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Question: Act II ends with Mrs. Birling finally weakening. What is the cause of this? How does the Inspector trap her into condemning her own son?

At the end of act two, Mrs. Birling realises that the Inspector knows a lot about all of the family. She realises that if she lies to him he will already know the correct answer and will know she is lying. Also after hearing everybody else's story before hers she is probably quite shocked and thinks that her story won't be of any significance. However she could not be more wrong. She tells the Inspector how a girl, who tried to call herself Mrs. Birling, came to her institute for help but she turned her away because she didn't believe the girl and told her that she was lying and she didn't have time for her.
After Mrs. Birling explains her story to the Inspector he tells her that the girl wasn’t lying and then asks Mrs. Birling who she thinks was to blame. At this point to audience are starting to work out that it was in fact Eric that had got the young girl pregnant, but Mrs. Birling does not yet know this. In answer to the Inspectors question Mrs. Birling says that who ever got the girl pregnant was definitely to blame and gave a number of reasons why. The Inspector continues to ask questions about why Mrs. Birling thinks that the boy who got Eva Smith pregnant is to blame.
Finally Sheila realises that Eric is the reason for the pregnancy and starts telling her mother to stop. But Mrs. Birling is stubborn and doesn’t listen. In fact she just carries on making it worse and blaming her own son.

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