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Organizational Communication Analysis Part V:
Analysis, Reflection and Evaluation

Analysis, Reflection and Evaluation
Researching and exploring the many communication avenues throughout this process, there have been many discoveries. There is no business immune from experiencing a crisis or challenging event. It can happen at any given time without warning which can devastate any organization not prepared. A new approach to crisis management is emerging which progresses beyond a purely reactive response and creates fresh opportunities for improved organizational development. There will be discussion on the traditional event approach to crisis management, which focuses on preparing for and responding to a major adverse occurrence, and discusses the new process approach, which reshapes crisis management within a broader range of management activity. Crisis prevention instead of just crisis response necessitates moving responsibility from the operational to the executive level, and the discussion will explore how crisis management activities can be clustered together and integrated to optimize organizational effectiveness.
Virtually nothing can damage organizational reputation and financial performance more rapidly and more deeply than the impact of a major crisis. Yet many organizations continue to delegate responsibility for crisis management to operational middle managers, while reputation management increasingly secures a place at the executive table. However, a significant trend in crisis management is now emerging which has the potential to reshape the discipline with substantial implications for the development of organizational structure and design. This trend is the advance of proactive crisis prevention as opposed to reactive crisis response, which brings with it more comprehensive parameters of what...

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