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Agressiv Behavior Influenced by Violent Media


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“Effects of Violent Video Games and Media on Aggressive Behavior”

Gabin ,Pauline
Palma, Keirsha Jhoanne J.
Perona, Jerril A. Ramirez, Ma. Bernadette

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Computer 2: Internet Research
January 9, 2015


In partial fulfilment of the requirements for Computer 2 - Internet Research, this research paper entitled “Effects of Violent Video Games and Media on Aggressive Behavior” with the following subtitles: 1. What are the elements that provoke the child to take interest in violent media and games? 2. Does playing and watching anything remotely violent really affect a child’s behavior? 3. What is the behavioral result if the child is exposed to violent entertainment? 4. In what aspects can a child be able to stop his aggressive behavior? 5. What measures does the media industry have to do in order to put a stop to this?

Has been prepared and submitted by Perona, Jerril A. Palma, Keirsha J. Gabin, Pauline C. Ramirez, Bernadette G.


Mrs. Maritess Pomada January 9, 2015Coordinator, Psychology Department |

“Effects of Violent Video Games and Media on Aggressive Behavior”

It’s not a new issue – in the 1950s, psychiatrist Fredric Wertham wrote a book called “Seduction of the Innocent”, which claimed that comic books were unnecessarily exposing children to violence and causing them to become delinquent. Although Wertham’s methods and claims have since been called into question, similar concerns about the links between violent media and violent behavior have been raised about television and, most recently, video games. The researchers have found that participants who played violent games blasted their opponents in the secondary task for longer, which was interpreted as an increase in aggressive behaviour. Another

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