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Brain Pop. (1999–2013). Algebra symbols, patterns, changes, variables, and quantitative relationships. Retrieved from
Brain Pop is an educational website that entails many short animated movies for students to use as a learning tool. Brain Pop has two main animated characters their names are Tim and Moby they are the narrators on the website. They introduce the math concepts and their experience with using the math to the audience. This website could be used to support individual, teams, and whole class learning skills. Teachers can use Brain Pop as a supplement to cultivate the student’s curiosity in math. Gamequarium. (2000-2009). The site that swims with learning fun! Retrieved from http: //
The Gameaquarium have abundances of bright colorful, interactiviting, engaging games for students to play. The Gameaquarium is divided into three areas, which may perhaps work for every student’s needs. The teachers could use the interactive games to work out any issues that the students are having or they could use the game to advance the students to the next level. The website is free, which makes it splendid for the students. They can use the website at home as extra practice.
Math Fact Café. (2000-2013). The fact sheet factory. Retrieved from
The Math Fact Café is a website that generates worksheets for addition, decimals, divisions, fractions, money, multiplication, percentages, subtraction, time, and word problems. A teacher could create various levels worksheets for the students. If a teacher knows that a child is having problems they could go in and design a worksheet just to fit their needs. There are You Tube videos online to prompt you on how to build the worksheets if help is needed.
IXL Learning. (2013). Pre-K to Geometry. Retrieved from
IXL learning is an educational technology website. It breaks down specific math problems. It is a user friendly website and students can navigate through the website with little or no problems. After students master each concept they will receive a reward that would appear at the end to motivate them for accomplishing the problems. Teachers could benefit from getting the instant feedback on the student’s progress. Students can also get on the IXL website at home and continue strengthening their math skills. Teachers could create accounts for the individual students, groups, or class. The good thing about this website there is a 30 day free trial teachers, schools, and parents could try before they purchase it. Staple, E. Purplemath. (1999-2012). The Purplemath Forums. Retrieved from
The Purplemath is design to help students gain understanding and confidence in algebra. This website has abundance to offer students and teachers. There are examples on how to solve problems that students could benefit from. The teachers could use the site as a supplement resource to explain the math problems to the students. The website has videos students could view at home or at school. There are forums on this site that older students can take advantage and ask question about a problems they are having and receive feedback from.

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