deal with certain personal matters, and we are pleased to inform you that it has been approved. Your leave is set to begin on March 15 and you are expected to return to the office by April 1. During the period in question, you will continue to receive your regular salary through direct deposit and be covered by the company health plan, subject to the terms and conditions set forth by our provider.
Please coordinate with your immediate supervisor regarding any pending work which has yet to be completed, as well as the handling of your regular responsibilities.
Best wishes for the speedy resolution of your family problems.

Sincerely yours,
Robert Dalus
Personnel Manager, Fisher Associates Confirmation Letter
28 May 2010
Kivin Design Group
17992 Mitchell South, Suite 110
Irvine, CA

Dear Mark:
Further to our telephone conversation, I am writing to confirm our meeting on June 6, at 10:30 a.m. at the SM Corporate Office located at the 10th Floor of SM One E-comCenter, Harbor Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Honolulu, HI. Elena Tronco, our Senior Manager, will be joining us.
Until then, please call Jenny, our administrative assistant, at 632-857-0106 if you need more information, or if there is a need to change the date and/or time or our meeting. I am optimistic about what we can accomplish together.

Alexis Sasan
Executive Vice President
SM Group of Companies Reservation Letter
Larochelle Inn
4977 Big Indian
Habanna, Cuba 70062 Dear Larochelle Inn,
Please be informed that I will be traveling to Cuba on July 5th, 2009 and I will be requiring a room at your hotel for the duration of 3 days.
I would like to reserve an ocean view suite that has 2 beds included. I checked on your website, and the price is supposed to be $231 per night.
Please call me at 343-543-5645 to verify my reservation.

Thank you,
Rodolfo Tumbaga

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...Chỉ số Tự do Kinh tế 2012 HERITAGE.ORG/INDEX Chỉ số Tự do Kinh tế 2012 Đẩy mạnh Cơ hội Kinh tế và Thịnh vượng Thực trạng của Việt Nam trong Bảng chỉ số 2012 James M. Roberts Nghiên cứu sinh Qũy Di sản TP.Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam 20-21 tháng Chín, 2012 Chỉ số Tự do Kinh tế 2012 HERITAGE.ORG/INDEX Chỉ số Tự do Kinh tế 2012 Đẩy mạnh Cơ hội Kinh tế và Thịnh vượng “ Về cơ bản , chỉ có hai phương pháp điều phối hàng triệu các hoạt động kinh tế. Phương pháp thứ nhất là tập quyền bao gồm việc áp bức – phương thức của nhà nước chuyên chế hiện đại. Phương pháp kia là sự hợp tác tự nguyện của các cá nhân - phương thức của thương trường.” --Milton Friedman, Chủ nghĩa tư bản và Tự do Chỉ số Tự do Kinh tế 2012 HERITAGE.ORG/INDEX Mười yếu tố Tự do Kinh tế: Bình quân toàn cầu Luật pháp Quyền Tư hữu Tự do Không bị tham nhũng Tự do Công khố Chi tiêu của Chính phủ Vai trò giới hạn của chính quyền Hiệu quả điều tiết Tự do Buôn bán Tự do Lao động Tự do Tiền tệ +0.4 Không thay đổi +1.0 Tự do Thương mại Các thị trường mở Tự do Đầu tư Tự do Tài chính Chỉ số Tự do Kinh tế 2012 HERITAGE.ORG/INDEX Tự do Kinh tế Trung bình Toàn cầu 60.1 59.9 59.6 59.2 59.2 59.6 59.6 59.5 59.4 59.7 59.5 60.2 58.1 57.6 57.5 57.3 57.1 57.2 1995 Index Bảng chỉ số 1995 Bảng chỉ số 2012 2012 Index Chỉ số Tự do Kinh tế 2012 HERITAGE.ORG/INDEX Tăng cường chú ý đối với Gánh nặng Nợ Công Bằng chứng ngắn gọn – Hy Lạp Dân số: 11,2 triệu...

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...Austin Wood 1.    Hot Debate (pg. 4) 1: Yes, the ordinance is lawful. This is because many people put a greater priority on the person they are talking to when they are looking down at their phone. This prevents further car accidents from happening. 2: No, because there was little to no information to back the argument up. 3: Some changes in the ordinance that might make it a better law would be is if there was more information to back up the ordinance for different scenarios or reasoning. 2.    Think Critically About Evidence (pg. 9) 6: Yes, the driver should not have been going as fast as he was and should have been able to stop before hitting someone. 7:  You can get a restraining order in order to get the car driver away from you. 8:  You can sue the band for the cost it would to book them and then for the estimated amount it would cost to book another band. 9:  The end cost of how much it would cost the band to take up the other concert would be less than the total cost of the lawsuit. 3.    Think Critically About Evidence (pg. 15) 9: State, because it would be most likely based on the states laws 10: Constitutional Law would be the governmental body that would make the determination. 11: The valid speed limit would be 55 mph because the state law has superiority. 12: No, the doctrine of stare decisis does not bar the U.S. Supreme court from changing the law declared in Plessy v. ferguson. 13: No, because they are...

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... http://www.adilwaseem...

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...A). Arbeiðis umhvøri er ikki nógv at reypa av. Tað eru ikki nógvir aktivir næmingar, og tað kann eisini gera tað trupult, tá tað kemur til bólkaarbeiði. Nógvir av næmingunum tora ikki at siga nakað, og lata bara hini í flokkinum tosa. Tað at næmingurin ikki fyrireikar seg, ávirkar heilt sikkurt eisini arbeiðsumhvørvi serliga, um man er í einum bólkaarbeiði, og skal arbeiða saman um uppgávuna. Tað at vera sosialur bøtur heilt sikkurt um arbeiðsumhvørvi, tí tað bøtur eisini um samskifti næmingana millum, sum so førur við sær at man ikki er so smægin, og torur at siga okkurt. Tann nógvi ófriðurin ávirkar eisini umhvørvi. Jákup: Hann er ein áfyllari, hann gevur til flokkin, hevur nógva vitan og er áhugaður í politikki. Hann er aktivur í tímunum, og ger øll skúlatingini. Tað tykist sum hann er væl fyrireikaður, tá hann fer í skúla. Skúlin er tann týdningarmiklasti í hansara førum. Eva: Hon er ein tappari, hon ræðfestir ikki skúlan høgt, og ger sjálvdan skúlating. Tað týdningarmesta hjá henni er arbeiði og frítíðin. Hon er ikki so sosial í flokkinum. Tað eru nøkur sum hon tosar við. Janus: Janus er líkasum tað triðjahjóli. Hann er ikki aktivur, men er tó til staðar. Hann ræðferstir ikki skúlan høgt. Janus er tó ikki heilt málleysur, tá tað kemur til at vera aktivur í tímanum. Um lærarin spyr um okkurt, sum Janus metur er ein lættur spurningur, so er hann klárur beinavegin. Janus veit, at um man ikki ger nakað við skúlan og far eitt hampuligt prógv, so er tað spill av trimum...

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...AP <333333 Sproglingvistik Informativ: informerende/fakta Regulerende: ligger en handling bag/ vil have modtageren til at gøre noget. Selvfremstillende: siger noget om følelser eller tanker jeg har det som om jeg skal kaste op' Noget grammatik? * genetiv, dativ og præsens participium(lang tillægsform) * i nomnativ tilføjes ns til verbalstammen. * infinitte og finitte * finitte: bøjede verber, order, nutid, datid, fremtid, før nutid, virkelighed, ønske, passiv, aktiv * infinitte: at form. kort og lang tillægsform: -ende, -et eller -t * nutid: presens datid: præritum fremtid: futurum aktiv: grundled udfører handling passiv: handling går ud over grundled * assimilation: når et præfiks bliver slebet til så det passer til stammen fx ad der betyder til bliver til as i ordet assimilation fordi det er for anstrengende at sige adsimilation. * interlatin: - ordene betyder det samme - kan lave nye ord. Alfabetets historie * Fønikiske alfabet 1200 fkr. græske alfabet 750 fkr. latinske alfabet 550 fkr. * Græske alfabet(alfa beta gamma etc) stammer fra det fønikiske alfabet. * Fra det fønikiske til det græske alfabet blev der tilføjet vokaler. * Et alfabet er katagoriseringer og iordensættelse af lyde og tegn. * Volumen: bogrulle titulus seddel med forfatter og titel * Grafemer: ord med forskellige bogstaver men som udtales ens. værd, hver, vejr, vær * Fonemer: sprogets mindste betydningsadskillende...

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...Engelsk mundtlig eksamens noter Indholdsfortegnelse Engelsk mundtlig eksamens noter 1 Area Study of the UK 1 Clash of Cultures 2 The fashion industry 2 Globalization 2 Father and son 3 Area study of the USA 3 Love and Crime 3 Media 3 Area Study of the UK Great Britain består af England, Scotland og Wales United Kingdom består af Wales, Nord Irland, England and Scotland. Der bor ca. 57 millioner i UK og 46 millioner i England Se på side 106 og 107 UK today: Profile 1. In 2005 the population was just under 60 million people. 2. Both the birth rate and death rare have been falling and therefor UK has an ageing population. 3. About half of the immigrants were born in UK 4. Geordie is spoken in Tyneside, the north part of England, Scouse in Liverpool and Cockney in London. 5. It is the king or queen who is the head of the Church of England. 6. The Archbishop is the spiritual leader of the Church of England. 7. In Scotland the established church is the Presbyterian Church. 8. There are 53 members of the common wealth. 9. In 1973. 10. Yes it is. Capitals London for England, Cardiff for Wales, Edinburg for Scotland, Belfast for North Ireland. Wales flag is named the red dragon, The English flag is named St Georges Cross, the Scottish flag is named Saint Andrews Cross, the flag of North Ireland is named Ulster Banner. Clash of Cultures Dette emne omhandler de mange forskellige kulturer som mødes...

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...Assignment # 2 Waleed Raza F-43088 Bs(Se) 22-B CNDC Q1(A) Answer the following short questions • Differentiate between the three multiplexing techniques (FDM, WDM, and TDM) and write down advantage and disadvantage of each technique (at least one in each). Difference Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM) * Divides the available frequency into non-overlapping bands with guard spaces between to avoid overlapping (adjacent channel interference) * Receiver has to know the frequency to tune Advantage: All the Receivers,such as cellular telephones,do not need to be at same location Disadvantage: Noise problem due to analog signal and wastes bandwidth Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) * Allows access to entire frequency bandwidth but for a limited amount of time * All senders use same frequency in at different time * If two transmissions overlap known as co-channel interference Advantage: Digital Signals Disadvantage: wastes bandwidth Wavelength Division Multiplexing(WDM) * In WDM, all signals will arrive at the same time * WDM takes multiple optical signals, maps them to individual wavelengths, and multiplexes the wavelengths over a single fiber. Advantage: Very high capacities over fiber. Disadvantage: Cost Complexity (B) Differentiate between the two TDM schemes. Synchronous Time Division Multiplexing * Accepts input from attached devices in a round-robin fashion * Transmits data in a never ending pattern ...

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...PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL AT Submitted to: Mr Haroon Ahmad December 15th, 2011 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Pepsi Pakistan 3 Research Methodology 6 Human Resource Management 8 Performance Appraisal 9 Uses of Performance Appraisal 11 Methods of Performance Appraisal 13 Management by Objectives 16 How is PDR conducted at PepsiCo? 18 Process of Performance Appraisal ...

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...University Of Finance And Administration Faculty Of Economic Studies Business Management And Corporate Finance Field of Study: Trade Management Case Study: Accounts Receivable Management Jan Budaev summer semester 2016 Introduction Receivables can be defined as a company's right to payment of an amount of money from the debtors, which clearly belong among the assets. The assets can be divided into current and long term by the expected maturity at the time of their creation. Receivables are often created from trading - for the delivery of our products, goods or services on the basis of the document, that is usually called invoice, which is issued among the traders. Receivables affect the financial performance of the company, because the creation of receivables generates revenue for the company. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the development of receivables in volume, structure and time. Unpaid receivables are also related to the costs of their recovery. Outstanding receivables adversely affect the liquidity of the company. All the risk factors could be eliminated with the proper tools and methods in the Accounts Receivable Management. The main objective is to outline the main purpose of Accounts Receivable Management, describing the phases of Receivables Management, determination of credit terms. and options for managing receivables. Phases and Practical...

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...Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd asd Sadddddddafaf as das dasd aa asdasd as adasd asdasd asdas dasda sdasdas dasd asdasd...

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...Adasd Asd As Dsa D Asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Sd As D As D As D A Sd As D Adasd Asd As Dsa D Asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Sd As D As D As D A Sd As D Adasd Asd As Dsa D Asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Sd As D As D As D A Sd As D Adasd Asd As Dsa D Asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Sd As D As D As D A Sd As D Adasd Asd As Dsa D Asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Sd As D As D As D A Sd As D Adasd Asd As Dsa D Asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Sd As D As D As D A Sd As D Adasd Asd As Dsa D Asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Sd As D As D As D A Sd As D Adasd Asd As Dsa D Asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Sd As D As D As D A Sd As D Adasd Asd As Dsa D Asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Sd As D As D As D A Sd As D Adasd Asd As Dsa D Asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Sd As D As D As D A Sd As D Adasd Asd As Dsa D Asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Sd As D As D As D A Sd As D Adasd Asd As Dsa D Asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Sd As D As D As D A Sd As D Adasd Asd As Dsa D Asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Sd As D As D As D A Sd As D Adasd Asd As Dsa D Asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Sd As D As D As D A Sd As D Adasd Asd As Dsa D Asddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Sd As D As D As D A Sd As D Adasd ...

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