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Anti Discriminatory Practices


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Anti discriminatory practices in health and social care
What is an anti-discriminatory practice?
This is an action that is taken for the prevention of discrimination on the grounds of race, class, gender, and disability. It takes into account our behaviour in society towards other people and it is very important that all employees in the health and social care setting promote this in the work place and this is so that they overcome any prejudice. By doing this they are promoting equality for all the service users and the staff who are providing this service.
What is a National Initiative?
There are three main national initiatives that come under the sector of anti-discriminatory practices. There are legislation, convention and regulations. There are also codes of practice, charters and organisational policies and procedures. These initiatives are important in today’s society in the health and social care sector as it ensures that every individual is treated equally and there is no inequality being created between individuals and this is in regard to their race, colour, gender, disabilities, social class, and culture or health status. Codes of conduct are a guide to service providers and what is expected of them in their roles, rights and responsibilities. The codes also help the service users to understand what kind of service they should expect and how they should be treated by staff.
For example;
The General Social Care Council helps social workers by providing them with information of the rules of the conduct and then training them when it comes to applying the conduct in their profession. The Social Work Code also provides them with what their service users will expect from them as social workers and if there is a complaint then the service user has the right to do this and this is where the complaint procedure should be obtained and shown to the

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