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As what I have seen in the film viewing last meeting, the Filipino’s life was full of misfortunes. The Filipinos were unfairly treated and even discriminated by the Spaniards. Filipino women were abused by the Spanish friars and other Spaniards. Others were judged without even having due process and even tortured to death for crimes they did not even commit, such that of the child in the film, who was Crispin in Rizal’s novel. Although the Spanish government conducts a court hearing to those who were accused of a crime (only in some cases), they only give Spanish lawyers to defend those accused and even manipulated the law in favor of themselves, leaving the Filipinos with no other choice but to accept and suffer from the crimes that they didn’t even committed.
These events were shown and expressed by Rizal in his two novels entitled Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, which the Filipinos have read in spite of the banning of these said books to be read by the public. In spite of many hindrances in the publication of these books, it was stillprinted to make the Filipinos aware of what was really happening. Rizal almost put these books into fire because of his financial incapability due to the economic problem in Calamba, when the friars increased the tax that they’ve been collecting from the Calamba people which the people didn’t agreed to pay, thus they was forced by the friars to leave from their houses and kicking them out of the lands that they used to plant their crops with. Rizal’s purpose in writing these books was to show his fellow Filipinos of what was really happening in the country and to open their eyes to the unjust treatment and discrimination of the Spaniards to them. And so, as soon as they read Rizal’s novels, they have formed an organization which conducted the revolutions against the Spanish rule. They fought the Spanish tyranny with their

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