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EHR Value in Medical Office Practices: EHR vs PPR
Tonya Durham: L26388489
Liberty University Tamela Crickenberger
201520 Spring 2015 AMOA 203-D01 LUO

EHR Value in Medical Office Practices: EHR vs PPR

Many medical offices are adopting EHR systems into their practices, to improve patient care. The use of EHRs physicians and providers can develop an improved and complete patient information records. Electronic Health Records are legible, complete documentation that facilitates can accurately do coding and billing as well as interfaces with labs, registries, and other EHRs easily. While also improving their ability to make well-informed treatment decisions quickly and safely. Reliable access to complete patient health information is essential for safe and effective care. EHRs place accurate and complete information about patients' health and medical history at providers' fingertips. With EHRs, providers can give the best possible care, at the point of care. This can lead to a better patient experience and, most importantly, better patient outcomes.
Practices also report that they utilize extracted reports on patient and disease registries to track patient care as well as facilitate quality improvement discussions during clinical meetings.
EHRs Support Provider Decision Making
EHRs can help providers make efficient, effective decisions about patient care, through: * Improved aggregation, analysis, and communication of patient information * Clinical alerts and reminders * Support for diagnostic and therapeutic decisions * Built-in safeguards against potential adverse events
Health Care Convenience Matters
Providers with busy practices—and patients with busy lives—appreciate convenience in their health care transactions. EHRs are built to go beyond standard clinical data collected in a provider’s office. When in comparison to a paper...

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