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An Inconvient Truth

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An Inconvenient Truth is an eye opening and compelling look into the future of our planet. I had heard of global warming and thought I knew about it, but this documentary really opened my eyes. If steps are not taken now to try to reverse the effects of global warming, we will be without a home in the very near future. We can all do more to reduce the amount of carbon emissions being release into the atmosphere. It is up to us or there will be no hope for future generations. Global warming is simply an increase in the average temperature of the air near earth’s surface and the temperature of the oceans. The cause of global warming is the increase in greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide, in the earth’s atmosphere. What normally happens when the sun’s rays reach the earth they are bounced back into outer space. With global warming is these greenhouse gases trap the rays from the sun and hold them in the atmosphere increasing the temperature in the air. This is known as the greenhouse effect. Why should we worry if the temperature is increasing? Well this increase in temperature is already having serious effects on the planet. Global warming causes drastic changes in normal weather patterns. Some areas are getting too much rain while other areas are in a severe drought. When the temperature in the air increases, so does the temperature of the oceans. The significance of this is huge. Hurricanes depend on warm water to form, and in 2005 we saw the largest number of storms ever and the most devastating. There were more tsunamis and hurricanes in locations that it was thought there would never be hurricanes because the water was generally too cold. Well, not anymore. In the past 100 years of record keeping, the hottest ten years have occurred from 1990 to 2005, with 2005 being the hottest on record. In the arctic, scientists are able to take core...

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