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Attack On Pearl Harbor Research Paper

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Attack on Pearl Harbor

Why was the Attack on Pearl Harbor such a big deal back during World War 2?
It started as a normal Sunday morning, and nothing seemed out of place. The date was December 7th, 1941 and unfortunately the soldiers at Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu in Hawaii were clueless about what was heading their way that fateful morning. On the morning of December 7th, 1941 just shortly before 8 a.m. the first wave of over 200 Japanese aircraft fighters fired guns and dropped torpedoes and bombs on Pearl harbor creating what we know as the Attack on Pearl Harbor. The attack was out of nowhere, and no one expected. The American public was completely shocked and terrified to learn that 2,400 and more American Military Service
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He recalls seeing planes passing as he was getting dressed that morning then recognizing that it was Japanese. Eugene walked down to the mess hall then onto the upper deck just to find a rude awakening and to find out what was really happening. His first words out of his mouth that morning were, “The Japs are here!!!” Eugene ran to his battle station in a shocked terror feeling and coming to his realization that this was really happening and that no one was prepared for what was taking place right in front of his own two eyes. He says, “That war is one of the most important things that has happened in my life and that I’m not scared to talk about it.” Eugene Gorman does not take part in any Pearl Harbor Survivors Associations. Lester Silva was on the deck on the USS Detroit talking with the ship’s bugler, then he looked up at the sky and seen Japanese planes filling the skies likes cereal in a bowl. Suddenly, the USS Detroit was under heavy and serious strafing. At that time Lester Silva was unable to get to his assigned battle station. Lester tells, “Sailors were flying in the air with their lifeless bodies hitting the water, but at the same time people were jumping into the water trying to save their own

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