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Even though we are at different ends of the world, we are all connected. We are linked through businesses and economics. In businesses, like Air Jordan, Toshiba, and Infiniti cars, companies started their business in one country, then move the manufacturing or distribution to a foreign country. Those foreign countries export goods such as pomegranates and TVs, which leads to fluxuation in gas prices. The gas prices cause financial problems. One connection to the world is Air Jordan apparel, which is an United States found company and my favorite basketball shoe brand. They manufacture their goods in a factory in Indonesia, which also has foreign employees. The workers only get the minimum wage of $2.50 a day in Indonesia. Air Jordan is owned by Nike, who moved the manufacturing to Indonesia. They closed all their factories in the US because it was cheaper in Asia. Another connection is the purchase of pomegranates from Iraq. This an example of the purchasing of exported goods. They export goods to get a better income. This also relates to the domestication of plants in the Neolithic Era. The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, used in the Mesopotamian civilization, are found in Iran and are used for agriculture. Toshiba is an often used brand in my family. Toshiba’s headquarter is located in Tokyo, Japan. They make electronic devices like televisions and computers. Like Air Jordan, Infiniti, and the pomegranate bearing country of Iraq, Toshiba send their products to different countries to increase sells. Toshiba, as well as, Air Jordan use factories in southeastern Asia because it is cheap. My parents own an Infiniti sedan, so it does share a connection with me. Infiniti cars are a brand under Nissan, a japanese car manufacturing company. They assemble the cars in both Japan and America.Sending the parts overseas is another example of exporting goods. This is another example of moving your manufacturing to another country. The price of gas is a connection to the world, as well. Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East are the oil developing nations. They are increasing their need for oil because of the nuclear tensions of traders and Iran, the third largest exporter. The $103 barrels of gas are traded on exchanges because it has become a global commodity. The trading of goods was first thought up by the Phoenicians when they sailed on boats to ports, trading with other countries.
These connections not only connect to me, but to each other, as well. Air Jordan and Infinitis are assembled in the country where they were not found. That country along with countries around the world also export their goods to each other. Some of those countries produce a heavily desired product, which allows them to control the price everyone is paying. That leads to financial problems for other countries’ economy.

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