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- Haigh’s sell chocolate at mid ranged prices, so customer could enjoy greater access to all of the product groups, including thecheaper range of chocolate.
- Low cost combined media of Haigh’s will help in creating brand awareness for cocoa delight.
- Haig’s already have knowledge of market in three capital cities.
- Advertisement will be cheaper using Haig’s extensive media.
- Market segments are complimentary rather than competitive.
- Rollout to 100 stores is expected to take in 5-7 years.
- Decrease in disposable income due to increase in interest.

- Franchisee will bring capital so provide ready solution to store manager’s shortage.
- Proven Melbourne stores provide easy marketing and sales.
- 100 stores target can be achieved in 3 years.
- Introduction to greater legal issues.
- Greater conflict between local minded business and brandinterests. PEST ANALYSIS
The pest analysis is very helpful for understanding marketgrowth or decline and such as position .potential and direction for thebusinesses analysis is a business measurement tool. Pest is an acronym for political, economic factors, which are used to assess the market for a businessor organization.
Government is currently passing legislation that requiresbusiness to monitor and reduce their waste and energy use. Significant penalties are planned for business that doesn’t comply with the new directives. 2. ECONOMICAL
Disposable income has reduced due to rising interestrates this shortfall expected to be recovered in the long term, withwages including expected to outstrip inflation rates by 2%unemployment levels...

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