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Fee structure for paying cadets scheme is given below: • Admission Fee at the time of Entrance Rs 20,000/- • Library subscription & TPT Fund at Entrance Rs 5,000/- • Security Deposit Refundable at Entrance Rs 15,000/- • Messing Charges p.a Rs 55,000/- • Washing Charges p.a Rs 2,400/- • Barber Charges p.a Rs 620/- • Sports Charges p.a Rs 2,750/- • Personal Expenditure including Uniform / Stationery / Text Books p.a Rs 21,000/- • Pocket Money / p.a Stipend Rs 3,600/- • Development Charges p.a Rs 5,000/- • Computer/Audio/Video etc. p.a Rs 2,480/- • Medical (Indoor) p.a Rs 2,150/-

Total (Class VIII) Rs 135,000/- p.a Total (Class IX to XII) Rs 95,000/- p.a
Note: Tuition Fee and maintenance charges are not being charged.
Payment of Dues Payment schedule for Paying Cadets will be as under: Payment schedule of fees: a. Term I - April to July Rs.70,000/- (Payable by 10 April) b. Term II - September to November Rs.35,000/- (Payable by 10 September) c. Term III - January to March Rs.30,000/- (Payable by 10 January) • All dues will be paid by Paying cadets in advance through a bank draft in favour of the “Principal Cadet College Ormara, payable at NBP Ormara Branch. • All payments will be made on term basis and should reach the bank by 10th of the first month of each term. • Fee bills will be issued to parents 2-3 weeks before the due date. • If the fee or any other charges remain unpaid till 30th of the earmarked month, the concerned cadet will be liable to be withdrawn from the college, alongwith payment of training charges as decided by BoG, for his entire stay at the institution. • Payment of the college dues is made for the

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...Note: For the benefit of the students, specially the aspiring ones, the question of JEE(advanced), 2013 are also given in this booklet. Keeping the interest of students studying in class XI, the questions based on topics from class XI have been marked with ‘*’, which can be attempted as a test. For this test the time allocated in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and Physics are 22 minutes, 21 minutes and 25 minutes respectively. FIITJEE SOLUTIONS TO JEE(ADVANCED)-2013 CODE PAPER 2 3 Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 180ase read the instructions carefully. You are allotted 5 minutes specifically for this purpose. INSTRUCTIONS A. General: 1. This booklet is your Question Paper. Do not break the seals of this booklet before being instructed to do so by the invigilators. 2. Blank papers, clipboards, log tables, slide rules, calculators, cameras, cellular phones, pagers and electronic gadgets are NOT allowed inside the examination hall. 3. Write your name and roll number in the space provided on the back cover of this booklet. 4. Answers to the questions and personal details are to be filled on a two-part carbon-less paper, which is provided separately. These parts should only be separated at the end of the examination when instructed by the invigilator. The upper sheet is a machine-gradable Objective Response Sheet (ORS) which will be retained by the invigilator. You will be allowed to take away the bottom sheet at the end of the examination. 5. Using a black ball point...

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...Advantages and Disadvantages of social media Tabitha HUM/186 May 7, 2012 University of Phoenix Advantages and Disadvantages of social media In today’s world, many people depend on the internet for news and entertainment, yet other people worry about how reliable it can really be. Now days you can sign on the internet and find any information that you want, from the weather, to the news, to your favorite video. Many people have started to rely on the internet for research for school, but with anyone being able to post anything, how do you know what you find is creditable? There are many advantages of easily obtainable information on the internet, such as services, searching things, and being able to download things. The internet offers many companies ways to help service customers today. Now instead of mailing in your bills, you are able to sign onto the web and make a payment with one click, or even do some shopping without even leaving your home. This leads to searching things, ‘thousands of groups and organizations have moved online, many of them aggressively promoting their presence through the use of search engines, email lists, and banner advertisements.” (Wright 2005) Also you are able to download videos, games, favorite television shows and movies for free to watch at your leisure. While the advantages seem great, there are also some disadvantages that come with easily obtainable information. Some of those disadvantages are theft of personal information,...

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...the University of Georgia found that the millions of people who log onto social networking sites every day may very well be boosting their self-esteem in the process – feeling connected to others and being in control of how you’re seen by others may have a positive effect on how you see yourself. On the downside, though, a study in June 2013 from the University of Michigan found that it was the students with narcissistic tendencies who posted most often, using social media in different ways to boost their egos and control other people’s perceptions of them – something that could have a dangerous impact on young girls at the very time when they have tremendous developmental changes taking place. Another study, from Flinders University in Australia, found that the amount of time teenage girls spend online was associated with low self-esteem and dissatisfaction with their body image (although cause and effect cannot be determined). In interviewing more than 1,000 high-school girls, they found that social media intensified conversations about appearance. And as these conversations involved their peers, they were also more influential in the girls’ lives. Even though 80% of the girls in the survey were of normal weight, almost half of them (46%) reported being dissatisfied with their body size. This evidence may suggest that, for many youngsters, their worries around body image aren’t actually connected with being overweight, but about body shape or concerns with not measuring...

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