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Democracy And Development In The Case Of Nigeria The West African region is a place where vast natural resources exist. It was a region where Colonial powers sought to get raw materials to feed their growing demand for industrialization. The Federal Republic of Nigeria was amongst these colonized states that The British Colonial power took advantage of. The British ruled Colonial Nigeria for 45 years, before handing over power on October 1, 1960. But, much like the aftermath of many other successful independence struggles in Africa, Nigeria too suffered the consequence of colonization post the British. Left with a weak central government, Nigeria could not begin a culture of an all-inclusive democratic means of governance.

Seven years after independence; The Republic of Biafra, a separatist movement formed and raged havoc in the country. The struggle for self-determination now took its roots in southeastern Nigeria. The question of self-determination is not a question of autonomy as is, but really a question of rights, respect and freedom. The struggle of nations and nationalities for respect and dignity is a plea for equitable democracy. When the national question of democracy is answered, the demand of nations and nationalities will also be answered. Reason being, it is important to create a system of equitable democracy, and a culture of governance whereby the dignity and the rights of all humanity is respected and protected before the law. To lead such a system, leaders must first gain legitimacy to govern through a free, fair and competitive electoral process.

In the recent elections, former president, Goodluck Jonathan handed over power peacefully to General Mohammad Buhari. This falls into the notion of governmental accountability where the Nigerian people legitimately consent to be governed by the elected head of state. This is an appraisable act

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