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Background Information|Review of Literature|Discussion of Methodology|Specific Data Analysis|Conclusion|
The researcher discusses how the topic at hand has been studied over the last 30 years. |Nurses are constantly exposed to dying patients and death. Death is a universal fear. Everyone has their own attitudes toward death. There are many things that influence a person’s perception of death. The persons own beliefs may affect the way they handle a dying patient.|This is a quantitative research. The researcher uses many studies done by other researchers to collect number to provide support for the conclusion. The research uses a lot of statistics.|The authors used electronic databases and global search engines. The researchers studied nurse’s attitudes before and after an educational intervention in dealing with a dying pt. The researchers used quantitative descriptive surveys. Personal attitudes toward death were in correlation with their attitudes of caring for dying patients. Most nurses in the study dealt with the situation in a positive manner. The comfort of a nurse while communicating with families and patients is adversely affected by a nurses death anxiety.|Nurses must step back and realize what their own fear and beliefs about death are so they can better take care of a dying patient the way the patient wants to be taken care of without anxiety or reserve. The nurses that had a more positive view of death were more likely to have a positive attitude toward taking care of a dying patient. The conclusion also suggests that nurses under the age of 30 need additional education and support in taking care of dying patients.|

Peters, L. (2008). How death anxiety impacts nurses' caring for patients at end of life. The Open
Nursing Journal, (7), 14-21. Retrieved from...

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