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Addie Rerecich Case Study Essay

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Addie Rerecich after reporting a pain in hips was administered in the hospital where she was diagnosed with a bacteria. The pain has spread and the fever also increased as the cause of the bacteria. She was immediately placed on antibiotics, the next morning she needed[ES1] oxygen mask and was later diagnosed with pneumonia when they examine a part of her lungs. She had infected boils over her body which were a result of the Staphylococcus bacteria causing septic shock; which is a widespread infection causing organ failure and low blood pressure. Which was pattern recognized in association with community-associated MRSA, which a person can get infected by coming in contact with a contaminated object in the environment, an example would be a kid picking the bacteria in a playground with a scraped knee. In Addie’s case, she was a skin picker, she as many kids picked at their scabs which were most likely what introduced the staph infection. MRSA is a staph bacteria that causes infection resistant to infections. …show more content…
One of the dilemmas of the machine is that the tubes can harbor bacteria, which it did. And Addie gets infected by the bacteria Stenotrophomonas. This bacteria is entirely different from staph, it’s[ES2] found in hospitals and can live inside breathing tubes. Stenotrophomonas is a gram-negative bacteria an extremely difficult to treat because it has a body armor surrounding it. Making it hard for normal bacteria to get to the bacteria and kill it. Over time new antibiotics were administered to Addie’s but each time the bacteria still survived, it had become pan resistant, meaning resistant to everything, like a panorama. Addie had reached the post-antibiotic era where and the only way of saving Addie was to get a lung

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