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Academic Standards for the Arts and Humanities

Pennsylvania Department of Education
22 Pa. Code, Chapter 4, Appendix D (#006-276) Final Form-Annex A July 18, 2002

Academic Standards for the Arts and Humanities XXV. TABLE OF CONTENTS
Introduction………………………………………….……. XXVI.

Production, Performance and Exhibition of Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts…………..……………… A. Elements and Principles in each Art Form B. Demonstration of Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts C. Vocabulary Within each Art Form D. Styles in Production, Performance and Exhibition E. Themes in Art Forms F. Historical and Cultural Production, Performance and Exhibition G. Function and Analysis of Rehearsals and Practice Sessions H. Safety Issues in the Arts I. Community Performances and Exhibitions J. Technologies in the Arts K. Technologies in the Humanities Historical and Cultural Contexts..……………………….. A. Context of Works in the Arts B. Chronology of Works in the Arts C. Styles and Genre in the Arts D. Historical and Cultural Perspectives E. Historical and Cultural Impact on Works in the Arts 9.1.

F. Vocabulary for Historical and Cultural Context G. Geographic regions in the arts H. Pennsylvania artists I. Philosophical context of works in the arts J. Historical differences of works in the arts K. Traditions within works in the arts L. Common themes in works in the Arts Critical Response…………………………………………. A. Critical Processes B. Criteria C. Classifications D. Vocabulary for Criticism E. Types of Analysis F. Comparisons G. Critics in the Arts Aesthetic Response………………………………………... A. Philosophical Studies B. Aesthetic Interpretation C. Environmental Influences D. Artistic Choices Glossary…………………………………………………….





22 Pa. Code, Chapter 4, Appendix D (#006-276)

Final Form-Annex A

July 18, 2002

Academic Standards for the Arts...

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