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Nithin Balaji, Sam Wilson

In this article by Seth Waldner, he is writing about the struggle of Michael Same, who is the first openly gay Professional Football Player. The central claim is that of Michael Sam himself in that he wants to be seen as a “football player”, and not a “gay football player.” He is using a claim of value, which is making the audience, who in this case is the whole nation of NFL fans, make a valuable judgment based on good morals. By utilizing this claim, Sam, who is essentially the author through his numerous quotes in the article, is sending a direct message to the people of America. He wants all people, regardless of sexual preference, to put aside the gay distraction and focus on his outstanding football skills. In writing this article, Waldner appeals the reader by using ethos, along with appealing to the reader’s emotional character. Sam quoted “You know, I’ve been in locker rooms with all kinds of slurs being said,” he said. “And I don’t think anyone means it. ... As time goes on, everyone will adapt. If someone wants to call me a name, I’ll have a conversation with that guy and hopefully it won’t lead to nothing else.” This makes the readers think emotionally as to their own conduct toward gays. He wants people to see that he is not affected negatively by the criticism by ignorant people. Waldner utilizes ethos by stating the ethical argument for Michael Sam. New York Giants Gm Jerry Reese said that Sam’s sexual preference would have no factor in their stock for him. He quoted “I’m not talking about that,” Reese said. “What people do in their personal life, I’m not concerned with that. He’s a good football player. You’ve got to be a pretty good football player to win that (SEC co-defensive player of the year). In our evaluation, he’s a good football player.” The reader now sees the right mindset in whether or…...

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