Anti Guncontrol

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Anti Gun Control

Do you want to be defenseless when an armed criminal breaks into your house and you can’t fight back because you don’t have any firearms in your home? Don’t you want to protect your family and yourself incase of a dilemma such as this? Well our country The United States of America is threatening to almost strip us of our American right to bear arms. Over the past 200 years the need for weapons, especially firearms for the single purpose of self defense from nature has drastically reduced. However, the gun has become the face of America for a while now and more than half want to keep it that way ensuring the safety they have to protect themselves and their family.

First of all, if America’s government wants to take away the guns of our fellow citizens to “benefit” us, they’re wrong. Taking away the guns of American people will just render everyone of us defenseless to fight off intruders in our own household. In every country criminals always find a way to obtain illegal firearms for the tyrannical use of killing and the gaining of power. With that being said, the crime rate wouldn’t go down if the Government took away our guns but would flourish terribly because the criminals would know that we as a nation of Strong Americans were finally vulnerable to whatever criminal who carried a firearm.

Secondly, citizens having guns is a good thing. Even though 54% of America may disagree, 58% need the safety that their guns bring them. Already half of the country has adopted the “your home is your castle” law that gives homeowners the liberty to shoot intruders on their property without the fear of prosecution. This law is good because it gives our American society the right to bring down crime rate and keep riff-raff out of our neighborhoods and off of the streets. With everyone helping out to keep crime out of their neighborhoods by…...