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Arguments Against Gun Control Laws

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Gun control is one of the most contentious issues in the United States. The main cause of the debate is the rising cases of gun violence in the country. Over the past decade, reports indicate that criminal activities involving guns have increased. As a result, there has an intense debate on whether the country should develop strict gun laws. The idea of gun control laws has created the allusion that the United States has been divided into two separate groups. However, according to LaFollette (236-281) there are many alternatives, and ultimately any side of the argument are focused on the safety of the people. The views provided by both sides, one being absolute restriction and the other no restriction, can be evaluated to determine whether …show more content…
Therefore, people should be allowed to bear arms because it protects the sanctity of life. On the other hand, those supporting gun laws may suggest that the government has a duty to protect its citizens by taking away anything that can be used to harm them. However, a deeper examination of the theory shows that the action behind opposing gun laws violates the principles of morality. For example, the intention of people bearing arms is to kill or harm criminals and other people with bad intentions. However, Kant clearly states that it is morally wrong kill irrespective of the circumstances. Killing or harming others violates the universal law, human dignity, and treats people has a means to an end. Therefore, the theory supports the idea that people should act ethically by avoiding situations that would cause harm to other people. This seems to back the intentions of the supporters of the gun laws. The theory suggests that the only way to thrive in preventing situations that can lead to harm, is to take away guns. Stricter gun laws could help prevent people with the wrong intentions, or mind set, access to guns. Therefore, with hope, prevent a further rise in unappropriate violent occurences from the use of

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... Agresti, James D., and Reid K. Smith. "Gun Control Facts." 11 Feb. 2013 Web 18 Sept. 2014. This is a web document in which the authors cover pure statistics and facts. Graphs, tables, quotes, and statistics are all that this piece contains. This resource is useful since it was updated a little more than a year ago with the most recent data and continues to be updated as new stats and facts become available. It is also neutral in nature, giving just the facts and referencing both the affirmative and negative sides of the argument. 2. McEntee, Peg. “Utah Teacher Shoots Herself in Leg With Concealed Weapon.” Huffington Post 11 Sept. 2014 Web 18 Sept. 2014 The Huffington Post is a news site with an entire section dedicated to news surrounding gun control, both recent and past. This article is helpful because it outlines the concealed carry laws in Utah schools, a state which has closely modeled it’s laws after Colorado’s. This article is useful because it describes some of the negative effect that concealed carry on campus has for the person carrying as well as the student population/their parents if they find out about the firearm. 3. Students for Concealed Carry. “Common Arguments Against Campus Carry.” Concealed Campus 2011-2012 Web Sept. 18 2014 Students for Concealed Carry is...

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