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PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden: 'US has been hacking in Asia'

Edward Snowden a whistleblower is saying that computer in Asia have been hacked by the United States government since 2009. Edward Snowden used to be a CIA technician is calming that the NSA and the FBI are collecting domestic phone and internet data. He also goes one to say the FBI and the NSA have access to systems in China and Hong Kong. "Snowden told the South China Morning Post that the US has been targeting public officials, businesses and students of the Chinese University of Hong Kong since 2009, citing unverified documents as evidence."
Snowden claims the SNA has hacking operation all over the world with access to multiple systems. Instead of trying to hack ever computer one by one they would go after network backbones which will give them access to multiple workstations at once. Snowden fled to Hong Kong before blowing the whistle. Edward Snowden is still hiding and the Obama administration is still trying to apprehend him. They have revoked Snowden’s passport hoping that this will help in his capture. "What started as a dramatic escape story involving a self-described whistle-blower evolved into a diplomatic incident in which the United States faces an open rift with one major power and a tense standoff with another."
Edward Snowden has caused a lot of trouble with the relationship of these countries. The United States government wants to be able to spy on other countries without them knowing it. The United States government is doing what they do not what done to them.

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