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Assignment 2-2 Cyber Security

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Course CS 3118
Professor: Milan Samplewala
Date: September/ 11/2015
Interest of Active Directory (AD)
Ken 7 Windows Limited software has provided you with innovation for organizational employee setup by roles. The software provides six roles you can choose from in order to identify your candidates. Making your operation more secure and efficient to manage your operation and protect restricted data. There is an extensive advantage to Active Directory that will be explain in detail to further questions you have provided our team to answer. We can see your operation has been split into groups of accounting, planning, and purchasing. We would like to add Active Directory to your operation making your business more secure and easier to manage.
Creating users with Active Directory
While creating existing users for your operation, we will begin the process by entering your Active Directory. User will be created in a file with multiples candidates and groups. User will be setup in an organized fashion as explained in this is example,
• Name of File: Shopfoor
• Users name: SFUser
• Users Last: 01
• Users Log In: SFUser01

Once creating the user through Active Directory, they will be provided with specific instructions to create a password. Lengths, Maximum letters, and more categories that will make the password complex enough to avoid vulnerabilities. These are the six basic roles that the (ERP) software will be proving you to identify candidates for your operation.

• Administrators- Maintain ERP data and system operation.
• Planners- Run planning software and generate requirements reports.
• Shop Floor users- Enter operational data (receiving, shipping, and products progress during manufacturing).
• Managers-Manage department personnel.
• Purchasing users- Generate purchasing documents based on planning requirements.
• Accounting users- Maintain...

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