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American Apparel


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American Apparel

American Apparel is one of the quickest growing companies in popularity among college aged shoppers. They are a very fresh, and very liberal corporation with a young and talkative CEO- David Charney . It is seemingly the “perfect” company- set on high wages and benefits for workers, using the least environmentally damaging chemicals and processes, and offering great products at a reasonable price.

American Apparel is the most passionate and innovative wholesale blank T-shirt manufacturer and distributor in the world. It is committed to leveraging art, design, and technology to produce garments of the highest quality, while pioneering industry standards of social responsibility in the workplace.

The major goal is to seek profits through innovation not exploitation. American Aparel are advancing a hyper capitalist-socialist business fusion. By relentlessly pursuing efficiencies in management and production, we aim to demonstrate that the use of exploitative labor tactics is not only unnecessary but actually counterproductive. It recognize that over-reliance on low-wage and ill-treated labor… continues to cripple third-world countries and consumer values.” The goals for helping the environment are realistic and appealing to their target market. CEO Charney says they acknowledge that they do have limitations in such an industry, but “we are committed to finding viable

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...American Apparel Clothing Allowance Policy Spring 2014 Seasonal Clothing Allowance Policy A new seasonal clothing allowance structure has been approved for the Spring! Employees will now choose their allowance from a select list of styles (see attached storyboard).      First Season: March 1st — August 31st Second Season: September 1st — February 28th Seasonal Clothing Allowance is for American Apparel Retail employees only. The Seasonal Clothing Allowance categories will be the same for both Regular Retail and Outlet Store Employees. New hires will receive their clothing allowance from the Flea Market. If your city does not have a Flea Market, they will be ordered from Candy Wheeler. Position Summary The seasonal allowance will still be separated by position, and the retail value will remain the same (i.e. Sales Team will receive $180 worth of clothing, at retail price). Here is the position summary:     District Management Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Backstock Coordinator Keyholders, Merchandisers, Assistant Backstock Coordinator Sales Team, Cashiers, Backstock Guidelines & Instructions   Print the attached storyboard All clothing/accessories have been separated alphabetically by Category and Gender. Female Employees Category A – Tops Category B – Tops Category C – Bodysuits Category D – Bottoms Category E – Bottoms Category F – Dresses/Rompers Category G – Hair Accessories Category H – Jewelry Category I – Belts Category J – Hosiery Male Employees...

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...Fortalezas: • Operaciones en manufactura (integración vertical). • Al ser responsables de todos los eslabones de la cadena de suministro, American Apparel responde a los cambios del mercado de una forma rápida y eficaz. • Prendas de alta calidad. • Personalidad de marca y público objetivo definidos. Fortalecimiento de los mismos mediante las estrategias. • Buen posicionamiento en el mercado textil de Estados Unidos. • Reconocimiento y recordación de marca. • Reconocido trato a los empleados y condiciones de trabajo. • Apoyo a las reformas de inmigración y los derechos de los homosexuales (Legalize LA y Legalize Gay) • Uso de productos químicos menos dañinos para el medio ambiente y cuidado al mismo en los procesos de producción. • Estilo único, originalidad y diferenciación entre el segmento. Debilidades: • Situaciones que han generado controversia (En 2009 el ICE EE.UU. investigó y encontró que en AA 1600 empleados estaban trabajando ilegalmente en los Estados Unidos). • Imágenes publicitarias provocadoras que pueden ser mal vistas y generar molestia. • En relación a sus competidores, los precios de las prendas son muy altos. • Público objetivo demasiado cerrado (específico). • Aire anti-cultura de la marca en general que puede generar un rechazo en sociedades muy tradicionales. • Excentricidad de Dov Charney (CEO) que puede contribuir a la imagen de la compañía de mala manera. • Altas deudas a lo largo del tiempo que han generado una reestructuración...

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...American Apparel is a vertically integrated business located in Los Angeles, California. They are a retail company targeting individuals of all ages. They perform all aspects of the business from raw materials all the way to the customer’s shopping bag. ------------------------------------------------- Marketing Strategy and Supply Chain Product In 1989 when American Apparel was founded they began as a wholesale brand selling t-shirts to screen printers and boutiques. Since then it has grown to become a clothing manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer. As the company grew American Apparel became a duel gender company selling products for men, woman, children, babies and even household pets. CEO Dov Charney uses his creative and almost sometimes wacky mindset to create fashion styles that are very unique that don’t follow the usual fashion trends for customers between the ages of 20-32. Since their wholesale days of selling T-shirts and underwear expressed has branched out by selling products for women including, leggings, leotards, tank tops, denim jeans and vintage clothing. For men products vary from denim jeans, belts, t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and even shoes. Accessories include nail polish, sunglasses, and even bedding. With a plethora of clothing options and styles, APP always comes to the minds of the more young and free spirited people who are looking for something new and unique to wear. Place Contents * 1 Marketing Strategy and Supply Chain * 1.1 Product...

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